22 Amazing Web Analytics Tools that Rival Google Analytics

Introduce to Web Analytics Tools

Web Analytics Tools , Search engine optimization (SEO) could be a many-sided business with dozens of techniques designed and developed to push your weblog or web site to the fore—or a minimum of toward it. however, however, does one apprehend whether or not your efforts are paying off?

certain, you’ll in all probability realize that you just get additional subscribers to your weblog, or by obtaining additional purchases from new shoppers on your eCommerce website, however, that’s not a really correct suggests that of measurement your SEO success. thus however does one apprehend simply however visible your website is? Well, that’s wherever internet analytics tools are available.

What is internet Analytics?

Web Analytics Tools , Web analytics could be a method of analyzing however guests on your website behave. There are many ways within which this can be done and therefore the form of knowledge you’ll receive through internet analysis (as well as what you’ll be able to do with this information), that we’ll get into within the next section. Ultimately, “web analytics” is that the term wont to describe the gathering of knowledge regarding your website’s performance.

internet analytics is intended to provide {website|web website} house owners data on however visible their site is and what form of interaction is going on between the location and its guests.


Web Analytics Tools , Web analytics tools are designed to form web site analysis simple. the concept is to collect, organize accurately, and gift knowledge on your site’s performance for you—essentially playacting the technical aspect of internet analytics.

This knowledge is most frequently used for client relationship management (CRM), in many important ways. internet analytics tools can assist you in quickly discover however prosperous your SEO efforts are.

as an example, a decent internet analytics tool can tell you the way several guests your website has had over a specific amount, whether or not all of those guests have viewed your website before, or if there are any new guests. You’ll be ready to see wherever your website is generating the foremost views from, also as that pages and product are the foremost widespread.

The goal of an internet} analytics tool is to form accessing this knowledge while not having to browse through your online sales records, capture what number of times a page has been shared, or count the number of comments on every post. Additionally significantly, the online analytics tool can gift you with this knowledge in a very much more correct format than making an attempt to travel concerning it in a manual manner.

Think about it for a moment: however, doubtless is it that you’ve shared each web site page you’ve ever read? the likelihood is that you’ve solely shared the littlest share.

You’ve in all probability commented on even fewer pages than what you’ve shared (although a similar are often aforementioned the opposite manner around). And once it involves on-line stores, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve bought every single item you explored.

This is why internet analytics tools don’t solely take the shares, comments, and purchases into consideration, however, take pageviews, locations, and sources into thought also. By sources, we tend to mean the manner your guests found an exact page.

Was it one in every one of your backlinks that junction rectifier them to your site? Did the visitant enter a question on Google and realize your page that way? this can be necessary data to own as a result of they’ll assist you to discover that SEO tools and strategies are operating best, and why.
Concerning backlinks (in this case, specifically the incoming links from alternative sites),

it will even assist you in accurately confirm that affiliates are generating the foremost views and sales for your business. This sentiment is particularly necessary if you have got associate affiliate program whereby sites that refer shoppers to you’re given compensation.

The manner you employ this knowledge is entirely up to you, however, there are several sensible ways within which it has to be compelled to be used. As mentioned, you’ll be able to see that SEO strategies are the foremost effective (as well as wherever and why, to a degree), which might assist you to improve pages that aren’t ranking also and arrange new pages higher.

you’ll be able to additionally see what form of content—and this can be significantly the case of product sold-out online—is the foremost widespread. The intent is, therefore, to be ready to market your website and services and (or) product higher, focusing your advertising and promotional activity on specific product toward specific customers (based, in part, on geographical location).

Web analytics tools are designed to form this decision-making method easier for you, thus you’ll be able to specialize in applying your improved approach instead of making an attempt to work out that strategy can (and does) work best for you.

WHY USE something apart from GOOGLE ANALYTICS?

Web Analytics Tools , Their square measure several reasons to use an internet analytics tool as an alternate to Google Analytics, however, there square measure 3 that square measure the foremost cited.

1. you’ll need to create use of 2 web site analytics programs so you’ll be able to check one against the opposite for accuracy and (or) redundancy.

2. you merely don’t trust Google as an organization (for any variety of reasons), and you’re not comfy with them having access to all or any of that knowledge.

3. Google Analytics isn’t supplying you with all the information you would like or want.

The third reason is probably the foremost common one, however, it’s almost as straightforward as all that, thus we have a tendency to feel its price explaining in additional detail.

Google Analytics is an Associate in Nursing implausibly advanced net analytics tool, and whereas that’s sometimes a decent issue, it’s caused heaps of problems for heaps of users. several have explicit that Google Analytics is just too sophisticated for every-day users World Health Organization aren’t net analysts by profession.

The tool is notoriously troublesome to line up properly, and most users got to sit with tutorials to try and do what ought to be the only of tasks, like making a conversion goal and pursuit it. fitting in-depth analysis for user interaction and retention, plus e-commerce, is even tougher.

Website analytics tools square measure meant to be used for over simply the information you’ll be able to simply read by default. In fact, if that’s the sole knowledge you’re accessing then you’re not obtaining any real worth out of your tool the least bit.

