9 Quick Guide On Developing And Launching A Uber Clone In The US, UK, And Canada

Introduction to Uber Clone

Remember when the possibility of hiring a taxi on a busy Tuesday depended on your hand waving and whistling skills? Yeah, I do too.

But thanks to the multiple advancements in technology and the worldwide penetration of the internet (add huge unemployment to the list too), we now have apps on our phones that enable us to book a cab in just seconds.

On-demand taxi booking apps have been trending for the past few years because of the convenience they offer users.

It is quite unmatched. Apps like Uber, Lyft, Ola, and Riide have secured a place forever in smartphones.

And because of this, these companies have made quite a ton of money. Have a glance at these statistics of the OG Uber app.

  • 78 million people used the Uber app in Q3 of 2020, which is a 42-time increase from the second quarter of the same year.
  • 15 million Uber trips are completed each day globally.
  • Uber has 3.9 million drivers around the world.
  • Uber is now operating in more than 65 countries and 700+ cities.
  • In the most recent quarter, Uber generated $12 billion in gross bookings.

In such a lucrative market for on-demand taxi apps, it really is an astute choice for entrepreneurs and even those well-established in business to invest in.

But how does one go about it? Read the following questions and their corresponding answers to find out.

How does one begin developing a Uber Clone?

A good place to start would be to either hire a bunch of freelance developers to build your app from the ground up or take your project to deep-rooted app development companies.

These firms will already have all the developers and designers working for them. But, both of these options would require around 3 to 6 months of work before handing over the finished product to you. Or, you can smarten up and choose the easy route.

Invest in a readymade Uber clone script. Several of these app development companies offer Uber Clones with customization options that give you, the app owner, room to personalize it according to your business needs. 

What are the features that are necessary for my Uber Clone?

Three different groups of people will be using your app on a regular basis. These are i) The passenger ii) The admin iii) The driver.

So, the features of your app will need to cater to all their individual needs, especially the passenger app. The features will ensure the continued usage of your Uber clone. Consider the following features.

  • Easy registration and login

Your users will not want a long and tedious login process. So, you can make it simple with just a Social media integration option so they can quickly login with those credentials. Signing up with phone numbers and E-mail addresses is also a preferred option.

  • Book ride option

This is a vital feature. Using the book ride panel, users will be able to type in their pick up point and drop off point.

The GPS locator will come in handy here by providing the driver with the customer’s location accurately.

  • Fare estimation

This is an impressive feature to include. Here as soon as the user types in their ride details, the app will generate the estimated fare amount for both the users and the drivers. This will give the passengers an idea of how much they’re expected to shell out for the ride.

  • Live Geo tracking 

With this option, users of your app will be able to see if there are any drivers nearby so that they can get a ride faster.

The live tracking feature is a useful addition too. Users will be able to track the ride coming their way so that they can plan their affairs accordingly.
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  • Multi Payment options 

Ever since the whole virus debacle, there has been a shift in how money is being transacted. People prefer cashless transactions.

To facilitate this, other payment options like credit and debit cards, Net Banking, E-wallets, etc can be integrated.  

  • Request options 

In the driver app, as requests are incoming, notifications can be sent to them. They can then either choose to accept or reject a task based on their availability. 

  • Revenue tracker 

This useful feature will give the drivers a detailed report of their earnings from the time they started driving. The drivers will be able to keep track of their income through the app. 

  • Rate customers

Employee satisfaction is highly important. That’s why this feature will let the drivers rate their experience with their customers. 

  • Admin dashboard

This powerful panel operated by the admin does most of the work behind the scenes. The admin, with ease, will be able to manage all the ride details of drivers and passengers, track the revenue, verify drivers before hiring them, and view analytics and statistics of the functioning of the Uber app.

What should I look for in an Uber Clone app developer?

Developing an app from scratch is hard, but the process can be made less taxing if you, as the investor, knew what to look for in developers before handing them your project. Use the following as a checklist.

  • Experience in the field of app development
  • Completely customizable solutions 
  • Scalable products
  • White label solutions
  • Designers who build an interactive and attractive UI/UX
  • Those who follow a global centric approach
  • International clientele
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround time

Hopefully, this short guide will be of assistance to you as you go about building your Uber Clone app.

The taxi market is estimated to register a CAGR of 10.08%, during the forecast period 2020-2025. Go ahead and get to developing your Uber Clone straightaway for high returns.

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