5 Excellent UI tips for Website Design

Introduction to UI tips for Website Design

Well, having a website is common for all the business these days. In this digital world, showing business online is necessary and for that website is the only way to do that.

However, developing a website isn’t an easy task, developers need to go through a lot of processes to make it perfect.

It’s not just the group of pages, the website is an online presence of a company and that should be properly developed. The design, features, user-experience must be of high quality that attracts the users.

Designing an appealing, usable, and effective UI takes time. A lot of redesigns may also take place to make it as per the user’s demand.

The color, font, shape, icons, and other design elements should be chosen very nicely even if the logo design is also important. In this article, we will be discussing the important tips that you can follow for UI website design.

Difference between UI and UX design

UI and UX are the two terms that always come together and have great importance whenever the design part comes. These both the terms are not the same and each has its own uses.

UX stands for a user experience that is an overall experience user has with the brand’s product or service.

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It’s all about how your design is easy to experience. UI stands for a user interface that is an overall appearance of the website or product design. The various elements like icons, buttons, images, etc. must be appealing.

01. Use minimal fonts

Undeniably, fonts are the most important part of the design. The website includes a lot of information and that must be properly presented with better legibility.

It’s highly recommendable to not use more than two fonts on the website. The one for the headings, and another for the text description on the website.

Sometimes, new designers try to experiment with something else and end up making it confusing and less attractive.

Those variations just ruin your design. It’s always better to stick to consistency throughout the whole website.

Moreover, the font you chose should hold the personality of the brand. If it’s modern then use the latest fonts, or classic.

It’s the same as we do in business logo design that it should contain minimal font, not complex ones. So, this is how the font is crucial to make your UI design alluring.

02. Icon contrast

Another very important point to consider while designing UI for your website. The icon is an integral part of the website that lets the user understand what that section is about.

Create some custom icons for your website that add some personality to your corporate branding. Don’t make a heavyweight and complex icon, it just includes text and symbols with minimal opacity.

This type of icon will be much easier to read and scan for the users. Thus, make sure you follow this important tip to design proper icons for your website.

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03. Select page layout properly

Your page layout plays a vital role in making your website attractive. It must be well-designed with keeping the audience in mind because they are the people who are going to use it.

Furthermore, while designing the layout, make sure you are able to draw the user’s attention wherever you want. You must know how it’s going to be used.

It must be a simple design, complex won’t fulfill the purpose of the attractiveness. Try to balance the use of elements in the layout. Therefore, select your page layout wisely which is simple yet attractive.

04. Understand the element placement and size

One more important tip that designers should understand before creating UI design for websites. No matter how nicely you have designed but until and unless it’s not placed at the right position, everything is useless.

Make sure that the most click target on your website is at the most observed place so that users can easily find it.

Such as navigation should be at the top corner somewhere. Then the menus, subcategory, search bar should be accessible from the header only.

Additionally, fonts, icons, images, buttons, should be larger enough to easily be found on the website.

Specifically, typography must be enlarged sufficiently so that it can be readable from any size of the screen. Therefore, make sure that you follow this crucial tip to make your website design appealing.

05. Know your audience

The first thing that any designer should focus on. It’s highly essential to know your audience first then start designing something for them.

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You should know what your audience wants and accordingly create designs for them. Otherwise, if their expectation won’t be fulfilled then they won’t visit it again.

For identifying their preference you can survey, analyze records, and a lot of things can be done. It gives you a clear understanding of the users and what they expect from the website.

Even you can also consider logo design because while making it also knowing the audience is also important, the same is applicable here also.

Wrapping up

As websites are an integral part of the business, any compromise with them is never possible. It must contain a rich feature an appealing front end to capture the user’s attention.

The appearance of a website is important to get more users towards it. So, the above-mentioned points clearly define the tips that you can follow to design your website.

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