Unless you came upon a made-to-order dashboard (which is frustratingly sophisticated to do), the default knowledge is all you’ll get from Google Analytics.

Furthermore, Google Analytics has been found to possess many errors. whereas no tool is moderately expected to be utterly unflawed, the list here is very long—and there square measure many that you just haven’t any management over.


Web Analytics Tools , Some of the errors you’ll definitely run into with Google Analytics is resolved. we have a tendency to won’t get in detail on a way to do this here, however, we’ve listed these flaws so you’re responsive to them.

• No page tags: to research your website, Google Analytics uses JavaScript tack every page. But often, the tag isn’t added—and whereas it’s straightforward to manually check each page of a little web site to create positive it’s there, it’s next to not possible to try and do this for larger sites (especially those with tons of or thousands of pages). No-tag suggests that no knowledge, thus this is often a significant issue.

• Poorly placed page tags: this encompasses a ton to try and do with the location owner or developer, truth be told, however, it’s still price mentioning. many folks assume that the analytics code can curtail their page speed,

that the script is placed at an all-time low when the body. This analysis implies that Google Analytics won’t develop on viewers World Health Organization square measure clicking through pages terribly quickly.

• Multiple pursuit codes on one page: once more, this has additional to try and do with however the user sets the location up than something inherently wrong with Google Analytics itself. If you’re obtaining an Associate in Nursing implausibly bounce rate on your website, you probably have over one pursuit code gift on your page.

• JavaScript errors: whereas it’s obvious that if there’s a fault with the pursuit code, it won’t work, a less familiar reality is that if the other instance of JavaScript on your page causes any error, then Google Analytics will now not analyze the page the least bit.

• In-page analytics square measure inaccurate: there square measure 3 main reasons for the in-page analytics to be utterly wrong, and sadly, not all of them have sensible solutions.

If your page contains content that doesn’t have Associate in Nursing HREF part, or the page will embody Flash, then Google Analytics won’t track the page the least bit. and therefore the tool won’t completely differentiate between different links resulting in an equivalent page—so you have got no approach of discovering that backlinks square measure additional triple-crown than others.


Web Analytics Tools , Their square measure errors you have got no management over and can’t resolve on your own. As mentioned, Google Analytics works on JavaScript code. Some browsers have disabled JavaScript entirely, which means you won’t get any knowledge from those viewers.

• Google Analytics doesn’t work if cookies aren’t accepted. If a traveler chooses to not settle for cookies on your website, their firewall blocks cookies, or they manually delete their cookies (among a few dozen alternative reasons for there being no cookies), then you won’t get any knowledge.

• If, as an example, a user opens an internet page then goes resolute dinner before coming to a couple of hours to continue browsing, the cookie has regular out, and a brand new one is made. What will this mean for Google Analytics? Well, if a user is inactive for as very little as 0.5 Associate in the Nursing hour before continued, Google Analytics registers it as 2 separate visits—meaning your knowledge goes to be approach off.

to know more read here.

• The opposite also can occur, wherever 2 users visit the location on an equivalent device. You currently have 2 distinctive guests, however, Google Analytics picks them up as one—because the persistent cookie (which lasts 2 years unless deleted) is tied to the device, not the user. Conversely, if you visit an equivalent web site on 2 completely different devices—say, you’re browsing a web site on your phone within the train, then get home and cargo it on your laptop computer to continue—then Google Analytics records it as 2 distinctive guests.

• If you’ve been victimization Google Analytics for a short while, and choose on the road to line up a Goal Funnel, that funnel can solely be applied to new knowledge. this implies you’ll get inaccurate knowledge as a result of the present analysis won’t be updated before comparisons square measure created.

Not all of your information goes to be taken into thought if you’ve got an outsized or rather situation. Instead, Google Analytics can sample the on the market data—again creating inaccurate results.

So, what to do?

Well, take a glance at these thirty-five wonderful net analytics tools that rival Google Analytics.

Web Analytics Tools


Web Analytics Tools , Adobe may be a leading name once it involves software: Photoshop, creative person, the foremost fashionable PDF reader, and plenty of alternative programs bear the corporate name. Adobe Analytics lives up to the stellar name control by Adobe. one of the numerous difficulties encountered with alternative net analytics tools is managing your custom tags.

This method typically needs sterilization of the present analytics code to permit registered users to be labeled further. however, with Adobe Analytics, you won’t involve AN IT team (or rent AN expert) to line up a dynamic tag management system.

Adobe Analytics conjointly offers period analytics, which is improbably necessary if you would like to form a pitch to potential investors and advertisers “on the spot.”

You’ll even be ready to track user activity on social media, third-party information integration, for your videos, and for mobile users. This area unit typically not coated sufficiently by Google Analytics (mobile user analytics particularly, as mentioned within the previous section).

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the utilization of mobile browsers is at AN unprecedented high, and optimizing your website (and your SEO strategy) for these users has ne’er been additional necessary than currently.

