Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Image Processing Technology Beyond 2021

All about Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

Image Processing:

It is a machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) phenomenon through which a machine (computer) can process by utilizing digital images as an input, transform it into a binary unit, process it, and generate output as a digital image.

The utility of Image Processing:

  • Security and Surveillance.
  • Biometric identification.
  • Automobile industry
  • Medical services
  • Social Media platforms

Vehicle Number Plate Recognition:-

It is an image processing methodology by which vehicle identification is done by the number plate of the vehicle. This technology is also called as License Plate Realization or Recognition system.

It is a method to automatically identify, recognize, and distinguish vehicle details. It comprises low-level image processing techniques and higher-level artificial intelligence techniques.

Through digital image taken by either a color or a grayscale digital camera, as well as an infrared camera in progression to classify the vehicles using their number plate through optical character.

With the vision to enhance the security, surveillance, and safety measures in the security zone like a military zone, Parliament, Supreme Court including other government buildings and offices.

The working phenomenon of this technology is initially image segments are extracted from an image of the vehicle number plate after detecting the vehicles and image capturing.

Optical character recognition is used to detect or recognize the characters in the number plate by translating the pixel into numerical readable characters.

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Afterward, the received data is used to compare with the database for acknowledging the complete detailing of a particular vehicle and its owner.

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a multilateral programming language is an effective tool for image processing and recognition based on the real image testing, with several other features like creating the user interface, plotting of function and data, etc.

The methodology like how Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Image Processing is work at ground level can be demarcated into four major steps-

Firstly, Captures vehicle number plate image, in second step Image pre-processing and filtering took place after that in third step Segmentation of the number plate image is done to get individual character and eventually in the final or fourth step Recognize the numbers plate image by using OCR algorithm.

The relevance of Vehicle Number Plate Recognition-

  • Parking Management- For managing and maintaining the database essential for a robust parking mechanism. As a growing population and their wants evermore create a problem for parking, especially on weekends and festivals. The System effortlessly reduces the hectic regarding parking.
  • Road Safety measures- This system is prominently relevant to detect the license plate which is not following the traffic norms or try to escape from the accidental area after doing an accident. To monitor those who violate traffic protocols is one of the biggest problems facing nowadays.
  • Detection of Criminal activities- It aid to track the vehicle which does not follow the traffic norms, keep on eye on anyone who is doing rush driving which led to an accident. Along with if any illegal or unethical activity is being conducted inside the vehicle including stolen of the vehicle can also be curtailed by using this method.
  • Safety and Surveillance – for safety control measures on highly restricted and protected areas like a military zone, Parliament and its periphery, Supreme Court, and high courts along with governmental buildings and offices. It also protects from the recent past terrorist incident in which they forcefully captured vehicles for their illegal and brutal activities.
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Living in the Big Data and Automaton world, Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Image Processing is the need of the hour as it not only helps to recognize or detect the vehicle it also assists to maintain a robust database for transportation management and relevant services.

Like system has been used in traffic law enforcement, embracing speed prosecution, stolen car detection, and border monitoring. It may also be practiced for the building administration, such as parking lots and gate control.

Usually, being used for individual access control and traffic law obligation, namely toll gate access, parking area access, speed trap, and traffic light trespassing, etc.

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