What qualities does a good listener posses?

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What qualities does a good listener posses?
Even though listening is told to be a passive skill but truly speaking this is an active art of any management or general conversation.
The good listener has a Mental Framework to put IdeasIn:- 
The good listener has an open mind and mental framework.The good listener has a framework to start with.This helps him/her anticipate the line the speaker is likely to take.So they can place themselves into the speaker’s show.This 2 ear one mouth and mind framework provides the judgement.

Actively Engage in the idea:-
The good listener is a critical listener.He/She shifts the ideas and weighs the evidence as he/she listens.He/She notes everything but accepts and retains only what passes her/his criteria.She/He neither reject the idea uncritically. A popular way to actively engage to an idea to provide the speaker the physical and mental space. Well in this process a good listener will surely avoid all the disturbing things…like cell phone, Talking among themselves.

The Good Listener Asks Questions:-
Questions are sign of active listenings.Some question may xxxxxxxx, some facts where speaker can elaborate.But on the otherhand the bad questions can stop speaker from asking questions.It is a good listener who can understand when to be silent.Secondly to make unnecessary question will disturb the listening process. This might send the speaker into defensive mode.

The good listener listens with Her whole body:-
Good listener is not just an oral activity.It involves the whole body.Nodding head also give the speaker the confidence about the listeners.Basically it pays an empathy to the speaker. An eye contact is often considered as a good listener.

Do not judge prematurely:-
The good listener resists passing judgement.Unit enough evidence is found.Many poor listeners jump a conclusionns long before the speaker has completed sending his message.A good listener does not criticize the speaker .

Go Beyond the message:-
A good listener may build up a tentative profile of the speaker during a single conversation.This helps to build up a right message.

Sincerely seek to understand:-The good listenser does not fake listening good listening is not a rocket science but not a technique also.The formula is seek to understand than to be understood.

Avoid Phases: A good listener will never use phases like-what’s wrong in this idea? are you sure? next time be prepare something like that.

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