4 Ways Choose the Unique Jewelry for First Time Mommies 

Introduction to Unique Jewelry

Every relation has a specific meaning in our lives. Being entitled to that relation and the honor that goes with it is distinct.

Let it be, that you are a brother, sister or father, etc each relation defines and plays a unique role. But you know what they say “A home is never complete without a mother”. They say it right.

Becoming a mommy is an unexpected experience. No matter how much you prepare for the pre-arrival of the baby, everything goes upside down once they pop out. But the question is “how much are you appreciating the new mommy?”

While a new mom would love someone to massage her sore feet or an extra hour of sleep you can make her feel more special in a lot of ways. Let’s keep it simple and narrow it down to one main idea – the push gift.

Push Gift a.k.a mom gifts

As the name suggests, which makes it pretty much clear, the push gifts are specially for new mothers.

It’s the happiest occasion in a woman’s life to give birth to her firstborn. To acknowledge the 9 month period of carrying your baby, it’s about time you give her something special.

New moms usually don’t expect a gift, they are all fussy about feeding the baby or taking a nap but it is a nice and sweet gesture to surprise her.

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So when to give a push gift to a new mom? Well, it totally depends on you. You can opt to give it to her right after the delivery or when you take her back home for the first time.

Throw her a small welcome back kind of surprise and oh the personalized jewelry you ordered specially for her.

From where to buy the push gift?

Now, this is the tricky part. But let me tell you, buying personalized jewelry from Dubai based online store is rather a good choice.

The place is already known for the eccentric jewelry market and online orders in advance can reach just on time.

If you have a friend traveling back and forth then they can even handpick the personalized jewelry on time and you don’t even need to wait for it much longer!

Time to choose the right personalized jewelry

Your wife is giving the most beautiful gift you can ever imagine in the form of your first child, so yeah customize jewelry is the right choice of gift. But what type of jewelry should it be?

Keep 4 quality factors in mind when choosing the jewelry for the new mom.

  1. Color
  2. Size
  3. Metal
  4. Type

All of these should be for her. Keeping her choice in mind, ask yourself “what would she like to wear?” and if you really love her you’d know that already.  The best thing is to take cues from the type of jewelry she wears.

  1. Hand or footprint pendant

A custom pendant with a handprint or footprint? Yes!

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The engraved print on the pendant with your baby’s name and date of birth will make the mom cry in tears (good ones, I promise).

Its utterly stylish choice would go with almost every other outfit and it’s beautiful. You can have it made in rose gold or sterling silver.

  1. Constellation pendant

Pendants do make a good choice, don’t they? If your wife is a bit of an astrological nerd, then have a pendant personalized that features the constellations.

It’s a simple design and yet sophisticated. The constellation will commemorate your baby’s birth and if you want adding initials of your baby’s name will give an emotional touch.

  1. Gemstone jewelry

So the new mom loves colors huh? How about raw aquamarine earrings in gold sound to you? Or the personalized jewelry with birthstones? This would be an excellent pushup gift symbolizing your love for your wife.

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  1. Morse code jewelry

Are you a couple with a code? Most couples have secret codes for certain occasions. So why not surprise the new mom with a morse code necklace or bracelet?

It is a subtle, perfect secret message and won’t be only for her. No one would be able to decode the message!

It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it?

The ideas will keep piling up and the more you look into these the more confused you will be. So why not try any of this unique push up the gift for new moms? You’d love the expression on her face – a perfect camera-worthy shot

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