What to See Around PortBlair-Andaman?

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Central jail is a seven pronged structure similar to the spoke of a cycle wheel .It is truly an architectural marvel.Do not forget to go to the top to see the structure and signaling point to Ross Island.

The normal time to visit jail is from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can plan your trip in the afternoon session so that once you come out of the jail you have to wait for less for the next attraction(Light and sound show).

Light and Sound Show

Before entering for the Light and sound show, you have to deposit the cameras. Depositing charge is nominal Still camera-Rs 30 INR and Video Camera Rs 50 INR. The rate may vary while you travel. If you are with the cab operator or driver, you can drop your camera in the car itself. Mostly the tour operator collects the money for the ticket. So they will provide you the same. Else you can request your operator or hotel guy to get one for you.

The light and sound show starts sharp at 5:30 PM in the evening.  It depicts the historical events regarding this place. It also shows the heroic deeds of the freedom fighters alive in a loving sound and light system.

Mount Harriott

It used to be the Summer Head Quarters of the chief commissioner during the British era. Mount Harriott is the highest point in Port Blair and idea for trekking. From Port Blair, you can either take a cab to reach here(Distance 55KM) or you can come here by Ferry. Mount Harriott has a forest house with lovely Eco-friendly huts at a height of about 365 meters from the sea.

Journey to Mount Harriet
You need to take ferry from bamboo hat jetty to Ferrargunj.From there we can take a jeep or private car.The path is narrow and there were few sharp turns . Mount Harriet is the most popular and the most beautiful national park.
while going to Mount harriet,your driver may stop at a side of the ghat road.Surprised? Yes, we also surprised.Then he opened his wallet and took a 20 rupees note. Backside there was picture .He showed the resemblance of the note picture and the place.We were surprised and then convinced.Yes ,that is the same place from where the picture of the note was taken.
The explanation he gave was that 20 metres from North Bay Island is full of live coral and it was unique in India.That was the reason why the twenty rupees note was having that picture .Take some photographs and make it a memorable journey.

Forest Museum

It is a collection of forest activities and sawmill miniature model.

Mini Zoo

This is a good place to know about Andaman Island as a whole.It is among various tourist spots of Andaman.It is situated at Port Blair. Even if it is called mini, it contains rare or very rare species. The saltwater crocodile is the major attraction here.

This zoo also displays the local famous rose wood, marble wood,padauk wood. It plays a significant role in educating people about the wildlife of Andaman.A must visit place in Andaman.

Joggers Park(Port Blair)

This is a must visit place of Port Blair.This offers one of the height point in the city and surprise guest by its breathtaking sunset.The view from the park ,overlooking the city covered by reddish sunset light creates a magical moment.

Floating Dockyard(Port Blair)

This is another must visit place when you are in Port Blair.In order to reach there,you must go to bamboo flat jetty and hire speed boat .It is worth as it can cover the floating dockyard within one hour.

Paraschatan Village

This place provides a jungle trek covering an amazing glimpse of the deep forest . You can encounter a small cool streams. Enroute there are several broken pipes available.Leakage from these pipes make the path slippery.This trek will take you to Wimberlygunj Waterfall. You can swim, play with the water.

Chidiya Tapu

It is not good for swimming as this place is having large number of stone fishes. They are very poisonous.

North Bay Island

North Bay is heavily commercialized. The main attractions are

  • Water Sports
  • Coral
  • Lighthouse

Mahatma Gandhi  Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi marine National Park houses different mammals, fruit bat, spotted deer, wild boar,civet cat, kingfisher, parakeet, dove ,sea eagle,teal,tern,reef heron, swift,Wader, python, king Cobra, Vine krait. Apart from these, saltwater crocodile is also available here.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Mahatma Gandhi  Marine National Park call covers the below islands

  • Alexandra
  • Chester
  • Jolly Buoy
  • Bell
  • Malay
  • Grub
  • Boat
  • Twins
  • Hobday
  • Pluto
  • Rifleman
  • Snob
  • Red skin
  • Rutland
  • Tarmugli

Some of the corals available here are

  • Fungia
  • Leptoseris
  • