4 Best Roles And Responsibilities In A Web Development Team

Introduction to Web Development Team

Whether it is about creating a house or repairing an automobile, having the right people for the right job is very much important. Well, just imagine, you are going for a car repair and instead of a mechanic, you’re provided with a car washerman to look into your matter.

Would you prefer to let him assist you? And even if he assists you with some mechanical knowledge, would it be the worth of your money? Certainly not!

Well, the same result occurs when you choose to build your website with the help of just designers and developers. Doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of setting up an in-house team or looking outsource one for web design and development services, bringing all the resources to the table is very much important to create a remarkable end product.

It’s a myth that a website can be built with the help of only a designer and a developer. Just to let you know, there is more expert knowledge required to develop a website. Wondering who else can be required other than a designer and developer to build a website? Well, let’s find out together.

We’ve created a list of all the roles and responsibilities required in any professional web development team. So, here we go!

  • UI/UX Designer

A designer is probably the mastermind of any website. It is his design that developers put into a website. A UI/UX designer is responsible for analyzing your project requirements as well as your target audience.

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Doing so is very much important for any designer in order to envision a perfect design for your business. Besides, this approach of designing a website helps a designer to identify all the possible challenges that users are facing or might face on your website.

Accordingly, the designer works on issues and solves them effectively. The roles and responsibilities of a designer are quite huge; he is not only responsible for creating a user-friendly website design, but also to give the website an aesthetic appeal by choosing the right fonts, color schemes, icons, images, and more.

  • Web Developer

We are all very well aware of what a web developer does. Also known as programmers, developers are basically responsible for bringing the envisioned design of designers into a website.

They are probably the main pillar of a web development team. There are basically two types of designers – backend developers and frontend developers.

Frontend developers basically work on everything that you can see and interact with as a customer. They work with the client-side of the website using technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Whereas, the backend developers are responsible for making the front-end of the website possible. A backend developer creates and maintains a technology that facilitates the easy working of the user-facing side in the first place.

There are also full-stack developers. Wondering what’s a full-stack developer? Well, the developers that can work on both the client-side and server-side of the website on their own are known as full-stack developers.

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

Not many know, but a quality assurance engineer is an integral part of any web development team. As the name itself says that a QA engineer is responsible to ensure your website to be bug-free.

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It also keeps an eye on the interface of the website. In a case where any bug is found, the QA engineer makes a bug report and shares it with the developer in order to resolve it and then do a check back.

It is important to mention that a quality assurance engineer works from the start of the projects until its end and sometimes even after the website is live.

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  • Project Manager

There is a huge difference between project manager and quality assurance engineer. A project manager is someone who makes everyone on the team aware of the due date and technical specifications.

On the basis of the information, a project manager creates a plan and divides it into stages. A project manager manages and monitors the entire web development process and ensures that it gets completed on time.

So, these are the most important roles and responsibilities of any web development team. Agree or not, but you cannot operate a web project effectively without even a single professional mentioned above in the list.

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