What Is SOA All About

 SOA-Service Oriented architecture is the key building block for gen-y test engineers while automating applications. There are several technique by which we can implement SOA.SOA is having mainly loosely coupled and reusable components.So any application that follows the principles connected to SOA can be considered as Service oriented Solution.And the Gen-x,or gen-y business has a tendency to build SOS to get desiered flexibility. It also comes handy when two different systems(like say one application is in J2EE and other is in c# or VB.net etc) try to talk each other.if SOA is implemented then both they try to send data in a common understanding method-called XML.

SOA has three different components-
1.Web Services

Architecture of SOA

Web Services:

it is the key building block for SOA. All web Services talk each other by messaging which is neutral technology(XML). It is having public interface definition-a central piece of information which consists of it’s identity and invocation related stuff.

Web Service is divided into 4 major parts…
1. Service Consumer
2. Messgaes
3. Service Interface
4. Service container(Business logic)

Architecture of SOA

The service container is the component in which web services get hosted and consumers can interact with them. The developers build,deploy and manage web services on this  layer.

As we know SOA is made of message exchange. This transmission between different nodes is not like simple node to node connection.Instead the message passes through different node with some different purpose.Different nodes will refer different values from that message. This process is called Message Mediation.Enterprise service bus (ESB) acts as a broker in service-oriented solutions.

In SOS(Service oriented Solution),there will be multiple web services work together to get the required result. Dynamically they will be providing information based on business process definition goverened by process coordinator.This coordination of different server is called Composition.

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