Adobe Analytics’ advanced segmentation makes understanding your mass information a lot easier. This feature permits you to pay longer on implementing new and improved methods instead of attempting to work out what those methods ought to be.

whereas it’s a tool everybody can need to use, Adobe Analytics is actually AN enterprise answer. You’ll contact their support team for a quote, however, you’ll be able to expect it to be within the $5,000 per month vary.


Web Analytics Tools , Angelfish Actual Metrics is intended to form viewing and understanding statistics on however your guests act together with your website (or sites) simply. Angelfish conjointly keep your mass information inside your network’s range, proving full information security and creating a sound different from Google Analytics.

If your business conjointly uses internal and (or) external web-based applications, Angelfish can assist you to track user activity on these platforms further. this can be one of all the evident exclusions in Google Analytics and can provide you with a more true understanding of however your on-line platform is playing.

Sometimes, sites (or explicit posts) expertise a spike in traffic—especially once the content is new or being shared on social media heaps. net analytics tools will get confused by this spike at times; Google Analytics is especially ill-famed for showing the spike so completely no traffic for daily or 2 when.

however, Angelfish handles traffic spike analysis okay, going to this point on incorporate a feature targeted on these occurrences.

You’ll conjointly receive information on hidden visitors—those that block analytics codes for any variety of reasons—something that Google Analytics doesn’t even conceive to address. what is more, you’ll even be ready to track the clicking path of your guests, permitting you to envision specifically that backlinks and ads area unit generating the foremost views.

And if there any broken links or information measure errors, Angelfish can decide them up and provides you a full analysis. This tool may be a cheaper premium different from Adobe Analytics, with a $1,295 annually normal Package and a $6,000 annually Grand Deal package.


Web Analytics Tools , If you’re searching for a complicated net analytics tool that produces it simple for you to look at, analyze, and act on your website’s information, then AT Internet: net Analytics is also the answer for you.

Analytics options offered embody information on website navigation, traffic reports, a sign of the sources guests use to achieve your website (as well as however they act with it), the sort of device they’re victimization to browse, and what their geolocation is.

You’ll even be ready to live the method your website guests use wealthy media content.

to know more read this..

Your site’s performance and period of time area unit monitored too, and you’ll be able to get an entire breakdown of however individual on-line promoting campaigns area unit playing. AT Internet’s specialize in behavioral analysis is especially suited to serving to you outline your audience and set up your promoting and content consequently.

While we’re talking concerning on-line promoting, email campaigns area unit quite fashionable further. Google Analytics doesn’t track and analyze website traffic initiated through these campaigns,

however AT Internet’s net Analytics most actually will. ClickZone may be a proprietary technology employed by AT net to assist improve your user expertise through a mix of warmth maps and overlay.

Despite being rather advanced, AT Internet’s analytical options area unit given intuitively to form for simple navigation. You’ll even be ready to start customized metrics. Contact AT net to request a demo and discuss the evaluation.


Web Analytics Tools , Considered one of the best web analytics tools available online, AWStats defines visitors according to their user agent (browser type, for example, Google Chrome) and IP address. This means that only real visitors are logged, and robots like GoogleBot are not counted as visitors. This is i4. AWSTATS

Considered one among the simplest internet analytics tools accessible on-line, AWStats defines guests in line with their user-agent (browser kind, as an example, Google Chrome) and science address.

this implies that solely real guests area unit logged, and robots like GoogleBot don’t seem to be counted as guests. this can be implausibly necessary if you would like correct results, as web site crawlers and alternative bots can provide a false boost to your site’s statistics.

AWStats analyzes a shocking quantity of data, as well as log files from hypertext transfer protocol, FTP servers, and streaming media. The output is4. AWSTATS

Considered one among the simplest internet analytics tools accessible on-line, AWStats defines guests in line with their user-agent (browser kind, as an example, Google Chrome) and science address.

this implies that solely real guests area unit logged, and robots like GoogleBot don’t seem to be counted as guests. this can be implausibly necessary if you would like correct results, as web site crawlers and alternative bots can provide a false boost to your site’s statistics.

AWStats analyzes a shocking quantity of data, as well as log files from hypertext transfer protocol, FTP servers, and streaming media. The output is implausibly easy, with the first interface comprised of one page separated into sections.

This categorization permits users to differentiate between daily visits, search terms, a listing of referrers (whether the traveler found your page via a research engine results page—SERP—or through a backlink on another site), and then far more. The statistics page is mechanically updated daily, however you furthermore might have the choice of viewing your traffic reports in an exceedingly monthly or annual format.

Of course, no internet analytics tool is totally perfect—especially not people who area unit accessible from open sources, like AWStats. The tool doesn’t offer sufficiently in-depth analysis of your information, sadly, nor will it track precisely however users area unit interacting together with your website.

Still, considering that the package is on the market freed from charge, AWStats remains a worthy different to Google Analytics. In fact, AWStats is thus viable that a lot of hosting suppliers supply it as a pre-installed tool in cPanel packages. whereas you’ll not wish to use it alone, it makes for a captivating addition to run aboard another internet analytics tool.


