4 Perfect Spots For a Videography in Singapore

Introduction to Videography in Singapore

Video making is a skill that has the power of attracting thousands of people just by the sheer glimpse of it. On the other hand, low-quality videography is just another addition to the database of millions.

However, to show off your skills or to get clients, it’s better to have samples. Yes, you can rely on clients to build your portfolio, but if you are talented, the best thing to do is shoot a portfolio that can outmatch your experience.

Especially if you are Videographer in Singapore, there are so many options for you to choose from. Even if you are not from Singapore, it is always a great place for you to shoot your portfolio.

So, in this article, we will show you some cool places that you can use to shoot your portfolio. And we know that an outsider might think, does this small country even has enough places to create a good enough sample?

The answer is Yes, even being a compact nation, it has so much to offer. So, let’s begin with an overview of a few of them.

Marina Bay Sands (Expensive Option)

OK, so let’s start with the obvious one first, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It has now become an iconic structure in the country, and for a Videographer, it can serve as a great place to shoot his/her beauty shots.

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Because with a beautiful infinity pool and the beauty of close by Garden by the bay, you can capture truly attractive shots for your portfolio.

Yes, this is an expensive option, but even if you cannot afford to stay in it, taking raw shots of this iconic structure can help as well.

Gardens by the Bay (Unmatched Beauty)

If you cannot afford Marina bay sands and are looking for a better alternative. We think that there is no better choice than Gardens by the bay.

For a Videographer, it is a treasure chest that can make their portfolio mesmerizing. We have seen many different Videographers in Singapore using this to capture true marvels.

They are less expensive, and you can also get a day pass. However, make sure if you are shooting a commercial video, take the necessary permissions first.

Otherwise, you might face issues with the law. We rate Garden by the Bay over Marina Bay Sands because of its beauty and Exuberance. Yet, you still need a ticket to enter this area, but we think that it’s worth spending money on.

Singapore Botanic Garden (Free Entry)

If you are one of those people who don’t like spending a lot of money but still want to shoot the most attractive places.

Then Singapore Botanic Garden should be your number one choice. It’s a vast 300 Acres UNESCO Heritage site which has plenty of beautiful places for you to shoot.

Just be careful while shooting random people because it is an open public place, and always ask for permission before including someone in your videos. Furthermore, we recommend visiting it early in the morning for better shots because it opens up at 5 AM.

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Palau Ubin (Island)

Palau Ubin is an Island nearby Singapore, and you reach it by taking a 2-3$ ferry, which only takes 15 minutes to reach this location. This place will give you the true essence of the past of Singapore.

You will find a lot of different dirt paths, beautiful tree lines, bridges, and much more. So, for a Videographer, this is an amazing place to shoot their portfolio in Singapore

It is affordable, easily reachable, and best of all, it is beautiful.

Enhances Brand Credibility

Brand awareness is one thing, but credibility is more important for long term business success. When a brand builds its credibility in the market, it can influence the purchase decisions of the consumers. Regardless of the initial awareness campaigns, long-lasting credibility is what all businesses should aim to achieve.

Furthermore, creating corporate videos for improving investor relations can build up a list of returning investors and can also attract new investors towards a company.

So, keeping all these factors in mind, small businesses can achieve a lot of results in the long-term with an initial financial strain.

The Bottom Line!

The above list contains our picks for the top videography portfolio spots in Singapore. However, this list only touched the surface of the true beauty of Singapore, and it has so much more to offer. For that reason, we thought that we should provide you with a list of some other considerable spots.

  1. Raffles Lighthouse
  2. SentosaMerlion
  3. Potato Head
  4. All the Temples & Masjids are beautiful.
  5. Sang NilaUtama Garden
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With all that information, now it’s time to stop thinking and start filming your portfolio.

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