Learn in Quick 5 Minutes What is JPG Format?And What Should You Know?

Introduction to JPG Format

JPG or JPEG is a popular file format that is used to store images and graphics for particular usage on the internet. It was made by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG).

The format uses compression algorithms that reduce sections of the image into the blocks of the pixels. The file-size can be compressed 10X without causing any noticeable degradation in the quality of the images.

However, it depends on the settings that you have been using. It is the primary reason why JPG has become the standard of the images used on the internet.

But any compression technique comes with a loss of pixels and JPEG files are considered as ‘lossy’ file format. It means that during the compression procedure, the redundant blocks are deleted.

When the file is compressed further, more data is lost, and the images after the compression are going to be of less quality.

However, if the JPG file format is used carefully, it delivers, decent-looking images with small file sizes. Whether you are sending one in the email or posting one online, or uploading the personal images on social media, because of the ability to compress the images at a high rate, the size of the final file is significantly reduced.

Facts about JPEG format

The term JPEG is used to reference a file format or to store the digital images. Most visitors are used to seeing JPEG because it is one of the file format choices you have when you save the image after editing it. Here are some facts about the *.jpeg file format:

  • It is the format used by the camera of your smart-phone or other devices that are used to capture the image.
  • The format is capable of supporting 16 million colors which are produced using 8-bits of each in the RGB color model.
  • When these many colors are displayed at once, the color scheme and contrast resolution are perfect.
  • The maximum pixels that are supported are 65,535 x 65,535 pixels.
  • The size of the image can be reduced by half or more when saved in this format.
  • The pdf to jpg converter online free can help you convert the images to pdf or vice-versa.
  • The file format is not suited for the images with sharp edges because the colors get blended.
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If it were saved as *.png it would display the pixels as a combination.

Are JPG and JPEG the same?

While most of the understanding that the *.jpeg and *.jpg files are precisely the same things. But to make sure that the point is home and ensure that you remember it in the future, it is worth looking at the similarities between the two.

1-Both are Raster Images

Computer images can be raster or vector. Since JPEGs are raster images so are the JPGs. Raster graphics are bitmaps of the images.

A bitmap has a grid of individual pixels. When they are combined, they create an entire image. Raster images are a collection of millions of countless pixels of color that are each coded in a specific hue or shade. When they are put together, they create a whole image that makes a sense to look at.

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2- Same Meaning

The meaning of JPEG and JPG is the same. They both are the abbreviations for that same ISO committee. As they are the raster images and not vectors, both *.jpeg and *.jpg file formats are best used for digital photography—these photographs.


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