Web Analytics Tools , Described by the developers as a “web counter on steroids,” BBClone is so a lovely resolution for anyone searching for a free different to Google Analytics. the online analytics tool well-suited to gathering some in-depth information on the guests to your website, providing AN output that has their package (OS), IP Address, and that browser they’re victimization.

what is more, BBClone will tell you precisely that page—or pages—they’ve viewed, at what time, and for the way long they’ve been active on your website. You’ll additionally get info on what percentage of times that traveler has been to your website, and BBClone can even range your guests for you too.

If the traveler found your website in an exceedingly SERP, the tool can tell you precisely what search question they used. once you consolidate this info, you’ll have a wonderful understanding of UN agency your user’s area unit {and however|and the way} they behave online—

and particularly how they act together with your website. You’ll have an improved understanding of the backlinks to push, the sort of backlinks to be pitching for, and what keywords you must be that specialize in the foremost.

Another characteristic is that in contrast to several alternative internet analytics tools, BBClone doesn’t believe MySQL databases either. BBClone is implausibly straightforward to line up further. All you would like to try to do is transfer the script, and begin customizing so you’re proud of the layout. The customization potential is very large, and you’ll simply integrate BBClone with any range of installations and programs.



Web Analytics Tools , “Analytics for Editors” reads the tagline on Chartbeat’s website, and considering its specialization in time period information output we’ve got to agree. Chartbeat may be an internet analytics tool that exists within the gift, not eight to mean solar day within the past like Google Analytics.

If your traffic spikes and your information measure allocation is being employed up at a quicker rate than usual, Chartbeat can send you a notification via email straightaway. Hosting suppliers generally provide a set limit to what quantity information measure your website is allowed to use,

and you most positively don’t wish to induce caught halfway through the month with no information measure left. If your traffic spikes, it’s nice having the ability to form arrangements together with your hosting company before you run out of information measure.

While the simplest hosting suppliers additionally monitor your site’s servers round the clock, they usually won’t tell you once the server goes down for an awfully short amount. Chartbeat can instantly warn you to any server time period so you’ll follow up straightaway.

The web analytics tool contains a terribly sturdy dashboard that displays loads of relevant info. whereas most choices solely tell you what page a traveler is on, and perhaps however long they’ve been there, Chartbeat goes the additional mile by showing you ways so much down the page there too.

You’ll receive information on precisely however your user’s area unit interacting together with your content, further as however, they’re sharing your pages. beginning at simply $9.95 a month, Chartbeat really is a reasonable (and fantastic) rival for Google Analytics.

implausibly easy, with the first interface comprised of one page separated into sections. This categorization permits users to differentiate between daily visits, search terms, a listing of referrers (whether the traveler found your page via a research engine results page—SERP—or through a backlink on another site), and then far more. The statistics page is mechanically updated daily, however you furthermore might have the choice of viewing your traffic reports in an exceedingly monthly or annual format.

Of course, no internet analytics tool is totally perfect—especially not people who area unit accessible from open sources, like AWStats. The tool doesn’t offer sufficiently in-depth analysis of your information, sadly, nor will it track precisely however users area unit interacting together with your website. Still, considering that the package is on the market freed from charge,

AWStats remains a worthy different to Google Analytics. In fact, AWStats is thus viable that a lot of hosting suppliers supply it as a pre-installed tool in cPanel packages. whereas you’ll not wish to use it alone, it makes for a captivating addition to run aboard another internet analytics tool.



Web Analytics Tools , Clicky is definitely one of the foremost fashionable net analytics tools accessible. If you hunt for alternatives to Google Analytics, the likelihood is that every single page you open can embody it on their list. There’s a really smart reason for this: Clicky is one among the strongest tools on the marketplace for net analytics, distinction to} several of its competitors it offers a period of time updates.

the most dashboard may well be a touch overwhelming for beginners, however, you’ll presently learn to like the range of obtainable statistics. This includes a link report, that tells you precisely that external sites and pages square measure actively directive users to your own. We’ve mentioned the importance of backlinks repeatedly, and this tool helps you see precisely why.

Just like BBClone, Clicky conjointly provides search knowledge comprising of all the incoming search question keywords being employed to direct users to your website from the SERP.

wherever Clicky overtakes BBClone in a very huge approach is that the tool conjointly comes with the Sheer SEO tool. Sheer SEO helps you to check however well your keywords square measure ranking, that is effective data to possess and perceive.

Another fascinating feature is the Twitter Search following, which permits you to monitor Twitter tags, keywords, and retweets on the social media platform. ClickyTouch, the iPhone app, conjointly permits you to remain up so far with all of your analytics whereas on the go.

Clicky is inherently freed from charge and is on the market as a WordPress plugin too. If you wish to use it on multiple sites, or your website generates over 3000 views each day, you’ll begin having to pay a minor fee although.


Web Analytics Tools , Often employed by eCommerce websites, above all, CoreMetrics was nonheritable by IBM in Gregorian calendar month 2010. It currently conjointly goes by the name of IBM Digital Analytics however isn’t to be confused with IBM Unica NetInsight—which we’ll get into shortly similarly.

