5 Best Ways To Discipline a Child

Introduction to Ways To Discipline a Child

This write-up will broaden your scope on how children should be disciplined. A lot of countries don’t encourage the discipline of a child. Some countries go as far as arresting and prosecuting people that engage in child discipline.

But I want to let you know that it’s good to discipline a child, but we must discourage any form of discipline that will harm and damage their physical organs and self-esteem.

Before I proceed, I want to define what Discipline means as well as what a Child means. With these definitions, you will understand the need to engage your children in a disciplined lifestyle.

What is Discipline?

According to the definition by oxford dictionary, Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or codes of behaviors, using punishment to correct disobedience.

The real and sole aim of discipline is only for correction purposes. If a child is disciplined outside correction is called wickedness.

Who is a child?

I will categorize the definition of a child in two ways:

  • Physical Definition
  • Psychological Definition.

The Physical definition:

A child is a human being before the age of puberty.

The Psychological definition:

A child is a human being before the age of accountability. To be accountable means to be answerable for all your activities. To be accountable means knowing what you are doing and knowing the consequence of what you are doing.

In this writeup, we will focus more on the psychological sense of why children have to be disciplined than the physical.

The 5 best ways to discipline a child is as follows:


This is a condition where for every action in life there must be an equal reward for it. Just like it states in the third law of motion by Isaac Newton.

Actions And Reactions Are Equal And Opposite”.

What this means is that for every action that takes place there is also a reaction.

An example of this is clearly understood using a gun, when someone holds a gun loaded with bullets and pulls the trigger, the action of the gun is to release the bullet that moves at a great speed, then the reaction of the gun is both in the sound it makes and in the recoil that pulls the hand backward.

Ways To Discipline a Child
Ways To Discipline a Child

When using the principle of actions and consequences technique in discipline and training.

When a child does wrong, tackle their actions and deeds with your words and not their personality.

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For example

  • What you did was wrong.
  • This is a horrible action from you
  • This mistake from you will cause hurt to some people
  • Never do such a thing again
  • I know you are a good boy or girl, but what you did wasn’t good

Always rebuke their actions, but let them know you still love them.

Child protection

According to Wikipedia, this is the protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect.

Eg. Children should be Protected against the toxic use of phones, laptops, videos, games.

All these examples mentioned here are very addictive. Once a child knows how to use them, they become glued to them, and if they aren’t monitored properly, they will be immoral and may be a threat to society.


This is very important when disciplining a child. Before I go into what healthy routines you need to engage your child in to discipline them, let’s define what routine means.

A routine according to the oxford dictionary is a sequence of actions regularly followed. There are two kinds of routines

  • Good routines
  • Bad routines

Good routines are a sequence of actions that leads to good results.

The bad routines are a sequence of actions that leads to bad results.

It’s very natural and so true, that children without even telling them what to do automatically adopt the bad routines on a large scale and avoid the good routines. And it will require in most cases a good parent to set them in the path of a good routine instead of allowing the experience to train them on the bad effects of their bad routines.

As the saying goes experience is the best teacher but sometimes, it cost a lot to learn by experience.

That why children need good parents to train them in the right path and routines instead of allowing life experience to do the training.

Your work as a parent is to identify the routines your children undergo daily that will lead to disaster in the future and direct them to the routines that will lead to favor, grace, prosperity, and adventure.

Some of the examples of bad routines are

  • Waking up late,
  • Playing video games after waking up,
  • Browsing the phone immediately after waking up,
  • Watching movies all day,
  • Eating junk foods,
  • Reading adult content books or magazines,
  • Not doing the house chores
  • Leaving their room untidied.
  • Not doing their homework. Etc.

There are still many habits or routines that will lead to bad results in the future that aren’t listed above. So, watch out for any regular act you kids are doing that you know will lead to a bad result and stop them from engaging in such.

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The good routines that you should direct your children to undergo that will lead to good results are as follows:

  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Read good books early in the morning
  • Avoid the use of phone early in the morning to browse on social media
  • Eat fruits and healthy meals
  • Do house chores
  • Sweep the room, lay the bed, and turn off the light before leaving the room
  • Do their homework before the next day of school.
  • Wash their hands on a regular basis
  • Take a shower 2 to 3 times a day etc.

When you make these a regular activity for your kids and other actions that will make them great in the future, they will be happy with you in the long run, because the disciplinary actions you taught them has gotten them to achieve what they dreamt to become in life.

Ways To Discipline a Child
Ways To Discipline a Child

But if you leave your kids to the bad routines, in the long run, your kids will be angry with you and blame you for not disciplining them when they were still under the age of accountability.


Avoid using inanimate objects like stone, wood, cane, etc. to spank, but use your hand(s), the reason is that when you use the inanimate object to spank a child you might end up damaging a vital organ on the child’s body.

You don’t feel anything while using inanimate objects when spanking a child, therefore you might hit the child beyond the threshold the child’s body can contain.

But when you use the hand to spank a child, as you hit the child with your hands, the child hurts and your hands hurt too (i.e. Actions and reactions are equal and opposite), so through this method of spanking you will monitor the intensity of the spank you giving the child and it will be controlled.


Yes!!!!!! You heard me right. You are wondering how training a child has to do with working on yourself. The truth is that children learn what they see you do more and exceedingly greater than what you tell them to do. This goes along with the proverb that says

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“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

it’s easier learning using graphical presentations than using text to study.

Just to give an example, looking at the graph representing the average age at first marriage. In less than 2 minutes the person will assimilate all the information in the graph and can easily write a full A4 size paper on the average age at first marriage.

But if the same person was told to read a full A4 size paper on the same topic, it will make the person more than 10 minutes to assimilate all the information in that written text.

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This applies very well in children learning. Children learn quicker when you (i.e. the parent) do something (i.e. graphical representation) than what you tell them to do (i.e. text representation).

When you as a parent are full of bad habits, the probability of your children having bad habits is very high; but if you as a parent have good habits and well-disciplined, the probability of your children to be disciplined will be very high.

But even though you don’t have goods habits or you aren’t disciplined as a parent, it’s not late at all. You can still work on your habits.

One of the best ways to work on your habits that will also have an effect on your child’s life is to read books. Whenever you see your children around you try to make sure that what you are doing presently and at the moment is something that will be called good. So that you don’t teach them what’s bad and therefore making them not discipline.

In Conclusion, to discipline a child is not a bad idea neither will it harm the child, but it will make them grow to be great men and women.

The difference between a great man and a loser is CHARACTER, and character is birth by DISCIPLINE. Always discipline a child when you are correcting a mistake and not because you want to be fierce for no reason, that action will harm the self-esteem of that child.

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