The Importance of Videos in a Digital Marketing Campaign Beyond 2020

Introduction to Videos in a Digital Marketing

The Earth is evolving much faster than old-school professionals can cope with. Technology is making life easier and more understandable. No doubt, videos seem to be the new trend in engaging individuals and luring them towards your businesses. Let’s face it, it does mean more work for companies listed on a B2B marketplace, but it also means faster, and less time-consuming access to the public.

Reading long paragraphs and details are not the interests of the new generation. They would love to do anything to give their eyes some rest from written text.

The internet provides a perfect platform for us entrepreneurs to produce useful content. Users around the world watch nearly 1 billion worth of hours of videos on YouTube alone! That’s a lot of customers screaming for content daily. And that is a lot of revenue waiting to be generated! People who want a scope in digital marketing must be familiar with the hows and whys of this approach.

Which Way to Go?

There are many ways one can portray their products or services in an elegant and catchy way. It depends entirely upon your style of presentation, your work and the preferences of your audience. Interviews, demonstration videos, product review videos, guest appearances, performances, debates and various other ways are available that you can choose from.

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Nowadays, podcasts and live video chats have caught the wind. They have become quite popular among users because they allow personalization and involvement from the audience. It is easy to access into the lives of your customers.

Conversions and Views

In the “prehistoric” times, adding a visual click of your product could do the job right. Younger generations question the authenticity of products and services at a greater level. They have more trust issues than ever. So, pictures are not enough. Videos need to be added to allow a broader view of your offer.

Our culture has become media-driven; therefore, people look for ways to save time when offered a massive amount of information collected. 75% of business owners listed on an international B2B marketplace look for products and services via video streaming. It is the most convenient way for them to locate their desired item.

The advantage of videos is that even if you play your video as an ad on someone else’s paid promotion page, streamers tend to visit the native page eventually. Your video should attract that attention.

Movement Hooks the Eye

It is common sense that to grab a child’s attention, you move, show colours and play sounds in front of them. Media oriented generations are no different. They need real-life experiences and actions in their everyday streaming. Your marketing video will halt them in their tracks and compel them to watch your promotion. Many subjective tactics can help you achieve your goal of making potential customers interested in your up to- the-mark video. For example,

  • The mind captures and locks memories of visual moving objects more
  • People tend to share watched videos with their circle, giving you free publicity
  • Customers can be connected with personally via videos by showing your facial expressions and body language; it forms a more in-depth connection if emotions and feelings are added
  • Visualizing the product/service in action allows customers to have faith in you
  • E-commerce allows the public to be comfortable and confident about their online interaction through videos
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Return on Investment (ROI)

Statistics show that using videos allows a higher ROI. The task itself is challenging and costly at times, but it pays off well. With advancing technology and evolving media culture, video-making apps have become accessible and affordable. It’s the skills that need to be built to produce worthy videos.

Moreover, your video doesn’t have to be theatre level quality. What matters is your video content! It has to be precise, informative and clear. It doesn’t have to cost you millions to make it to be liked by customers. Investment of time and effort matters more than an investment of money.

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Quality over quantity provides a damn good ROI.

The bottom line is to prosper in digital marketing you need to provide your audience with good quality videos that portray tempting ideas. If you achieve this, your campaign will be successful; be confident about it!


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