This tool boasts an Associate in Nursing easy-to-use interface and offers elaborate knowledge statistics that are extremely customizable. in spite of your business kind and model, IBM has taken the first CoreMetrics module and ensured that there’s a touch one thing for everybody. With the enlarged personalization, users will higher convert the analytics reports into unjust selling plans. during this approach,

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the corporate guarantees to increase your client lifecycle by serving to you discover ways in which to retain existing users similarly as attract new ones. what is more, they boast that this conjointly provides you the next to come for the money you pay on selling.

It’s for this terrible reason that on-line|the net} analytics tool is therefore fashionable online sites. you’ll be able to see this a lot of clarity once you understand that, in contrast to most of its peers,

CoreMetrics conjointly provides you a comprehensive report on the abandoned cart value—how a lot of a shopper was about to pay, but didn’t. If nothing else, its quality conjointly proves simply however priceless CoreMetrics is to Associate in Nursing e-commerce business. With a value vary beginning at around $5,000, it’s not a viable possibility for tiny start-up corporations. If you propose to use a premium net analytics tool aboard a free one, this tool remains an amazing alternative.


Web Analytics Tools , There square measure several reasons Crazy Egg is taken into account a superior to Google Analytics, and we’re shocked they don’t seem on a lot of of the opposite lists like this one. For one issue, Google Analytics solely offers users an Associate in Nursing overlay report for viewing their knowledge because it relates to clicks. Crazy Egg, on the opposite hand,

provides you the choice of victimization not solely an Associate in Nursing overlay report however instead a heat map or paper map if you like. the warmth map shows you precisely wherever guests square measure clicking on your pages,

therefore you have got a visible reference of however they move together with your website. The paper map, in contrast, permits you to section the info by keyword, geolocation, time of day, the referral supply, and lots of different choices.

Second on our list of reasons you must seriously think about Crazy Egg as an alternate is that the scroll map report feature. this enables you to instantly see whether or not your guest’s square measure reading entire articles and posts before moving on to succeeding one, or if they lose interest halfway through.

The third reason offers an instantaneous resolution to at least one of Google Analytics’ errors that you just can’t do something about: the approach your links square measure half-track. With Google Analytics, all links to an equivalent address square measure treated united. Crazy Egg, on the opposite hand, differentiates between these sources. It’s a horny and cheap net analytics tool, and with a value vary of $9 to $99 a month, Crazy Egg is actually one among our high recommendations.


10. tracker

Web Analytics Tools , Like each internet analytics tool featured on our list of fantastic internet analytics tools that rival Google Analytics, eTracker provides period information. What’s even higher, that information contains each qualitative and quantitative analysis, providing a superior summary. This, in turn, permits a stronger analysis of your website’s traffic.

eTracker boasts a number of similar options as Crazy Egg, like mouse movement pursuit. during this method and lots of others, the tool helps you collect traveler feedback which will be accustomed improve your usability score. The usability score is commonly either unnoticed or overemphasized.

whereas you actually don’t wish users to own issue navigating your website if you specialize in your usability at the expense of different ranking factors your SEO might be negatively affected. eTracker helps you discover the balance. If you’re disquieted concerning click fraud (which should do with pay-per-click—PPC—online advertising), then place your considerations to bed. eTracker not solely records suspicious activities like click fraud however reports them additionally.

Google Adwords could be a standard on-line promoting tool utilized by several web site house owners as a result of it’s usually definitely worth the value. eTracker mechanically integrates itself with Google Adwords to convey your feedback on your campaign progress and its effectiveness.

With eTracker’s heat map, you’ll be able to conjointly establish weak spots on your website and acquire a stronger understanding of that section’s area unit the foremost standard.

this can be a wonderful thanks to seeing what works and what doesn’t in order that you’ll be able to improve weaker parts and higher set up future content. counting on what percentage of the options you would like to use, you’ll be able to get eTracker for love or money between free and $851 a month.


Web Analytics Tools , For a straightforward, simple to use internet statistics tool that gives convenience in however you track web site traveler activities, then you will wish to earmark FireStats. after we say easy and simple to use, we have a tendency to mean once the installation method is complete. the particular installation is sort of difficult, sadly, and needs some data of script installation protocols additionally as access to your server.

And unless you have got a fervent server, or at the terribly least Associate in Nursing unmanaged virtual personal server (VPS), your internet hosting company isn’t attending to enable you to try to to therefore.

But if you have got writing and script installation expertise, and have either a fervent server or VPS, then FireStats is one in every of the most effective alternatives to Google Analytics. In fact, if you have got multiple sites hosted on your server, you merely would like one FireStats installation to observe all of them. The tool supports a colossal array of languages, and you’ll even be able to transfer data logs.

Of course, FireStats works with real-time data; otherwise, it wouldn’t get on our list in any respect. what is more, you’ll conjointly get reports on the program queries and referral links that crystal rectifier guests to your web site?

At a similar time, you’ll be able to conjointly see that of the area of your page unit the foremost standard. alongside the opposite information offered by FireStats, you’ll be able to discover why these pages work et al don’t.

If you’re disquieted concerning bots and spammers, FireStats filters them out supported science, user agent, and URL. FireStats is free for non-commercial use, and an advertisement license solely prices $25.


