5 Best Web Development Blog You Should Be Reading

Introduction to Web Development Blog

With the process of learning the basics of web development, there is a need of looking to improve the knowledge of one’s mindset.

It becomes necessary to review the internet sources for a better performance about the web development. Though it is a good idea to remain updated with books and magazines, the source of web development blog gives plenty of newly generated and high-quality content.

This is the era of blogs with their increased demand in the business. The source of blogs has become very famous in the recent decade, making it dedicated to work and read more increasingly.

From fashion to sports to business, blogs have now become the backbone of every online business. It drives them to focus on the targeted audience and direct customers.

The need for web development blogs has significantly supported to increase in the knowledge of businesses and their products and services. It is easy to find the variety of blogs available on the internet, but to search the right content is a challenging task.

The web development blog differentiates between bad content and good content. It means that people need to find and focus on their favorite blogs while searching on the internet. This post determines five web development blogs that every person should be reading for a better business prospect.

Developer Drive:

It is the right choice to opt for Developer Drive as the web development resource. It facilitates every web developer with the provision of the latest industry trends and news relating to the World Wide Web. It drives web developers to start the business search with the right tricks, tips, tutorials, articles, and opinions.

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Another feature of Developer Drive is to focus on learning the way of minimizing downtime. For instance, it determines how the site has been secured for fast consumers’ navigation and usage.

It also describes the way of keeping every tab on Microsoft software releases. It diversely covers the areas of mobile development continuing till the phase of JavaScript development.

Developer Drive supports newbie in learning about the use of web development. It provides world-related latest news featuring basics of information technology tools and sources.

It then leads newcomers in experiencing the overall web development arena with the right choices, good decisions, and best results.

Simple Programmer:

John Sonmez is the founder of the Simple Programmer blog. It is created with a focus on learning about web development topics.

It increases understanding of contents that are directly related to supporting IT professionals, web programmers, and software developers. It highly enhances the lives and careers of online using professionals in the IT industry.

This blog helps to secure every web developer tool that is used and pursued by World Wide Web developers. It provides the best option for working through content and web blogs.

This aspect is similar to innovative web solutions where the progressive web app benefits are included for best-experienced professionals.

It works as a leading giant platform for people, making them connected and informative through its fullest information-driven blogs and contents.

Moreover, it is highly supportive with videos and fun spins that are useful for every blogger type or similar web developer.

Simple Programmer continues posting interesting topics, creative blogs, and newly released articles. It gives access to valuable content with engaging humor, making the people highly adaptive to it and enjoyed.

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Similar to its name, CodeNewbie is a great insightful blog that provides different things about web development. It supports code newbies with the right choice of working through IT sources and information technology factors. It works in the capacity of the coding world while acting as the best virtual community for all users.

CodeNewbie has a spectrum of offerings for web developers about their need for IT servers, programs, and tools. There is an immense resource available about career advice with sound stories right at the hands of every user.

This blog is supported with site podcasts that provide a long-run coding journey for people serving throughout the web.

Further, it connects users and developers to code through the weekly learning of TwitterChat. It shows a live broadcast every Wednesday at 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) through the hosting of its weekly #CodeNewbie TwitterChat. It has a learning code option that is widely recognized among the international community of people.

 Some best books to learn web development:


Scotch.io is a great resourceful tool for all types of developers. It provides fast learning, particularly from its ‘beginning’ blogs. It makes the experience of a newbie truly an experienced one. It gives handy work to bloggers, web developers, and IT programmers related to information technology blogs.

This blog is highly supportive of PHP and JavaScript framework that provides tutorials of all types with great enriched features. It also provides few fascinating courses helpful for developers, leading them to enhance their career to the next higher levels.

It diversely publishes information with the support of Bootstrap, JavaScript, node, and AngularJS. These entire sources have numerous videos, tutorials, and articles published for increasing knowledge of every user type. It gives inspirational sources and development tools that are great for both newbie and experienced professionals.

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Being a web development and design blog, Codrops focuses on the provision of resourceful latest industry trends. It supports the audience with highly enriched articles and tutorials, making them equipped with full knowledge and information.

This blog is uniquely effective in delivering top-notch content while striving to focus on different types of web developers.

This blog works through different processes to enrich the knowledge of people. It has a diversified strategy of attaining content, making the readers attractive with how-to-heavy videos and tutorials. It has a list of experimental videos that helps in resolving the challenge and issue of worldwide developers.

Finally, Codrops works best in learning new skills and talent that are fully available through its tutorials and information content.

There are different mediums available to gain new skills and knowledge. The process of learning through this web development blog can increase the interaction of users and developers with great options available through its diversified web contents.

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