What is Muda Theory?

What is Muda Theory?
muda lean tool
What is Muda Theory?

What is Muda Theory?

I have discussed the idea of Lean and the tools to do Lean impact.I have also talked about Pareto.Now let us understand the tools one by one. Let me introduce one lean tool called Muda.
Let us talk about Muda. In this article, we will look at details on Muda. The bullet points are…

  • Activities that gobble resources(cost and time) but adds no value is defined as Waste
  • MUDA is a Japanese word, which stands for “Waste”
  • Waste is a Symptom; need to find root causes and eliminate them
  • Waste points to problems within the Application, Technology, Process, People


waste calculation
muda lean tool
waste calculation

In our day to day activity on production floor,we can see there are three main processes are running …
1. People
2. Process
3. Technology

And if talk about those processes there are seven types of Waste(muda lean definition) generating from these..
1. People
1.1. Motion– If we look into Motion in details there are several issues regarding Motion.
The main problems regarding motion are..
1.1.1. Too many hand off’s of an issues between people with-in or across project teams
1.1.2. Scattered project team, Time zone differences

1.2. Waiting—
1.2.1. Job / Application manual monitoring
1.2.2. AMS / Testing team waiting for code migration/Tech window
1.2.3. Excess resource alignment to meet coverage / skill needs
1.2.4. Waiting for user info / confirmation

1.3. OverProduction
1.3.1. Large Batches of data load at one go
1.3.2. Excess reporting / communication / testing

2. Process
2.1. Overproduction
In this step I will say even the process may be faulty. It is not always due to reason 1.3. Might be …it is not any person dependent problem. The process is designed according to that.
2.2. Even the process itself faulty
2.2.1. Poor system maintenance
2.2.2 Unnecessary Processing Steps – New user setup
2.2.3 Poor CM process, ineffective approval process

3. Technology
3.1. Defects
3.1.1 Poor design of the application
3.1.2 Lack of validation/Debugging functionality
3.1.3 Transportation..poor layout and wrong allignment

3.2. Inventory
3.2.1. Redundant/Duplicate documents in KM
3.2.2. Disk space, Networking
3.2.3. Duplicate records.
3.2.4. Hidden information regarding factories
3.2.5. Rejection of production
3.2.6. Failure of production

3.3. Data Management
3.3.1. Unnecessary push/pull of data
3.3.2. Data inconsistency at the source systems

Below picture will depict more on muda lean definition:

Muda analysis
muda lean tool
Muda analysis


There are few areas which are not root cause of waste but can led to waste.(muda in lean)

Those can be ..
1.Bad/Unsafe Workstation for employee
2.Faulty material
3.Poor or wrong information
4.Sudden Brakedown
5.Power cut.


Few Advantages of implementing MUDA(muda lean tool):

• Saving money
• More productivity due to less time spent doing a job
• Equipment and supplies are available when they are needed
• Standardized procedures and processes
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Improved morale and better communications

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