7 Ways to a Great Night Sleep

Introduction to Ways to a Great Night Sleep

Sleep is a big part of everyone’s life circle. unforturnately many of us struggle to fall asleep, have bad dreams, can not get in the morning & then feel constantly tired.

Sleep promotes cognition & memory. facilities learning recharges our mental & physical batteries & generally helps us make the most out of our days. plentiful sleep, we improve our mental & physical health, reduce stress & maintain the routing that is critical to healthy daily functioning.

Benefits of getting a full nights sleep:

Sleep can boost your immune system.

Sleep can strengthen your heart.

Better sleep=better mood

Sleeping can increase productivity.

Sleep can increase exercise performance.

Sleep improves our memory.

Gaining sleep can help prevent weight gain.

Get along better with people.

Don’t drink alcohol:

Having a couple of drinks at night can negatively affect your sleep & hormones.alcohol is known to in cause o increase the symptoms of sleep & disrupted sleep patterns.

Don’t drink any liquids before bed:

Ways to a Great Night Sleep
Ways to a Great Night Sleep

Drinking a large number of liquids before bed can lead to similar symptoms, some people are more sensitive than others. although hydration is vital for your health.try to not drink any fluids 1-2 hours before going to bed.you should also use the bathroom right before going to bed,s this may decrease your chances of waking in the night.

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Get a comfortable bed, mattress & pillow:

Apart from the relaxing environment bed quality is also affects sleep. looked at the benefits of a new mattress for 28 days. that it reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60%.it also improved sleep quality by 60%.its recommended that you upgrade your bed at least every 5-8 years personally. if you have not replaced your mattress or bed for several years this can be very quick.

Your lifestyle:

there are simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to promote a better night’s sleep. these minor changes will help you to wind down & relax. removing you from the hectic & crammed world that we live in.

Avoid drinking caffeine & alcohol before bed.

Switch-off your tech of hours before bedtime-that includes your phone.

Don’t nap during the day.

Empty your bladder before bed, & try not to consume too many liquids before you sleep.

Don’t underestimate caffeine:

Ways to a Great Night Sleep
Ways to a Great Night Sleep

It takes nearly six hours for half of the caffeine from your favorite coffee, tea, or cola to exit our body.caffeine too late in the day can cause lighter, more disturbed sleep-or keep you from sleeping at all.

consuming 400mg of caffeine(the amount in two to three cups of coffee or one 20 ounce coffee drink) six hours before bed cut total sleeping time by more than an hour.

Strategize your last meal:

Heavy meals & overeating, in general, require a lot of digestion energy & interfere with high-quality sleep.try this-eat your final meal of the day about 3-5 hours before sleep.

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a small snack 1-2 hours before bed is okay. oatmeal, bananas & orange all contain melatonin boosting properties to these are good choices before bed as a snack….

Skip the nightcap:

An estimated 10% of older adults use alcohol to overcome insomnia.it seems to help …but it is actually harmful. A recent review confirms that an alcoholic drink before bed can help you fall asleep faster better. but it reduces the amount of time you spend in de sleep stages that affect memory, concentration & even physical coordination.

Breathe deep:

Deep breathing triggers the body relaxation response.whats more, inhaling can drive cerebrospinal fluid flow to help clear brain waste & oxygenate the brain.

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This is unique advice that works.it is really effective & undrrated.clean your room & just like it’s harder to wok if your desk is over-flowing with clutter, a chronically messy bedroom can be what’s underlying restless sleep. Make it a priority to de-clutter & clean your bedroom. Keep-it tidies on a daily basis. make sure items are intentional.

No electronics at-least 30 minutes before bed:

Ways to a Great Night Sleep
Ways to a Great Night Sleep

Here are some tips that help me a lot of sleep through the night:

  • Keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature, for most of the people that are between 54 &75 degrees & Fahrenheit.
  • Always keep a notepad next to your bed, so you can write down whatever pops into your mind when you are trying to sleep & you can worry about those things tomorrow.
  • Don’t have any type of caffeine for about 6 hours before bed.
  • Avoid nicotine & alcohol around bedtime also.
  • Before going to bed, clear your mind; take a few deep breaths & stressed & try to warm bath before bed.
  • Set the mood,bright lights stop from your body producing its natural sleeping aid,melatonin& shut of the television & stay off the computer.
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