Web Analytics Tools , FoxMetrics could be an internet analytics tool that enables you to customize the metrics in line with your business necessities.

There are unit four main options that FoxMetrics boasts: funnels, profiles, segments, and triggers.

• The funnels enable you to spot wherever your guest’s area unit dropping Associate in Nursing action, for instance, a web purchase. this offers you the ability to boost the interface therefore you’ll be able to maximize your profits additionally as come back customers.

• FoxMetrics mechanically builds user-profiles and creates a client life cycle that tracks every traveler, therefore you recognize however usually somebody views your website content over time. This feature permits you to set up promoting and promotions to focus on regular users by giving a present for his or her loyalty.

• The segmentation feature is found in several of the opposite internet analytics tools we’ve mentioned (and can still be listing). This segregates your web site traffic into relevant classes, adding to the knowledge gathered concerning however users area unit interacting along with your web site additionally as however they access it.

• Finally, triggers area unit actions that you simply will use to base the setup of reactions. for instance, if a traveler clicks on a selected section of your web site, you’ll be able to assign Associate in Nursing acceptable action, like a pop-up.

FoxMetrics permits you to access your analytics via your phone. You’ll even be able to track software system installations and write up views, that most internet analytics tools fail to try to to. And if you have got any third-party applications you would like to use aboard FoxMetrics, the tool permits for simple integration.

Some of the options area unit solely out there on the premium packages, priced at $499 a month.


Web Analytics Tools , Although JavaScript is beginning to be thought of as somewhat out-of-date, most of the web still uses the writing language—including Google itself. this is often why the Gauges net analytics tool has been developed victimization JavaScript.

The computer program is straightforward to navigate, with an Associate in Nursing intuitive layout and categorization. The dashboard permits you to look at all of the analytics knowledge in one go, with a transparent statistics summary that isn’t over-complicated.

To this same impact, Gauges additionally focuses chiefly on the terrible basics of net analytics. The tool ably tracks what quantity traffic your website is generating, also as wherever these views are coming back from.

This feature permits you to stay track of the method your placement on SERPs affects traffic, also telling you which one’s referrals (backlinks from different sites) are a lot of self-made than different. moreover,

Web Analytics Tools , Gauges will show you wherever guests to your {site|website| web site} are navigating afterward—whether they’re moving on to different pages on your site, following the Associate in Nursing external link you’ve enclosed in your content, or if they’re heading back to the program to do once more.

All of this info is very important and may assist you to alter your promoting and content ways also as a higher set up for future posts. The unjust knowledge is created without delay obtainable in real-time.

Gauges provide a free period when that you’ll select one among the 3 nice packages starting from $6 to $48 per month.


Web Analytics Tools , If you’re searching for an online analytics tool that has some basic SEO tools for your website, then look no any than GoingUp. whereas it doesn’t have all the options you would possibly want for a very in-depth analysis, and therefore the inward promoting options aren’t as strong as different tools, GoingUp remains an awfully viable possibility for anyone trying to supplement another net analytics tool.

It permits its users to trace your guests and sales, also as your conversion rates. At constant time, the tool will provide search ways for you to implement. you’ll originate Actions and Goals for GoingUp to watch.

All your traffic trends are completely analyzed, and therefore the output report includes a heatmap therefore you’ll higher perceive however users are interacting with components on your pages.

Analysis of incoming traffic from SERPs includes the keywords wont to generate that SERP, supplying you with a stronger understanding of that keywords work best.

To any aid within the on top of, GoingUp’s SEO tools embody keyword position pursuit and density. to boost your heat map results, there’s additionally a page improvement tool. It additionally helps you to stay track of and improve your Google PageRank and Alexa Rank. Integration with such a big amount of SEO options is what puts GoingUp before the sport in comparison to different net analytics tools.

Web Analytics Tools , The best news of all? It’s liberated to use. simply sign in via email, make sure your email address, and originated your GoingUp account. There’s no limitation on what number of websites you’ll add, which implies you’ll additionally track your competitors at no additional value.


Web Analytics Tools , Starting at $29 a month and travel up to $249 looking at the number of knowledge points, GoSquared guarantees to answer all of your net analytics desires. By use of their Pinging tool, GoSquared tells you the way long a traveler has been active on your web site. once the traveler 1st accesses your content, a proof is shipped to GoSquared and is recurrent at intervals till they leave. this enables the tool to live their time spent on your web site a lot of with efficiency than what Google Analytics will.

Web Analytics Tools , The easy interface is additionally extremely customizable so you’ll set GoSquared up the method you wish it. knowledge relies on individual guests, and as a collective, therefore you don’t get to worry that it’s victimization sample knowledge the method Google Analytics will.

The period of time analytics reportage additionally includes notifications and alerts for traffic spikes and social media trends, among others. one among the most important ways in which GoSquared makes itself stand out from the opposite net analytics tool we’ve mentioned may be a feature missing from all of them—live chat.

