What is an Automation Framework?

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Though each individual these technologies independently presents quick measurable enterprise benefits to businesses but integrating them as a stack( SMAC stack framework ) can develop new prospects for products advancement, buyer engagement, and conversation.


Robot Framework Instruction – Introduction and Elucidation

Robotic Framework is a generic automation framework for acceptance of exam driven improvement and acceptance screening. Robot Framework Tests follows key phrase driven testing technique by employing tabular take a look at information syntax. The tabular examination details syntax is straightforward to use and can be uncovered by simply just checking out RFTraining Movies.

Robot Framework is independent of the operating technique and application. It is an open source software program that is unveiled below Apache License 2. and the libraries and equipment that it uses in the ecosystem also are open supply.

This framework was initially made by Nokia Networks and presently it is sponsored by RF Basis.

The online is flooded with various On the internet Robot Framework Training Tutorials adhering to which a single can use this framework as easily as possible.

Some essential properties of RF:

  • It facilitates uncomplicated to use tabular syntax to create t-cases in a uniform way.
  • It generates uncomplicated to browse end result experiences as well as logs in HTML format.
  • It has the means to create reusable increased amount search phrases from existing keywords.
  • It is independent of software and platform.
  • It gives a simple and person welcoming library API to generate custom made test libraries that can be implemented natively with both Java or Python.
  • Its modular architecture supports the development of tests for applications with a number of assorted interfaces.
  • It features very simple command line interface and XML based output documents for integration into the existing create infrastructure.
  • It supports the creation of info-driven t-conditions.
  • The set up it gives is t-scenario and exam-suite level.
  • It delivers tagging for categorizing and selecting take a look at conditions that are to be executed.
  • It has created in support for variables to allow screening in distinct environments.
  • It presents help for selenium for world-wide-web screening, jogging procedures, Java GUI testing, SSH, Telnet, etc.
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RF follows keyword driven testing. What is the key phrase driven tests?

Search term pushed screening, also termed desk driven screening are the notions that are broadly used to software impartial automation. The tester has to acquire the facts table utilizing search phrases that are independent of the check automation framework or any other resource applied to run them for that explanation.

Benefits of RF:
  • Supports check editors line Vim, TextMate, Emacs
  • Supports Swing, WebTesting, Home windows, SWT, databases, GUIs, Telnet, SSH, and many others
  • In-depth logs
  • Independent check knowledge editor
  • More simple tabular syntax
  • Distant take a look at libraries and other plugins for Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Ant, etc
  • Generic exam libraries
  • Obvious reports
  • Data pushed exam cases

The robotic framework is so functional that it let us you perform command line, web and GUI screening with simplicity. Other interfaces can be analyzed by employing self-produced libraries. One can use án functioning procedure together with SSH library for command-line tests. By using running method one can set up as effectively as configuring the doing work environment, take care of data files and program procedures.

Device Testing Automation- Device Simulation Framework

There are huge amount of devices available in the market for many different purposes like mobile,garden watering tool etc. It is a challenge to test the massive amount of devices in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Each device testing is impossible and not cost effective(Lab cost,cabling,physical device cost etc). Even getting engineers who will do connection with mobile and computers.

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testing error paths in driver code is a problem,as most drivers works on kernel mode. Here all softwares have access to hardware devices. So amy issue may break the system (even a simple unhandled message). Do you remember the dreaded blue screen of death??Even though the driver code contains a huge proportion of error checking code,but testing these error paths are extremely difficult.

Till now developers played a big role in testing. So while debugging they try to find out bugs and fix them. Many paths which may contain errors go undetected to production as untested.

As I said that testing devices are huge challenge.Creative test engineers tried to get knowledge about targeted customer details and device performances. Accordingly,they have taken few devices and tried to test them with the recent advancement of technology and testing tools. But automation of those devices are still a pain.Device testing matrix are huge and growing in a rapid pace.

Fault Injection

The process of simulating error in hardware in order to test error path. It was nearly impossible and manual team could not test most of the error paths.A classic example of error injection is to unplug the USB.

Invention of Simulator

The main idea behind simulator was from Microsoft developer-Peter Shier in 2001 who thought Simulation of hardware with software.His idea if implemented correctly,the operating system will not be able to judge actual device and simulator.

We must choose a test automation tool where we know the tool beforehand. I mean that a strong knowledge base is present.(Say our team is full of UFT engineers so choosing UFT over other tool). This will give more productivity in less time.

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How to start device automation?

A beautiful way to start regression suite is to add bug fix automation.When automation enables tests of previously untested areas,new bugs may come out.

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