3 Basic Types of Email Leads You Must Know Beyond 2020

Introduction to Types of Email Leads

Whether you are planning on running a B2B email marketing campaign or a B2C email marketing campaign, you will eventually have to deal with different types of email leads.

To take full advantage of the email leads, you have to categorize them into different categories and approach each kind of lead differently.

Most email marketing campaigns fail because they fail to identify different types of email leads that they have on their hands.

However, by knowing the types of email leads, you can save a lot of time and resources, while making your email marketing campaign a success.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the different types of leads you will come across during your lead generation process, so keep reading.

There Are Three Key Types of Email Leads That You Will Find In Your Email Data Lists

When it comes to email marketing, you will come across three different types of email leads in your email data lists. These three types of email leads are:

  1. Cold leads
  2. Warm leads
  3. Hot leads

These three types of leads are found in each targeted email marketing list, and each type of lead holds a different level of value. The leads are categorized based on how much interest they show in your business and how likely they are to make a purchase. The differences between the three types of leads are elaborated in the next section. 

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Differences Between Cold Warm and Hot Leads

Cold, warm, and hot leads are different from one another not only based on the level of interest and the likelihood of a sale. The apparent differences between these three types of leads are as follows:

Cold leads:

Cold leads are the people or companies in your email list who didn’t respond at all to your email or clicked on any call to action that may be present in the email.

Even if they do click through to your website, they will be more interested in the blogs and other content instead of the products or services.

A cold lead may even be annoyed by your email and would even unsubscribe from your email subscription. Cold leads are not likely or highly unlikely to make a purchase from your company based on your email campaign, and if you do want to make a sale to a cold lead, you will need a lot of nurturing. However, if you have too many cold leads in your email marketing list, it might be time to refresh it.

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Warm leads:

A Warm lead refers to people or companies who have shown some interest in your product, service, or company; this interest can either be by clicking through to your website or by responding to an email.

A warm lead may also sign up for receiving further updates from you regarding your products or services. A warm lead is more likely to purchase from you, and with some nurturing, you might be able to get a sale out of them.

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Warm leads may either engage with your organization on their own or may show interest in engaging. Warm leads are a lot more valuable than cold leads, and you should nurture them further.

Hot leads:

Hot leads are what all marketers want to have in their email lists, and they are very interested in your products. Hot leads also spend a lot more time on your website, and they make active efforts to get in touch with your company regarding your products.

Most of the time, hot leads engage with your business shortly after receiving your email. These leads are extremely likely to purchase your products or services with little to no nurturing.

Building an email leads list is easy; however, making a list with hot leads is the challenging part. That is why some companies look for email lists for sale, and the best place to buy email lists are companies such as LIST GIANT. These companies have targeted email lists for sale with hot leads that save you a lot of time and effort.

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