What Are The Types of Endpoint Security? 6 Important Points To Know

Introduce to Types of Endpoint Security

Every enterprise, regardless of size, has a perimeter. This perimeter is called Digital Perimeter. This perimeter comprises all the devices or endpoints that are connected to your IT network. These can include desktops, laptops as well as mobile or IoT devices. As more individuals join your network, the larger and more porous your digital perimeter becomes. This makes the perimeter potential of infiltration by hackers. The reason why? It’s simple. Each connecting endpoint is a gateway for both users and hackers to access your most critical digital assets. Of course, the endpoints themselves can become the target of various cyber-attacks, including ransomware, crypto-jacking, and file-less malware.

Worse yet, not every endpoint connecting to your business IT infrastructure provides a uniform layer of cybersecurity. Some only use their default protections which prove inadequate against hackers. This is where Endpoint Security Solutions step in.

The Endpoint Security Solution helps the IT security teams to monitor and secure all connected devices from a single source. It ensures consistent protection across the network. With next-generation antivirus capabilities, endpoint protection prevents, detects, and removes cyber threats. Not only this, but the Endpoint Security Solutions do also more than that like:

  • Evaluation of unknown programs.
  • Observing behaviors of the people in the workplace.
  • Uncovering dwelling threats and generating alerts.
  • Monitoring digital traffic coming in and going out of the network.
  • Tracking and blocking the suspicious domains.
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There are different types of Endpoint Security and Endpoint Security Solutions available in the market. Businesses and enterprises are advised to choose these according to their needs. These include:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) Security

IoT devices are becoming very common nowadays. But these become susceptible to threats because of lack of security. Therefore, Internet of Things (IoT) Security Solutions provide consistent, reliable and upgradable security against the cyber attacks.

Antivirus Solutions

These Solutions provide less and very limited security to the system. These can scan files and send alert notifications. Compared to other Endpoint Security Solutions these require support of other solutions also.

URL Filtering

It restricts the traffic to the trustable sites only. It helps in preventing the downloads which can be made secretly otherwise. This ensures no harm to the PC by filtering the malicious URLs.

Cloud Perimeter Security

This kind of Endpoint Security Solution comes among the most secure Security Solutions. The Cloud security helps in hardening the computer system against the incoming threats.

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Endpoint Encryption

The Endpoint Encryption in most of the firms is neglected. This leads to a risk of cyber threats. This Endpoint Security Solution helps in preventing data leaks by providing full encryption.

Secure Email Gateways

Hackers can easily penetrate the emails and exploit the sensitive information. This kind of Endpoint Security Solution helps in securing the gateway of emails by monitoring the incoming and outgoing emails.


It is an isolated environment that replicates end-user OS. It observes the threats into the IT system and helps in detecting the anomalous intentions of people at workplace.

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