Is It Effective To Use Face Mask For Protecting Virus Spread – 3 Best Points

Introduction to Use Face Mask For Protecting Virus Spread

Wearing face mask is the new normal now! We all know how much the world is suffering due to the Covid19 pandemic this year. People are falling sick, many are dying. Life has been stuck into lockdown, businesses are going into loss, all over economic digester and people are going into depression. And worst coming to the worst vaccine for Covid19 has not been discovered yet. But as Bernard Williams said,

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

Yes, the hope or the good news is that even though we have to wait a bit for the corona virus vaccine to be available in the market, there are few things or precautions that we can follow to avoid spread of the virus- wearing a face mask is one of them. Best face mask for Covid19 protection is the medically approved N95 mask.

But if you keep in mind certain criteria, any face cover that can protect to enter outside germs, it can be used as a mask. Things that you need to keep in mind choosing a face mask are – it should be comfortable to wear, two layered mask is must, cotton cloths are preferable, it should not be loose fit and it should cover your mouth and nose properly.

Best face mask for Covid19

Doctors recommend cloth masks for public. Like influenza and other diseases spread by virus, Corona virus too spread through large respiratory droplets. Masks are basically required for the reason so that it could not be transmitted through cough, sneezing or close contact.

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Moreover it is required so that even if you touch your nose or mouth with your hand the virus could not enter inside if somehow it is present in your hands. So a two layered cloth mask that properly covers your mouth and nose is considered as the best face mask for Covid19 protection for general people when they go out.

However for doctors or health care workers there are special masks. Like the N95 mask, there are face masks that are made with different type of material that are medically certified so that when the doctor comes in contact with a corona patients the chance of virus spreading is negligible. Also for the doctors in duty along with face mask, PPE kit and face shields are also required.

What is the best material for face mask

Now government has made mask compulsory in public places. Shopping places, grocery shops, banks, hospitals and even in the roads face cover is a must. This has raised the demand for face masks as people are buying it in good numbers. So, with the increasing demand for masks, manufacturers are producing different face covers every day.

Some tailors are using cotton cloths, some are using other fabrics, some manufacturers are using materials medically approved and some fashion designers are even creating designer masks. But whatever it is, following the basic rules and precautionary measures you can use any mask but it is t be keep in mind that the material used for mask is suitable to give you protection against the deadly virus.

Having so much of options in the market, now the question is that what is the best material for face musk? Answer is tightly woven fabric. Cotton is good but according to a recent study and research the best combination of material for mask are a sheet of cotton (approximately 600 threads per inch) and two sheets of chiffon.

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Surgical face mask are also good and effective. You can use them too if they are easily available. N95 mask are very good but you should be careful in wearing them as they need to be properly fitted on your face. But as N95 masks are not easily available in market, rather them buying them for general safety purpose they should be better kept for medical personnel.

How to make face mask at home

We all know how much essential the face mask is now. And the best news is that they can be made at home with ease. You just need to have some cloths, needle, thread and a scissor. From the above discussion we got to know the best material for face mask for corona virus protection. Most of the time these cloths are available at home and you can make a DIY mask very easily with that.

You will get lots of videos in YouTube if you search for how to make mask at home and you can learn step by step methods for the same. For your help here are the basic steps that you need to follow to make your DIY mask:

  • Take two sheets of tightly woven fabric cloths cut into rectangles ideally 10 by 6 inches. Stitch the two pieces from all the sides so that it appears as a single sheet of cloth.
  • Fold the long sides ¼ inch and stitch. Fold the other two sides ½ inch, stitch and hem.
  • Now pass on two elastics through the two hems on the each side of the cloth and try over your face. You can use a bobby pin to tuck the elastic inside.
  • Adjust the mask to fit in your face and tie it properly. Now tuck the tied portion under the hem and stitch at the corners so that the elastic doesn’t slip. Your homemade mask is ready!
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We shall overcome!

History repeats every few years. This pandemic is not new to the world but for people (young ones especially), seeing such a hazardous situation is a hell new experience. But as the great saying- the show must go on. Whatever is the condition you need to be hopeful, you need to be positive. For creating such good vibes you need to be healthy too and taking precautionary measures like wearing a face mask in public place not only helps you to fight against Covid19 but also makes you socially responsible. Crossing fingers for Covid19 vaccine, let’s pray for world peace!

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