10 Best Video Conferencing Apps For Team Meet

Introduction to Video Conferencing Apps

Thanks to video conferencing apps they have simplified our lives as they allow us to connect with team members anywhere and anytime.

These video conferencing apps are ideal for current times when most of the organizations are working from Home. Here is the list of video conferencing apps for team meetings.

  1. Zoom

Zoom is counted amongst the most famous and widely used conferencing apps across the world. It has the best features that allow you to do video calls in length that, too, without any hassle.

It has various subscription plans, amongst which you can pick the best. Zoom is the perfect option for personal and private meetings.  With Zoom, you get cloud storage customized emails along with a vanity meeting URL.

  1. Google Meet

Next in the list of best video conferencing apps for team meets is Google meet. It is the latest version of Google Hangouts. It was initially crafted for scheduled video meetings amongst members. Its features are similar to Zoom. You can get features like calendar syncing, best user interface, and conference room booking.

  1. GoToMeeting

This is also one of the best video conference apps for team meetings. It has all the latest features, including instant meetings, meeting transcription, meeting scheduling, in-app meeting messaging, and many more to name. The lowest package of Gotomeeting xan has 10 participants in the meeting, and the higher version can have more than 150 participants.

  1. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest video conferencing apps, which is perfect for personal and team meetings. It has several business features that allow 250 participants in the meeting along with white-boarding capabilities. However, it has some limitations-it does not have dial-in audio conference feature and hardware support.

  1. Jio Meet

Jio is one of the leading telecom service providers in the country. It provides an array of services that include the best internet, calling, and SMS packs.

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Now it has also come up with all new video conference app-Jio meet. It has unlimited features that would enhance your productivity. From B2B calls to web support, and one can have instant scheduled meetings online without any hassle?

Also, it will allow you to join in the meet through any device. You can simply choose an ideal package and make Jio Recharge enjoy the best of the services of Jio.

  1. Cisco WebEx

Another app that has become famous for video conferencing is Cisco WebEx. This is an ideal platform for video conferencing for an extended team.

This particular blend of web conferencing and voice calling services as it allows the users to join the meeting online through mobile phone.

  1. BlueJeans

It is a full-fledged web conferencing app that has several collaboration tools. It uses a simple yet modern approach as compared to other platforms that offer complicated services.

It uses many systems of meetings, events, and rooms to allow the users to conduct meeting anywhere and anytime. The best part about this app is that you do not require software to start the browser’s meeting.

In addition to this, the platform allows users to view video conference activities in the organization. It has some of the best plans from which you can choose the best according to your requirement and preference.

  1. Slack

Next in our list of best apps for a video conference in India is Slack. It is one of the most used video conference apps. The app is available across the globe with some of the best features that allow the users to connect with their teammates from any place and at any time.

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Most of the organization use Slack as the best alternative to Skype. The best part about the Slack is that even the free version of the same allows you to video chat with your teammates. However, you would have to take a paid version for larger meetings.

  1. Appear.in

This video chat service is perfect for small organizations that look for a simple and easy way to connect with their fellow members. It has a number of services and streamlines nature. It also offers a free subscription. However, if you are looking for added benefits, you can opt for any paid version.

  1. BigBlueButton

Next in our list of best video conferencing apps for team meet is BigBlueButton. It has whiteboard features that help to increase the productivity of the meeting.

This platform was especially online and educational learning. The apps have many add-ons that you can customize according to your preferences and needs. This app can be integrated with a learning management system that provides the best of the experience.

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Video conference apps are a boon for organizations, especially today when we have to work from Home due to COVID. Video conferencing apps allow you to connect with your team members from any place and at any time. These apps also have upgraded features that allow seamless experience.

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