This integrated feature creates a convenience on your web site that guests will use to open a live chat portal. you’ll use it to supply live support for your eCommerce look, your on-line options, or to assist new guests to navigate your web site. It goes an extended thanks to building long-lived relationships along with your purchasers because it improves usability and therefore the probability of a comeback visit.

We advocate victimization GoSquared aboard Google Analytics for one reason: once your knowledge points are exhausted, you won’t be ready to access your knowledge till the subsequent month. Google Analytics will assist you to gauge what number of knowledge points you’ll want so you’ll alter your account consequently.

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Web Analytics Tools , If you’ve got some programming expertise, Grape net Statistics is AN open supply analytics tool that was designed primarily for net developers. the easy interface takes into thought however overwhelming Google Analytics will be and offers the essential statistics with a high level of accuracy. This will mean Grape net Statistics misses a number of the additional advanced options found within the alternative tools we’ve mentioned.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. If you have got expertise with developing in PHP or ar a minimum of adept with hypertext mark-up language, you’ll be able to customise Grape net Statistics to form the code meet all of your wants. And in this lies the tool’s charm.

Web Analytics Tools , If you’re proud of the fundamentals, you won’t get distracted by the additional advanced choices. On the opposite hand, if you would like a number of the advanced options however not sure others, you’ll be able to add those you wish. as a result of Grape net Statistics is open supply instead of just another free-to-use tool, you’ll be able to use it as a foundation on that to make the net analytics tool you would like and wish.

The essential options that ar already gift embody chase distinctive and total visits.

Theoretically, Grape net Statistics works on any software package (OS) however has solely been formally tested on Windows and UNIX. It will need that JavaScript is enabled on your OS which you employ PHP four.3 or higher (anything below five.6 is obsolete in any case) and MySQL four or bigger. the most reason cited for JavaScript being a demand is to forestall bots from wreaking mayhem with Grape net Statistics’ analysis.


Web Analytics Tools , Heap Analytics may be a tool with a spotlight on user-friendliness. You’ll be able to set it up with ease, permitting you to trace vital activity on your website while not requiring any technical expertise. aside from putting in the chase code onto your website,

Heap works entirely on a point-and-click interface instead of victimization menus and settings tabs. If you would like to form custom events, you’ll be able to simply click directly on the buttons and forms on your website and tell Heap what it’s you would like the tool to trace for those components.

Web Analytics Tools , Heap conjointly mechanically tracks monitors activity on your web site (or websites if you have got quite one!), analyzing it and generating an inventory of the foremost frequent events. This flexibility permits you to label and classify the activity as you want.

Heap can even do this retroactively—so if you choose to begin to chase a brand new event, the tool will offer you statistics for that style of activity geological dating back to the instant the chase code was put in.

The web analytics tool is remarkably simple to set up and use, despite your level of experience. It’s the precise opposite of Google Analytics relating to usability, surgical operation the overwhelming stream of endless statistics, and multiple screens. Heap has been designed in such some way to actively encourage you to line up chase and reports that may be genuinely helpful supported your needs.

Web Analytics Tools , the essential package is absolved to use and is a wonderful thanks to commencing if your website remains little and you would like to check to the tool. For larger websites (or once your little site grows), you’ll be able to upgrade to the Premium package. rating is made-to-order in line with your specific wants. The Premium package conjointly comes with a 14-day free trial.



Web Analytics Tools , Another fantastic net analytics tool that rivals Google Analytics is Histats. The tool will provide you with statistics on what pages square measure being visited, likewise, because the referral method that junction rectifier them there—whether they found your web site on a SERP or followed a backlink. All statistics square measure offered in real-time, of course.

Histats uses associate degree Invisible/Visible GIF/Flash-based mostly counter to assemble metrics for up to ten million hits every day. You won’t be restricted to victimization the tool on only 1 website either—you have the liberty to manage as several as 300, permitting you to stay track of however your competitors square measure playacting too.

Histats additionally provides logs, that webmasters and web site house owners will use in comparison campaign statistics.

Unlike most alternative free (and even a number of the premium) net analytics tools on the market, Histats permits you to retain your amalgamated knowledge for an infinite amount. Most tools have a limit set, sometimes for a year or 2 at the best. With Histats, your analytics data will still be accessed 10+ years later.

Web Analytics Tools , Because Histats provides real-time statistics, the tool guarantees to be quick and is constructed on a reliable network. The developers guarantee ninety-nine.99% uptimes, and over one,500,000,000 hits square measure half-tracked on a monthly basis for free of charge.

The analytics offered to embrace a breakdown of recent guests, your most active guests, widespread pages, referrers, and geolocations.

Histats additionally includes the browser your guests square measure victimization to look at your web site, likewise as what toolbars and hardware square measure getting used. If your web site is trilingual, Histats can even segregate the statistics in line with the language of your guests.


Web Analytics Tools , For a web promoting analysis service with attention on your social media and alternative promoting platforms, Hubspot is one of the most effective. the net analytics tool relates your promoting to leads, come back on Investment (ROI), and search queries. this suggests that after you analyze your web site victimization Hubspot, you’re obtaining a full breakdown of the site’s performance on each level.

