10 Best Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Introduction to Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

One of the most versatile and stylish ensembles is a jumpsuit. Their versatility, while appreciated, also begs the question of how to wear a jumpsuit for specific occasions without getting too overwhelmed.

It’s pretty easy to veer off into the deep end if you’re unsure of how to best wear a jumpsuit but there’s easily a style for everyone embracing this latest fashion sensation.

Style 1: Rock a Bell-Bottom Jumpsuit

An easy rule-of-thumb on how to wear a jumpsuit is to focus on flattery. Jumpsuits with bell-bottoms or a flared leg do wonders for creating length and a taller appearance. Choosing a jumpsuit with a fun pattern also serves as a fun way to pay homage to the ’70s.

Style 2: Layer it Up

Many jumpsuits look amazing on their own but a great way to create a more dynamic ensemble is to layering pieces underneath.

In the colder months, opt for a long sleeve undershirt that contrasts with the jumpsuit. For a fresh spring look, a crop top is a great addition to any jumpsuit.

Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit
Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Style 3: Accessorize with a Belt

If you’re concerned about how to wear a jumpsuit on a night out, adding simple accessories like a belt at the waist is a stylish way to add a little flair.

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A belt with a chain or buckle accent is a great way of flattering your waistline while also adding something special to the ensemble.

Style 4: Pull up and Pair with Sandals

If your jumpsuit has a loose pant, consider pulling or folding them up to about mid-calf and pairing the piece with your favorite sandals.

This appealing and comfortable look goes well with a hat or sunglasses and creates a casual summer look that will stun any passerby on the boardwalk.

Style 5: Embrace Comfort with a Loose-Fit Waist

Jumpsuits are loved not only for their stylish flexibility but for their ability to let us be flexible. Loose-fit jumpsuits allow for peak comfort whether you’re kicking it at home or going out to lunch with friends. Just be careful that the fit isn’t too loose at the hips, as it will end up being a little too baggy.

Style 6: Pull Off a Plunging Neckline

Plunging necklines don’t have to be reserved for cocktail dresses and chic bodysuits. Jumpsuits with a plunging neckline serve as a statement piece in themselves and allow the person wearing the suit to look simultaneously casual and elegant. Not only is this style alluring, but it also makes a great base for dazzling jewelry statement pieces.

Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit
Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

Style 7: Dress Up with a Form-Fitting Suit

Celebrities have been embracing jumpsuits on the red carpet, with many stars arriving at events in form-fitting suits.

A simple way to let a jumpsuit be a high-fashion staple is to opt for form-fitting and tailored jumpsuits that hug your body. Not only will you look sophisticated, but you’ll also be ready for the next photo-op at the drop of a hat.

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Style 8: Add a Chic Jacket

If you’re concerned about how to wear a jumpsuit in the colder months of the year, jumpsuits are not seasonally specific and can look amazing with a jacket or coat.

You’ll stay warm while also adding an extra pop of fun to the outfit that will blast you straight onto a fashion week runway.

Many jumpsuits also come in one base color, so pairing the jumpsuit with a bold jacket is a great way to jazz up the number.

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Style 9: Go Strapless

An effortless way to wear a jumpsuit is by selecting a strapless piece. Strapless jumpsuits provide a blank canvas for layering kimonos and cute jackets without changing the actual ensemble all that much.

Not to mention if you find yourself trying to soak up the sun, you won’t need to worry about any awkward tan lines.

Style 10: Pair with the Perfect Heel

It’s natural to consider how to wear a jumpsuit that lets the shoe take the stage at times. An ensemble isn’t truly complete if it doesn’t consider footwear as well.

Style a jumpsuit with a comfortable heel and add a professional tone to the piece while creating an extra va-va-voom to make you feel confident in the workplace.

Jumpsuits are the latest craze, and with the many creative ways they can be styled, it’s no surprise why they’re so popular.

There’s a great style of jumpsuit for everyone and these styling tips will set you on the path of a fashionable jumpsuit for any occasion.

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