7 Things you Unknowingly Doing Wrong with Website Design

Introduction to Unknowingly Doing Wrong with Website Design

Often businesses neglect the important aspect of website designing when it comes to making an impressive online presence. And these are the businesses that continue to struggle to establish their brand online, boost conversion and generate revenue. No doubt, a website should look appealing, but its real purpose is to make money! Right?

Still, many businesses make a very common mistake of focusing on just the attractive design rather than its functionality (which is vital for maximizing the conversions). Though this mistake is not that big, it can do a lot of damage to the conversion rate.

If you want to increase your reach online and turn your visitors into valuable leads, you need to further avoid making the same mistake. Instead, you can start fixing those issues now to increase the amount of traffic, sales, and leads.

Hire the best web designing company with an experienced team of web designers who are well-versed in designing SEO-friendly websites to fulfill website designing’s real motive.

Let’s take a look at those common mistakes that can make you pay huge in the future:

Unresponsive Design

You could have experienced this a lot of time when you try opening any page online on your mobile phones. It appears all messed up! It happens due to the not responsive website design!

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In reality, this is one of the most important features of a website. It makes your website accessible through any device, and this is what Google recommends.

As per Google standards, a site will be regarded as responsive if the site serves all devices on the same set of URLs and sites with separate desktop and mobile sites.

Missing Favicon

Considering the user’s search practice, they use a lot of tabs while browsing. Sometimes, they leave a tab open to access later. IF, in this case, your site has a favicon, it will give visitors a visual clue to find what they’re looking for and return to your page while browsing.

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404 Error

More than 36.92% of users online hit the back button once they confront a 404 error while looking for a page.

404 Error is like a silent killer of potential leads as once a user abandons your page; they will never come back or don’t try to resolve the problem.

Slow Website

A site that takes more than 3 seconds to load is considered a slow site. And this is likely to receive more bounce rate than the sites having irrelevant data.

What makes this problem even more complicated is its role in boosting online rankings.

What does Google consider while accessing a site speed?

● Start to Render

● Visual completeness

● Document complete

● Fully Loaded

● Number of file requests

To know more, click here.

Considering these factors, you can take measures to fix these issues by seeking help from a website development company in Jaipur.

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Not Following design Norms

Today, more than 50% of users utilize shortcuts to find information online. If, in this case, your site doesn’t support a search function or navigation bar, the chances are high that you will lose your potential leads.

So, make sure your site follows all design conventions when it comes to the final stage.

Using Too Many Fonts

You will only be successful in fulfilling your goals if the user will focus on the message you’re trying to convey.

That means your presentation needs to be clear. Avoid using many font styles and types. It will create confusion and break the focus of visitors.

So, try using two to three types of font while designing a website.

Improper Navigation

Navigability issues in your design will certainly kill your website’s popularity among your target audience fast. Since, we live in a digital epoch, where we want everything to be instantaneous, and anything longer will force your site visitors to hop out of your website. Therefore, making your site navigation menu hard to find in the name of creativity and attractive approach, you’re making a big blunder. Have you too come across a site that had a search bar or menu to be found nowhere? It’s truly infuriating. So, ensure you talk to your website design company and figure out a simple yet functional navigation menu to improve your site’s bounce rate.

Is there any other important website design mistake we forgot? Do share it with us in the below comment section.

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