Hubspot permits you to use a problem and drop methodology for sprucing your website pages and email templates, and every one of the templates provided square measure now responsive. With a well-planned nod toward SEO tool integration,

the analytics platform additionally permits you to observe and modify your improvement and sharing in real-time, serving to you get your content exposed to the proper individuals at the proper time. You’ll even be ready to push your key landing pages by integrating the planning of calls-to-action that bring your website visitors’ attention to those sections.

Web Analytics Tools , The design integration capabilities of Hubspot additionally enable you to shine your landing pages to maximize your traffic to sales conversion. you’ll be able to additionally originated “drip” campaigns that assist you to flip leads into customers with sensible email promoting. Hubspot doesn’t supply these at the expense of ancient analytics tho’.

You’ll still receive knowledge on however each visitant to your website interacts together with your content, in spite of whether or not they’re browsing your e-commerce platform or reading through the weblog section. All this data is, of course, applicable for integration into your promoting schemes.

You can embark with their free package, however as your business grows you’ll definitely wish to upgrade to the premium package beginning at $200 per month.


Web Analytics Tools , Early we tend to mentioned CoreMetrics and the way the tool became referred to as IBM Digital Analytics once IBM bought the corporate. Now, we wish to introduce you to IBM Unica NetInsight. Unica NetInsight is IBM’s primary net analytics tool and is intermeshed toward facultative users to gather each piece of information necessary for a full understanding of their web site traffic.

The goal is to gift this data in as easy a way as potential. Unica NetInsight remains thought-about a really advanced tool, however, and permits you to perform analysis on internal product behind your firewalls likewise.

The reportage interface has been fine developed. Unica NetInsight is implausibly versatile on this front, providing customizable choices for reportage formats. User path analysis is enclosed, showing you the route your guests have taken to attain your web site and the way they navigate through it.

The bigger your company, the lot of possible it’s that you’ll have over one employee functioning on analytics. IBM understands this and permits you to not solely add multiple users however to customize every dashboard in line with their role or necessities.

Web Analytics Tools , Similar to FoxMetrics, Unica NetInsight additionally works with funnels to research and improve your conversions, likewise as heat maps to administer you a much better understanding of however guests square measure interacting with the weather of your pages. And if you employ alternative client relationship management (CRM) and Business Intelligence tools, you’ll be ready to integrate them with Unica NetInsight thanks to the software’s open knowledge design.


Web Analytics Tools , Inspectlet isn’t aimed toward beginners. Let’s start thereupon as a result of though the online analytics tool is aimed specifically at usability, it will be quite troublesome to use itself if you haven’t worked with analytics before. the explanation it still makes the list of wonderful net analytics tools that rival Google Analytics is as a result of that’s specifically what it’s. Despite being somewhat difficult, once you have got the droop of it Inspectlet can offer you loads over Google Analytics will.

As mentioned, Inspectlet has its target usability testing. The four main options are the warmth maps, screen capture, personalized metrics, and—of course—real-time analytics. It offers 2 kinds of heat maps: eye following and clicks on. the previous shows you wherever guests are reading your content on the location by following their mouse movements.

The latter, on the opposite hand, tells you the way those guests are interacting with the weather on your page by showing you wherever they click. a 3rd heat map is additionally on the market, that monitors and reports on however way down your pages guests are scrolling. Combined, these 3 functions tell you specifically what’s happening on your web site in the least times. You’ll be ready to establish your high points in addition to your weak points.

Screen capture permits you to “record” a user’s session from beginning to end so you’ll see the information from the warmth maps in action—again, in real-time, or retrospect. And after all, you’ll customize however all this knowledge (and more) are displayed on your dashboard. during this method, Inspectlet guarantees to be specifically what you would like, once and wherever you would like it.


Web Analytics Tools , KISSmetrics build a daring claim once they promise to assist you not solely retain your existing customers and traffic however additionally boost these stats in addition. Considering the online analytics tool is listed close to the highest on nearly every single list of alternatives to Google Analytics, you’ll bet that they live up to their promise although.

The secret behind KISSmetrics’ substantiation of their claim lies within the variety of knowledge the tool offers. whereas most competitors track client behavior on your website, and a few can tell you the way they got there, KISSmetrics goes the additional mile by showing you the way users leave your website and the way they behave right away when.

during this method, the developers have strived to require the role of the online analytics tool on the far side of the essential visitant statistics. They’ve succeeded in taking it one step sooner than several different advanced analysis report systems too.

KISSmetrics additionally offers a full-time report, that is mechanically updated in real-time to stay you conscious of growing trends as they happen. The funnel feature zones in on weak points on your web site that will be leading you to lose conversions, and you’ll value more highly to split the various check layouts and funnels to maximize the output. All this helps you to form abreast of selections in dynamical and optimizing your landing pages to maximize your profits.

Web Analytics Tools , Setting KISSmetrics up is additionally rather straightforward because the application programming interface (API) integration will be simply joined along with your web site or maybe your client apps.

The spectacular revenue following operate provides you an explicit breakdown of your earnings and contributes to news however your purchasers are behaving online right away when creating a procurement on your website.



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