8 Unique Moroccan Manners That Stun The World

Introduction to Unique Moroccan Manners

For many years the North-African haven of Morocco has been the choicest destination for all sorts of globetrotters around the globe.

The outstanding experiences of the memorable Morocco tourism, allow us to immerse ourselves in the incredible diversity of people and landscapes.

This African country is filled with loads of beatific attractions surrounded by the super hospitable locals. The Moroccan local life is still steeped in its Muslim identity.

But this unique Muslim space owns a vibrant culture, amazing local life, and aromatic foods and flavors, that make up the daily routines and habits, celebrations, and rituals.

As a truest Morocco traveler, it must be your cutie habit to assimilate with the warm-hearted Moroccan life to learn about the local manners and etiquettes beforehand.

It would be really great if you meet the locals, ask about them, their lifestyles and introduce yourself because traveling doesn’t mean to be roaming like a lone wanderer in tongue-less spots.

We bet that you would make your Moroccan feel more exciting and insightful by knowing some things unique that you will only find in this splendid Islamic Kingdom.

Some Unique Moroccan Only Manners to Learn for the world

Here are some decent, unique, and soul-stirring, things about this African land piece, that you must feel to add on some extra exuberant memories in your Moroccan diaries.

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Greetings with No Kissing

The Islamic Kingdom of Africa stands atop in its cool interacting traditions with a 360-degree turn from the West.  In this place, the locals don’t greet with a firm handshake like the West.

It is just alike light one with a strict No Kissing policy. Unlike the West, you would never find anyone kissing his woman openly, because, it is publicly prohibited in very strict terms. So if you are roaming with your spouse, you have to follow suit at any cost.

However, you would find the kinder Moroccans conveying best wishes and prayers to you and each other.

No True Punctuality

If you get to go inside of Moroccans, you would realize that the Moroccans are not very punctual. And we are sure that very few truer Moroccan lovers know about this amusing local fact.

They are used to half an hour late and it’s okay for them. If you say for a 2 pm meeting, they would come at 2:30, and it’s normal for them.

Isn’t amusing?

No Shoe policy in homes

It is an immaculate policy of Morocco to keep their homes spick and span. No matter in whichever Moroccan city you are, if you are invited by any of the hospitable country-dwellers, you will come to know that he puts off his shoes outside his house.

The Moroccans consider it dirty to walk in houses with shoes. So if you are going to enter their homes, make sure to remove your shoes in courtesy and respect towards this laudable Moroccan way of living.

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 No Nose Blowing

Unique Moroccan Manners
Unique Moroccan Manners

Always remember that the blowing of the nose is frowned at in Morocco. This is a despicable indication of bad manners. If you blow your nose habitually or accidentally while sitting at the dining table with Moroccans, they would most likely lose their appetite.

No Gender Equality

Although the Moroccans are very hospitable, after a little more observation you would notice that the Moroccan males are very much concerned about their females.

You may also say them conservative in your term. Normally, Moroccan women are mostly expected to do household chores.

So they have nothing to do in business and outside affairs. Most of the Moroccan men don’t allow their fair sex to set out outside alone. They either come out with the group members of the same sex or accompanied by their males.

It is strongly advised not to try to interact with Moroccan females. It may annoy their males.

Moroccans Don’t Receive Direct Praise  

Do you know the Moroccans dislike the direct praise? Yes, they don’t feel comfortable in sending and receiving praises especially the direct ones.

We know that it is very nice to praise someone instantly like Wow the Food is so delicious!” but however, Moroccans don’t like this in general. So continue your give and take with silence.

The most probable reason for this unusual tradition seems to be the humility of the Moroccan people towards their God Almighty, who believe that All-Praise belongs to Him and only Him.

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Moroccans Say BismiAllah before Eating

When you eat or drink with hospitable Moroccans, you would notice that every Moroccan utters Bismillah in Arabic before eating his meals. It is part of their lives and religion. So if you also say Bismillah with them, they would surely be impressed.

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