7 Unique Romantic Gift Ideas to WOO the Love of your Life

Introduction to Unique Romantic Gift Ideas

Finding someone whom you truly love is a blessing! And having them love you back with the same zeal is a dream come true. So what does one do if you fall in love with someone but have to woo the other one for their love?

How can you turn their liking into love and impress them with your love and style? The answer sometimes lies in gifts. Everyone loves receiving gifts and love is best expressed through thoughtful and romantic gifts.

One of the best occasions to impress your lady love is on her birthday. Woo her with love-themed birthday gifts that are sure to sweep her off her feet.

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But if you are not sure of what to plan and how to go about it, 7 of the best tried and tested gift ideas for love are listed below-

  1. Hourly Gifts – On birthdays, you have 24 straight hours to impress her. So why not surprise her with hourly birthday gifts which can range from small Knick knacks given out to her every hour. That will mean 24 gifts for which some of the gift ideas can be taken from below things- Single long-stemmed rose, heart key chain, charm bracelet, notepad, etc.
  2. Personalized Gifts – While everyone can give materialistic gifts by spending money, only a true lover can impress through customized gifts that a person needs. Dig up old pictures and photos and give her a collection of the personalized gift hamper. The hamper can have a lot of gifts like photo mugs, personalized chocolate, cushion, keychain, photo lamp, etc. All of these products can have a photo of your lover or even some love quotes along with them. Photo gifts go a long way in making a lasting impression. So make up a huge hamper of personalized gifts and give her a trip down memory lane.
  3. Cute and Cuddly Gift – So all women out there love receiving cute and cuddly love gifts. If your lady love is up for it, then the cutest gift idea to woo her can be giving her a small puppy. An actual pet is the most thoughtful gift that you can buy someone. She will love the cute pet idea and each time she will look at the pet, it will remind her of you. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? But for those women who are not into the commitment of keeping a pet, then a large cuddly teddy bear is a great idea. Live size teddies on which one can cuddle and hug are also a hit amongst all females.
  4. Love Coupons – Now this is a gift which is free and doesn’t cost anything. Be innovative and create your own love coupons. Make up some fun, some naughty things, and write them on love coupons. Keep slipping these love coupons to your lady love on her birthday and surprise her. You could offer gifts like free hugs, free cuddle sessions, free TV hour, toe press sessions, etc. on the love gifts and then give her those love services as she redeems the coupons.
  5. Be the Surprise She Wants – Now this one is the best! But you have to be sure that your lady love is also into you just as much as you are. So the best birthday gift that she would want on her big day is a lot of time with you. So surprise her with a day out with you and be the surprise she wants. Surprise her at work and take her out for lunch or a picnic. And when you show up, make sure you carry a fresh flower bouquet to please her.
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