Best 8 Universal Android Tips And Tricks That You Should Know In 2021

Introduce to Universal Android Tips And Tricks

Android is a dynamic and effective mobile operating system that consistently outclasses Apple’s iOS in terms of new technology support. Android is full of innovative features like 5G, NFC payment, custom keyboards, and so on. However, all the cutting-edge functionality results in a complex, sprawling operating system.

The interface appears simple enough, but a range of power-user configurations and tools are hidden in the interface on a layer or two. You only have to know which are places and features to look forward to efficient use of Android.

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We want you to use Google’s Mobile OS like a pro and this can be achieved with our list. These are just a few ways to use the Google OS.

1. Uninstall Apps You Don’t Need

A large number of preinstalled apps are provided on most Android mobile phones. Almost everyone is exposed to basic apps like maps, emails, browsers, and so on. But, of course, a lot of apps people don’t want or need are available on the play store. You don’t need a podcast app if you don’t listen to podcasts. Furthermore, phone manufacturers often include a slew of their own apps that you may never use. Just press and hold an app icon for a few seconds, and then choose the input that you can use to uninstall the app.

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Unfortunately, some stock apps are impossible to remove. At the very least, select Disable for those apps to hide them from the interface and help secure system resources.

2. Use Digital Wellbeing Features

Staying up all night texting and doom scrolling isn’t the healthiest thing you can do. You can use the Digital Wellbeing feature of Android 11. It not only silences your phone at a predetermined time, but it also turns the screen black and white in case you need to look at it after hours. Use the Pause option in the dropdown menu. This will help you to get more time for doing effective work.

Focus mode, which silences loud app alerts, is another recommended Wellbeing feature. Some phones enter Do not disturb mode when you set your phone down to the front of the screen, which is a quick and easy way to clear distractions. Finally, when it’s time to unwind, Work Profile hides all those productivity apps.

3. Edit Quick Settings

One thing I don’t like about Android is that it takes two swipes to show more than one row of Quick Settings, and even then, there are two pages of them. In the first swipe-down row, make sure the settings you use the most are present. Just select a pencil icon to add useful functions like Focus mode and Dark mode.

4. Install Apps From the Web

To install an app, Android does not need to hold your phone in the hand. It’s one of Android’s best features. If you’re signed in to the same Google account as the phone, you can install any app or game remotely by going to the Google Play store in your web browser. When you go to install, you’ll see a list of your Android devices if you have more than one. It’s a wonderful time-saver if you find an app on your computer and don’t want to fiddle with your phone to get it on your phone.

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5. Install Apps From Other Sources

One of Android’s most attractive aspects is that you aren’t confined to one application store as opposed to iOS. The majority of users will be able to find any app they want on Google’s Play store, which comes with some useful security features. There is nothing to stop you from going to Amazon’s app store, the app store of your phone manufacturer, or even download and install the application as an APK if you need something.

If you are taking this route you should remember that you get the app from a reputable source as the most common source of Android malware are app installation from third parties. First, do some research. Also, just in case, turn off the source’s Install Unknown Apps setting after you’ve installed the app you want. It recruitment agency Dubai is the ideal source if you want to hire a competent android developer for your business.

6. Customize Message Notifications

You can customize your message notifications in Android 11 to make certain contacts stand out more and keep conversations together. Messages will now be displayed as bubbles on top of other running apps. Simply turn them on in Settings and set the contact’s priority. Inside a notification, there’s another setting for Bubbles, with three options: All Conversations Have the Potential to Bubble, Selected Conversations Have the Potential to Bubble, and Nothing Has the Potential to Bubble.

7. Update Frequently

With android, you never know what new features you get. Remember, android updates are easier and faster than any other operating system. You should update your androids at regular intervals to avail the best features.

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8. Launcher App

Andriod is very easy to use and can be customized very easily by installing a third-party launcher app from the Play Store. This is a type of customization that iPhone users aren’t used to. You can even make your Android look like an iPhone with an iOS 14 launcher, Siri shortcuts, and an App Store icon instead of the Play icon.

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