10 Unique Ways To Generate Leads For Your Dayton Roofing Companies

Introduction to Unique Ways To Generate Leads

There is no doubt about the fact that one of the biggest challenges that roofing companies face is to generate leads. That’s right, Dayton roofing companies opt for different tactics and strategies in order to get qualified leads for their roofing business.

Let’s suppose that you’ve been in the roofing business for an ample amount of time, and you have tried different ways to generate more leads for your business, and have failed miserably.

This is because there’s been a dramatic change in the behavior of the customer or it might not be sure how to capitalize on the rising trends.

Generating new leads for your roofing business might not be an easy task, but it will be worth trying, right? In this comprehensive article, we’ve managed to compile a list of 10 ways to generate leads for your Dayton roofing companies.

Grab a cup of your favorite coffee and read until the end of this post to get the most out of it.

10 Ways To Generate Leads

If you think that getting organic leads for your roofing business is a piece of cake then you need to need to think again. Finding new leads for your roofing company needs a lot of patience and different marketing tactics. You need to wait for a couple of weeks or even months before you can reap its benefits.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the unique ways to generate leads for roofing companies in Dayton Ohio.

1: Have You Tried Canvassing?

Do you want to know the best way of getting business? Well, for this, you might need to reach out to the affected people and try to sell your services face to face. This way, you’ll see the money will start to fall from the sky.

This is generally viable if there has been a storm in the area. So, if there has been no storm, you need to stick to other ways of leads generation that are given below.

2: Optimizing The Website For Popular Search Engines

Keep in mind that your official business website is an imperative part of the marketing campaign. This is why experts highly suggest that you develop a website that increases user experience.

And you’ll only be able to achieve this if you manage to optimize the related keywords, make sure that the structure of the website is good, and of course, the loading time of the website needs to be fast.

3: Partnership With Local Businesses

When you partner with other Dayton roofing companies, you are just showing support to the local community. Along with building partnerships with local roofing companies, you can even get connected to companies that compliment your businesses' services or products.

You need to promise that you’ll refer them to your customers, and in return, you expect the same from them. This way, you’re investing in a free advertisement while you’ll be growing your business too.

4: Try Referral Programs

Did you know that offering referral programs to your existing customers and even the employees will help you in getting more roofing leads?

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That’s right, you need to offer them a sort of incentive for every new customer that they bring to your roofing company.

When you opt for this strategy, you’ll see that your existing customers and your employees will turn out to be your best resource for leads generation.

5: Be Active On Social Media Platforms

Quick response time will always help in gaining and retaining the attention of customers. This is why you need to stay active on all the popular social media platforms.

It is obvious that you cannot stay active on all the social media sites all day. So, creating a Chatbot will be helpful. The chatbot will quickly respond to the general query of the customer, and when you’re available to chat, you can take it from where the chatbot has left.

6: Local SEO

Many people think that local SEO is dead when it comes to generating leads for Dayton roofing companies. Well, this is not true at all. Websites that are being optimized for local searches tend to attract more customers than ever.

Trust us, with the help of local SEO, you will be able to increase your visibility online.

7: PPC

Sometimes, even with local SEO, you’ll want to get fast results. This is where PPC will come in handy. PPC is a campaign that’ll help you in buying visitors for your roofing company.

PPC is considered to be a fast and highly effective process of generating more leads and sales. And yes, by the time PPC has managed to bring in paid visitors for your brand, you’ll start to get organic traffic as well.

8: Optimize For Mobile-End Users

Recently, we’ve noticed that a lot of searches are being done by mobile-end users. This implies that if you’ve not optimized your website for smart devices, you will be losing a lot of potential customers.

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Keep in mind that more than 60% of the daily searches on the internet are being done via smart devices.

So, don’t you think now is the right time to optimize your website for such users?

9: Email Marketing

Email marketing is an old-school process but an effective one. Since mobile phone usage has increased, we can assume that people have started to read their emails too.

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10: Write Valuable Content

Do you want to know the trick of retaining the attention of customers? For that, you will need to write valuable and informative content on your website. Try to address all the possible issues of your customers.

Try to stay concise yet provide value to them. Only then you would be able to gain and even retain the attention of the customers. And once you’ve done it, you need to convert them.


Keep in mind that all of the above tips and tricks might not be able to generate leads for your business, whereas, some of them will. So, be patient, and keep on trying. You will soon hit a jackpot.

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