What Is Split Testing?

Split Testing

This is really a new domain for testing. Initially, it was a part of analytics but nowadays in the time of large web 2 marketing, people really want to test their web by testing guys.

Split Testing at its simplest level is simply testing 2/3 or more different variables on your sales page to determine which gets the most sales. By variable, I mean any aspect of your sales page such as the colour of your headline, the wording of your headline, the images you use on the page, the price of your offer, the text in each body paragraph, etc

Split testing is an extremely powerful strategy for increasing the effectiveness of a web-based offer. Testing correctly takes time and effort, and the right tools.

Step One:
Detailed reports highlight the performance of your online marketing campaigns. Powerful conversion rate graphing shows you which offers are making you the most money… You will instantly be able to see which creative is working better, and why!

Step two:
“split” testing provides the most accurate data by eliminating external and seasonal factors.
Split Testing new marketing offers at the same time won’t put what is currently making you money at risk. Both versions of your website will be live at the same time, at a ratio you choose.
From there you simply need to set up as many variations of a page as you like. For example, you could have

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4 basic variations:
  • Your Default Sales Page
  • Default Sales page with a new headline
  • And a default sales page with a different price
  • Default sales page with a different background-colour
Web designers might check whether:
  • A landing page with a graphic of a person encourages better conversion rates than one with a graphic of the product
  • Different positioning of the shopping cart button encourages more people to click it
  • A form with fewer elements, or different elements, encourages more people to finish filling it out.

When you have just one ad out there, it’s difficult to tell what’s working. That’s where split-testing comes in. Split-testing simply means creating a very similar, but ever-so-slightly different ad. If your original ad mentions free shipping at the end of your last line, you might create a mirror ad (as your split test ad) that references the free shipping at the beginning of the last line of your ad.

Another example might be to write an ad without referencing the price of your product. Your second ad could include the price. From there you could track which ad receives a better response.

  • Get visitors to stay longer on the website
  • Also, make visitors interact more with the site
  • Then it encourages more visitors to request a consultation or join a newsletter
  • Get more visitors to buy from the site


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