8 Best Ways to Unleash Creativity and Innovation

Introduction to Ways to Unleash Creativity

Now that most people are stuck at home, the activities that we can do to fight boredom is quite limited. While binge-watching series and playing video games is a great way to divert your attention, sometimes it can get a little repetitive.

If you are looking for some activities that you can do offline, then we have you covered. Here are some unique art activities you can do to hone your creativity without breaking the bank.


This activity may be a little traditional, but it is still a great way to spend your free time. You might have seen your grandparents stitch some designs growing up.

If you are thinking of buying some supplies, make sure that you have the following: embroidery hoop, scissors, floss, needle, and fabric. You can also check out this link for your ​embroidery kit​.

If you are not comfortable yet freestyling a design, some kits can provide you some stencils and patterns. You can check out the Santune Kit with Embroidery Patterns. It even features some patterns from famous paintings of sceneries.

2.Diamond Painting

If you are into cross-stitching and painting by numbers, then you are going to love diamond painting! This is a good therapeutic activity if you don’t have the patience for mixing paints.

The steps are simple; layout your canvas and match the color of the diamonds with the legends. Most diamond painting kits come with adhesive canvas, diamond packs, pen, wax, tray, wide tip, and tweezers.

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Along the way, you will learn a few techniques on how to put the diamonds and how to avoid creases on your canvas. Diamond paintings make an eye-catching contemporary design for your living room.

3.3D Jigsaw Puzzles

If you easily get bored with the traditional flat puzzles, then you can challenge yourself with 3D jigsaw puzzles. There are also different materials to choose from, like plastic, fabric, wood, and metal puzzles.

The best thing about the 3D puzzle is each design requires different skills and experience. Some 3D puzzles feature movie scenes, like the Harry Potter landscape, and even animals, ships, and buildings.

If you are up for more challenges, sets like Paul Gallant’s don’t come with directions. All you are going to get is a detailed diagram of the pieces.

4.Upcycling clothes and furniture

If you have a knack for fashion, then this is something that you might enjoy doing. Upcycling means creating a new piece of garment out of the clothes you already have.

For example, you can turn t-shirts into tube tops or turn a blouse into an off-shoulder piece. Having a sewing machine is not required, but it can be helpful when it comes to creating some intricate pieces.

It is also a big plus that upcycling clothes reduce waste and pollution! Aside from clothes, you can also upcycle your furniture and give it a fresh new look. You can change the upholstery, paint over new color, or emboss the pieces.


If you are looking for a way to lengthen your attention span, tatting might help. For the uninitiated, tatting is a type of lace handcrafting.

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Tatting is done to make lace edgings, collars, doilies, and even accessories. You will be creating lace from scratch through a series of knots and looping. This hobby is time-consuming, which a lot of people find relaxing.


Similar to tatting, Macrame involves tying cords into decorative shapes and designs. You can create some hoops for your hanging plants, hammocks, keychains, and accessories.

This hobby, like the previous ones, requires patience and practice to perfect your craft. For the materials, you have to decide on the type of cord, depending on the project.

There are cotton rope, yarn, twine, and leather cords to choose from. You are also going to need a few needles, pins, and a project board.

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7.Candle Making

Instead of buying scented candles, why not create one in the comforts of your home? Contrary to popular belief, candle making is quite easy to do.

To get you started, you are going to need candle way, a wick, and a container where you can pour the wax. For the scent and aesthetics, you can pick up some scents, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks, and even dried fruits. Aside from personal use, scented candles make a good housewarming gift or you can turn it into a business.


If you have a few colored papers lying around, you can use them for decoupage. Decoupage is the art of gluing colored paper and turning them into simple designs by layering.

You would often see this in vintage furniture, jewelry boxes, plates, and photo albums. Aside from papers, you can also use magazine cutouts, printed clip arts, wrapping paper, tissue, and fabric as a base. You will also be going to need some cutting utensils, glue, and smoother.

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Check out Storables.com for some art kits!

Now is the time to get into a new indoor activity. Having a creative outlet is a good coping mechanism, especially now that is not advisable to go out yet.

If you find it hard, or simply don’t have the time to gather some art materials, you can get some kits online. To be precise, you can check out Storables.com for some art kits. From embroidery to soap kits for beginners, the site has a list to choose from according to your preference and budget.

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