Kill Your Competition with these 4 Awesome Web Design Tricks

Introduction to Web Design Tricks

At the start of the Internet revolution, there was not much to work related to web design. The websites were mainly text-based with a little GIF or two to make it look pretty.

Animation and graphic design software like Adobe Flash were considered a game-changer. It offered something to the designers to flex their muscles. And the rest is history.

Software like Flash started a great revolution as designers start working on the website to make it look attractive. Eye-catching colors and awe-inspiring graphics started to make things work for websites as the end-users were in for a real treat.

But with time, the design seems to look monotonous. That’s where a unique theme and layout work wonders for any business.

The following are the four tricks for web design so that businesses can get to their goal of attracting an audience and kill the competition with breathtaking concepts.

  1. The 3-Second Rule 

Do you know why the back button and address bar are used so often? Because not many people are happy with the web pages they are visiting, they hit the back button or enter another website address in the address bar.

Certainly, it is a tough job to come up with a web design that can get your visitors’ attention. And it is a maximum of 3 seconds that you have to get your visitors hooked onto your website.

Many people will ask you what kind of design will work for an e-commerce portal. Every website requires some design and graphics, but you need to offer something that can get their interest.

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An element of surprise or astonishment will work so that every one of your visitors will definitely spend some time on your website.

The design of the website must be done by following the featured product or service. Think about what works best and put yourself in the position of the visitor.

What would you like to see on a website if you are visiting it for the first time? This will help you in solving the mystery behind what will work best for your product.

  1. A Brilliant Design Strategy 

Before you start, a taut strategy is what you need to base your website on it. Always think about what will work best for you.

If you think that something is not working for you, an expert web design company will work wonders for you so that your website looks on top.

First of all, think about the message you want to convey through your website. Yes, understand that you are marketing your product, but exactly how you want your customer to know about it.

Do you want to present it as a premium product or something that everyone can buy without thinking twice? The strategy will work for you in getting the foundation design that can complement your product well.

Secondly, think about your company’s core values, its philosophy, and the prestige associated with it. For small businesses and startups, this can be a difficult task as they don’t have much to think about in this regard.

They can start with a simple strategy to get the most number of visitors to their website. One good strategy in this concern is to offer your visitors something that they would like. A free eBook or discount coupons will help you a lot in getting the attention of your visitor.

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You have to design the eBook to make the discount coupon look attractive so that the visitor will look at it in awe. Give yourself every chance to succeed with a design that is top of the line. Your audience will outrightly reject anything mediocre.

  1. A Concept to Die for 

The concept for the web design for any business must be decided after much consideration and research. Think about the concept as something on which the whole website’s design is based.

We all know every website consists of a few pages, starting with the landing and homepage. After that, the product pages consist of all the information about the featured products, but what about the design?  That’s where the concept comes into play.

In literal terms, a concept is an abstract idea that needs to be converted into something meaningful. The skill and creativity of designers are tested in this phase to bring a website to life.

The concept is not just tweaking a popular design a bit to be turned into something new. It is plain cheating and nothing else. An original design is what you need based on a concept that can complement the product perfectly.

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  1. Not a Boring Moment 

A new design can get visitors’ attention in the very first moment, and there must be no dull moment from thereon. A design must offer exemplary support to the visitors that can make them believe that this is the website they were looking for.

Through a flawless design, think of style and substance rather than gimmickry. The audience nowadays is intelligent enough to understand what you are doing and won’t stay long on your website.

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Think about the bounce rate, which can increase drastically as a result of a dull design. Don’t Give your audience any time to think about your website as they should be totally immersed in the design so that they are overwhelmed with it.

Making full use of your website and offering various activities for your visitors and web design can complement this perfectly.

Make your visitors feel comfortable on your website rather than feeling distracted with a design concept that is not great or confusing.

This is the basic aspect of web design, as the design concept should reflect the products and services being offered. If your users wander on your website, it will not be constructive to them. And within a few moments, they will leave your website for good.

Over to you 

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