3 Best Ways to Grow a Profitable Blog in 2021

Introduction to Ways to Grow a Profitable Blog

Blogging is a great way to improve people’s lives while making money online. While millions of people are investing their time and energy on social media platforms, your email list and blog are some of the areas that you have total control over. You can post anything you want at any time. You can also use your blog to grow other social media platforms. In 2021, blogging is relevant and important.

Blogging is all about having people who care about you enough to stick around and keep reading every time you post. You can have a good SEO strategy, post-high-quality articles, and increase your traffic but fail to monetize your blog for a long time. Establishing yourself as an authority and creating an emotional connection with an audience will help you achieve your financial goals. In this post, we are going to focus on three key ways to grow a profitable blog in 2021. Let’s get started!

Powerful content creation

Powerful content creation
Powerful content creation

No matter what you do, you have to create and share great content to get your audience to read it. Ask yourself: Why did I start a blog? Was it to tell stories? Grow your social media? Share knowledge? Thinking about the why is key to growing a profitable blog.

Remember, we all want traffic. When you have more views, it means that more people care about what you publish, you get more followers and discover what works. It also means you can make more sales whether sponsored posts, own products, or affiliate links.

To grow your traffic, you need to understand where it’s coming from and how long people are staying on your platform. Look at things like the bounce rate (how long someone stays on your site) to figure out if you are giving them what they want. You need to use Google Analytics to measure and track your performance.

Now, look at the bloggers you admire and respect. What kind of things do they post on their social media and blogs? And what interests you? Reach out to them and let them know what influenced you. This will help you connect and build a solid relationship with them.

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What they are posting is likely informative and entertaining. Write down things that tend to ignite your interest. Have you ever known why you actively follow someone? Following someone means that you want to connect with them.

In most cases, bloggers will write great content without a story or heart behind it. Knowing why you are writing and adding a story behind everything you share will improve your results. Stories on paper writing service create strong bonds and help the readers relate with you. Your story doesn’t have to belong. Stories have the power to turn browsers and casual readers into followers.

Sharing content

Sharing content
Sharing content

After spending all your time and effort creating powerful content, don’t forget to share it on social media. The majority of successful bloggers spend 20 percent of their time and energy creating content and 80 percent sharing it. Why would you spend hours creating content if no one will read it? Pinterest and Google are some of the best platforms to grow your blog’s traffic and find more readers and followers.

When it comes to getting people to follow you on social media platforms and engage with your posts, you need to figure out which social media platforms will help you connect with your readers and boost traffic.

Finally, you need to learn how to use hashtags. All you need to do is choose a hashtag based on your niche, competition, and how people are using these hashtags. Hashtags will help in improving your rank and performance on social media platforms.

Growing and monetizing your blog

Growing and monetizing your blog
Growing and monetizing your blog

You can generate revenue whenever you want from your blog. The simplest way is affiliate advertising. After writing a high-quality article, chances are you’ll link to other external sources. These links should be affiliate. If someone clicks the link and buys the products and services offered there, you’ll make a small commission.

The world of marketing has changed rapidly over the years thanks to technological advancement. People are looking to content creators and bloggers to make buying decisions. It is your responsibility to make recommendations and encourage people to buy. You can apply for large affiliate programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, and Reward Style, or individual affiliate programs.

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Think of the products, programs, recommendations, and services you can offer and how you can link them in your blog posts. If you have a popular blog, now is the time to start adding affiliate links. You can also monetize your blog using display ads. These are ads that pop up within your content. They are amazing because they are a passive way to monetize. Keep in mind that your ads shouldn’t distract people from reading your posts.

Sponsored posts can also help bloggers earn an income. Instead of getting a commission, you can work with an organization and get paid a fee to include their products or services on your blog or write a review.

Finally, you can sell your products and services. This includes informational products like courses and eBooks, physical products, and services like writing. Keep in mind that creating a product takes a lot of time and energy but it’s one of the best ways to monetize your blog. You can start by displaying ads and affiliate advertising and add other sources of income to your blog over time.

Additional Blogging tips

Set goals

Most people blog for fun. Therefore, they don’t need to set short-term and long-term goals. However, if you want to generate revenue and turn your blog into a full-time business, you need to set goals. Setting goals will help you keep track of your progress. Focus on achieving small goals. And as you make progress, you can set big goals. Your goals can be anything from increasing the number of subscribers, page views, and the amount of money you want to generate.

Choose the right platform

Choose the right platform
Choose the right platform

To increase your chances of success, you need to choose the best blogging platform. Most beginners are tempted to use free blogging platforms like Blogger.com or WordPress.com to avoid paying. However, if you are serious about blogging, you should avoid using these platforms. Using free blogging platforms makes it difficult for you to have full control over the blog, customize it or generate revenue. That’s why you should choose WordPress.org when starting a blog. WordPress.org is a popular blogging platform in the world that’s easy to use with endless customization options. Plus, you’ll easily generate revenue from the platform. WordPress.org allows you to create your ideal type of blog for a small fee.

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You shouldn’t confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org. As we’ve said earlier, WordPress.com is a free platform with limited capabilities. Always choose WordPress.org.

Design your brand

Before you think of designing your blog, you need to focus on your brand. When it comes to your brand, you need to think of the impression you want to give your audience and the emotions you want to evoke when they see or read your blog posts. For instance, do you want a blog that gives off a serious or playful vibe? Thinking of your brand will help you choose the ideal blog design, font, color, and images to name a few.

Look at other blogs

If you don’t have an idea of what your brand needs to be or how your blog should look like, you need to look at other blogs for inspiration. Looking at other blogs will help you get lots of design ideas and the features you’d want your blog to have.


We hope you enjoyed all the tips that we’ve shared in this article. These blogging tips are enough to create a blog and succeed.

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