Weight Needs to Lose to Stop Snoring – 7 Reasons Of This

Introduce to Weight Needs to Lose to Stop Snoring

How Much Weight Do You Need to Lose to Stop Snoring?

Snoring and Overweight is dependent on one another. Carrying an overweight increase the possibility of snoring; besides, losing overweight has an impact on decreasing the chance also. But How much weight do you need to lose to stop snoring? Wait, here works many factors with the losing of overweight. However, the Doctor suggests losing 10% of the bodyweight to get an effective result for Sleep Apnea symptoms like snoring.

Overweight or obesity is a vital cause for snoring for most people. According to a new study by Johns Hopkins researchers, 70-80% of fat people have the chance for snoring during sleep. So, to stop snoring, losing weight is a must because being overweight creates pressure on airways while you are sleeping. Pass through this write-up with patience.

Can Losing Weight Help You Stop Snoring?

Our weight is set on our food habits and exercise and also with some genetic predisposition. According to our food habits, the fat distributes on our body. Having little fat on our body is perfect. Fat on the neck and throat is the reason for snoring. Neck fat squeezes the upper airways and creates pressure on the throat, making snoring much more likely. Some researchers said the size of the human throat also has a relation with Snoring. There is a risk for snoring people who have a neck of 17 inches and beyond that.

Body fat is a central part of this problem. Losing weight can be a way to stop snoring. Overweight creates fat in the lungs. That reduces the lung capacity for airflow. Which causes breathing problems, and we start snoring while sleeping. The distribution of fat is determined by genetics and varies from men to women. Women generally gain fat on hips, thighs, and buttocks. Besides, men frequently grow fat on the neck, abdomen, and chest.

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Losing Weight Help You Stop Snoring
Losing Weight Help You Stop Snoring

Losing weight means burning your body calories. By exercising, you can reduce your fat on your body, and your body’s metabolism will increase. The breathing capabilities will increase, and face no obstacles. The soft airways don’t vibrate anymore when the fat has burned by your exercise. Losing weight doesn’t only implore your snoring condition but also develop your immune system. Losing weight will give you a healthy life without high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetics.
Losing weight doesn’t mean the only solution to stop snoring. It doesn’t work for everyone. The other factor may be contributing to others’ problems. Nevertheless, losing weight should not be the only goal for the snoring issue. It has overall health benefits.

How much weight do you need to lose to stop snoring?

Losing weight has a surprising effect on snoring. Researchers found that losing 10-15% of your body’s weight can reduce the entire severity by up to 60%. Reduction of body fat has practical benefits for Sleep Apnea Patients. More than 86% of Sleep Apnea patients can recover from snoring conditions by losing weight. Relaxsonia Said the average weight loss of 6.6 pounds to 16.7 pounds can eliminate one’s snoring. They also said that it’s not compatible with every person because some people have to snore for other reasons.

To know more about losing weight for snoring, you need to visit a specialist. Because weight loss has a relation with your body’s height also, how much bodyweight you should decrease will not be determined by the height only. Randomly choose the weight to lose, sometimes may cause your illness. It causes your weakness.

stop snoring
stop snoring

What causes snoring?

Snoring is a sleep condition that produces noisy sound. It makes anyone annoyed and disturbance. Snoring can happen in people of all ages, both male and female. But there is more possibility for snoring which is in the middle of the period and is overweight. The Causes of Snoring is different from man to man. Here I have enlisted the core cause of snoring in detail.

  • Age:

    With the growth of ages, the human throat became narrower. The muscle of the throat tone decreases day by day. For reaching the middle of the period, you don’t have much more things to do to stop it. You can give attention to your immune system and throat exercise. By avoiding a bedtime routine, you can also reduce snoring. It has positive benefits.

  • Being Overweight:

    Being overweight means the whole body in an extended shape. When you go on this kind of condition, the fat on your throat and neck has increased. It creates pressure on your throat when you sleep. Thus the soft palate of the throat vibrates when you are breathing and produces noisy sounds. For most people overweight is the vital cause for snoring.

  • The way you are built:

    Men have more possibility of snoring than women. Because men have a narrower throat and cleft palate. However, you don’t have any power to control your gender or the way you are built-in. But you can reduce the possibility of snoring by maintaining a routine life. Lifestyle changes, throat exercise, can help you out on this issue.

  • Sleep Position:

    Your sleeping position mattress on snoring. If you are a back sleeper, the possibility of snoring is relatively more. When you sleep by your back, you feel pressure on your throat, obstructing the airways. The breathing blocked the airways and started producing noisy sounds. The best position for sleep is side sleep.

  • Alcohol and Smoking:

    Taking alcohol is a possible cause of snoring for many people. When someone drinks alcohol, his whole body relaxed with his throat and soft palate. When he sleeps with the drunk condition, the soft palate starts vibrating with the flow of airways. Smoking is also a cause for snoring. A smoker is unable to take the required amount of oxygen while he breathes. That pressure on his throat and snoring happens.

  • Sleep Deprivation:

    Sleep deprivation is an alternative cause of snoring. When someone sleeps for a short period, the muscle tone is not working. For this reason, when he sleeps for a short time, they start snoring. Snoring has a relation with deep sleep and poor sleep. No snoring when you are asleep means you have not any complications of breathing while sleeping.

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

    The doctor says snoring is the main symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a kind of sleeping disorder when people face deprivation of sleep. They awake after a short deep sleep with breathing problems. This sleep apnea is also a cause of sinus problems.

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Weight has an inter-connection relation with Snoring. To stop your snoring, the estimated amount of weight loss is mandatory, according to doctors. Losing weight will reduce the possibility of snoring up to 60%, experts said that.
To lose weight, you should follow a diet and exercise on a daily basis. Before starting your dieting, you should visit a doctor. According to the doctor’s suggestion, you should make your routine to follow.

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