How To Use Social Media To Resell Bags: Complete Guide Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to Use Social Media To Resell Bags

In our current world, we need to feel identified with what we are acquiring, and for that, we like to feel unique and receive a personalized treatment when deciding on a purchase.

We want the least to feel pressured or even harassed by sellers who all do is sell, but without adding any kind of value.

The good news is that we are already inserted in the digital age, and any business, such as reselling bags, can access the benefits of the different programs, tools, and platforms available to sell more and better.

This article will focus on social selling, aimed at using social media to find new prospects and later, attract them as customers to sell your fashion handbags.

What is social selling and how can it help me add value to my fashion handbags?

Use Social Media To Resell Bags
Use Social Media To Resell Bags

The social media available today to attract and generate new customers are many. The most traditional for companies are Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Sellers use social media to deliver value to potential customers with personalized actions, such as answering questions, comments, and sharing content that adds value throughout the purchase process, from discovery stage to consideration, that is, when a prospect is ready to buy.

The added value of making social sales instead of doing it through cold calls is that it is possible to educate potential customers on the buyer’s path, teaching them how the company can help them and show the services or products it offers.

Three attraction tricks that work for all social media:

Although each social media is different, some tricks can be applied in the same way to the main platforms to generate greater sales opportunities.

Find out what type of comments your potential clients make on the social media of the industry’s main brands.

In this way, you will understand what their pains and needs are, and you will also have greater clarity about the type of content you will create to attract them to your business.

Investigate the profiles of your best-qualified prospects in the networks that generate the most interaction.

Such as Linkedin and Twitter. In this way, you can get an idea about what type of buyer it could be, and above all, if your product or service meets their needs and can provide them with a solution.

Searching for keywords in the social media of the industry.

It is another practical method to attract your potential clients. But for this, you mustn’t focus only on the keywords of what your product or service offers, but on the words that your prospects regularly use to generate more traffic and engagement.

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But be careful, it is not about choosing keywords at random, you must investigate which keywords are most used by your prospects through search tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Suggestion Tool from Small SEO Tools.

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By way of conclusion, we leave you some last tips to generate more attraction for your potential clients through social media:

– Do not forget to develop content that adds value in the search for fashion handbags, writing material that is attractive to your followers. The more you interact with them, the better you will have for organic search positioning.

– If any of your users share or comment on your publications about fashion handbags, do not hesitate to like it or mark it as a favorite. In this way, the potential customer could feel closer when commenting or sharing content again, and in the future, decide whether or not to make a purchase.

– Be clear that a key factor for social media sales to work better, depending on the number of times you share content. For example, Twitter needs at least 4 publications a day, since if you tweet only once, you will not have the same opportunity to reach your audience as when you do it between 6 to 8 times.

Different is the case of Facebook, which with 2-3 publications a day is sufficient, and in the case of Linkedin and Google+, only once.

We hope that these tips for reselling bags will help you to connect more and better through the main social platforms, where decision-makers are located.

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And remember, you will be successful if you make your business’s main objective to provide value to your potential clients, building relationships, and future promoters of your brand.

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