Everything You Need To Know About Keyword Surfer In and Beyond 2020

Introduction to Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a very good extension. That helps an SEO expert to search for better keywords to rank his/her content to a search engine for blogging.

Keyword Surfer provides some hints and suggestions when we search for any topic on google. Also, it provides the volume of that query on a monthly scale. It also helps us to analyze the estimated bid/CPC cost on that specific keyword which we are trying to search on google.

Keyword Surfer has become a staple SEO tool for SEO consultants across the globe looking to discover provides some hints and suggestions when we search for any topic on google.

Let’s learn how Keyword Surfer works.

How to download Keyword Surfer?

Step 1

To download Keyword Surfer, type “keyword surfer” in google search engine. And you will see a top result in google which will be the official chrome extension store of the google chrome. That is titled “Keyword Surfer – Google Chrome” as described in the screenshot below.

keyword Surfer tool
keyword Surfer tool

Step 2

Now click on the first search result and you will be redirected to google chrome’s official extension store. Now click on the “Add to Chrome” button which is on the top right side of the page, as shown in the below screenshot.

keyword Surfer extension
keyword Surfer extension

Step 3

When you click on the “Add to Chrome” button. Then a popup will be opened that will ask you to add an extension to your chrome web browser. Click on “Add extension” button and wait for the download. After successful download, it will appear on the top right side of your web browser like shown in the below screenshot.

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keyword Surfer extension after installation
keyword Surfer extension after installation

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded the “Keyword Surfer” chrome extension.

Now let’s start learning how to use it.

How to use Keyword Surfer

When you type any query in the google search engine, you see some extra things with your results. Like in the screenshot below.

output keyword surfer
output keyword surfer

You will see in the above screenshot. I have a type “search engine optimization” query on google. And after that, a small flag appeared with some number of counts and some amount of dollar price alongside the flag and traffic counts.

The first thing is the estimated volume of the keyword searched every month and the second thing on the right side are the suggestions which will give us the idea, how people search in a specific location.

One thing you will see is the flag on the right side of the suggestions. That is the targeted location. Which we can change by clicking the flag icon.

Correlation Charts

Correlation Charts
Correlation Charts

Another interesting thing about Keyword Surfer extension is the “correlation charts”. This provides us with the traffic over position and also words over position and keywords over the position.

When you select the traffic tab of the chart you will see the right vertical side there is a number of traffic and on the bottom horizontal line, there is the position of the webpage that appears on that specific keyword search result.

Words Correlation Charts

When you click on the 2nd tab which is named “Words”. You will see a words correlation chart that shows the number of words of each article of the webpage that is ranking on different positions.

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words correlation chart
words correlation chart

With this graph, you can analyze the average number of words per article and can write your own best length of the article to beat your competitors.

On the left side, it shows the number of words vertically in graphs. And on the bottom side, it shows the position of the webpage that is ranking according to the number of words.

Keywords Correlation Charts

Keywords correlation chart
Keywords correlation chart

The third tab is the “Keywords Correlation Charts” when you click on that you will see a chart that shows the number of exact keywords which a webpage has and the position of that webpage.

On the left vertical side, you will see different numbers, those are the keywords which a webpage has and on the bottom horizontal side, you will see the different positions of different web pages which have different ranking and number of keywords accordingly.

With the help of this graph, you can check what are the keywords on which a specific webpage is in the same position.


The last good feature of keyword surfer is the clipboard. It shows us what keywords we have copied so that we could put those copied keywords to our excel sheet or any other keyword storing place where we will keep our keywords for later use or analysis.


Overall this extension helps me a lot for finding different keyword ideas and provides me with some good directions to write good articles with some standard length of words. Also, it helps me to see the volume of that specific keyword on which I am going to target my content.

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I must recommend you to use this extension to see the directions for better SEO analysis and finding well-targeted keywords.

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