How to Effectively Rent An Underwater Camera Beyond 2020?

Introduction to Underwater Camera for Beautiful, High-Resolution Pictures of the Ocean’s Crags

Every admirer of the vast, roaring oceans dreams of diving to see what lies deep beneath the surface. The legend of Atlantis, which has existed in our literary imagination since Plato and Francis Bacon and in our popular consciousness as visually rendered in film and comic books, exemplifies an image of the ocean as equal measures inviting and mysterious.

With modern capabilities, you can now rent an underwater camera to keep your real-word observations of the ocean after you dive. For businesses or government research programs, you can now invest in sharpening your oceanographic pursuits with advanced video equipment that meets the highest standards of the industry.

If you are looking for underwater photography equipment for sale as a government research group, academic research group or personal enthusiast, consider checking out the following high-tech deep-sea cameras.

Underwater Photography Equipment for Sale or Rent: Some Industry-Leading Choices

For an underwater camera which specializes in illuminating the dark crevices of the ocean, consider renting an underwater camera with a particular specialization in strong underwater and laser lights.

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One well-rated option, the Insite Pacific Mini Zeus Deep Water HD Video Camera, specializes in photographically capturing the dank, opaque waters that you may be studying.

A model that offers both video and traditional picture-taking, the Zeus also comes with a range of fully-dimmable remote cameras with LED lights. Other lights which come with the package include special-colour lights, halogen lights and ultraviolet lights.

Boasting over 1,500,000 pixel resolution, the in-site model captures images in high-definition with a focus extending to extraordinary depths. Fibre-optic video output and zoom/focus function remote-controlled by an RS232 link.

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The Insite Pacific Mini Zeus Deep Water HD Video Camera is a “high-definition CMOS colour zoom video camera,” according to an online description.

The Mini Zeus zoom uses an RS232 link, which is a data circuit used to transmit data between devices. The Mini Zeus’s camera focus is controlled via this RS232 so you are able to operate the camera remotely. Again, with an over 1,500,000 pixel resolution, this camera offers superior picture quality in underwater environments.


This rentable underwater camera offers a UV LED light that packs a particular punch for detecting hard-to-see dents and leaks in your fibre optic cables or other deep-sea equipment.

These UV LED lights help with a process called magnetic particle inspection (MPI), which uses magnetic fields to detect damage on the surfaces of pipes and wires. The Deepsea Power & Light Sealite Six may be more targeted for customers who want a versatile camera for dual environments: in and out of water.

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Some of the Deepsea Power’s benefits include its tens of thousands of hours of lifespan, its remarkably low maintenance requirements and its high resistance to shocks and vibrations. Other features of this camera include it’s over 5,000-meter capture range.


This piece of for-sale underwater photography equipment offers a white LED light which you can use and fully dim in or out of water. This LED light serves as a workable substitute for brighter, more intense lights like halogen.

The lens can capture over 5,000 meters of depth. The Sealite Sphere lso also boasts tens of thousands of hours of lifespan with an LED battery which requires next to no maintenance.


If you rent an underwater camera, you will be able to wield a deep water laser-pointer with strength outputs ranging from 10mW to over 90mW. The SS501 model has specialized laser-pointers to determine depths accurately underwater. Boasting an over-5,000 meter field of vision, the SS501 performs excellently capturing deep-sea environments.

camera-near sea
camera-near sea

What Sort of Business Should You Rent an Underwater Camera From?

Depending on your choice of the company offering underwater photography for sale or rent, you could go a couple of routes: saving money on the cheapest camera out there or investing in a company with values you share.

I would personally suggest opting for a company with performing safe and environmentally responsible scientific and business practices.

Ideally, this company would have a reputation for straightforward relationships with its customers, workers, suppliers, and shareholders.

Given a well-regarded manufacturer, you are more likely to be satisfied with your investment in buying or renting an underwater camera The business you choose to buy from should be focused on providing oceanographic professionals with industry-leading tools so that they can complete the project as well as they can and on deadline, even in the deepest and darkest of waters.

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Thankfully, with the right research, you should be able to find oceanographic equipment businesses which offer seven-day rentals and full sale options. If you can find one of these high-tech underwater cameras from a responsible company, you can start your journey of photographing the Atlantis-Esque seascapes of the deep ocean.

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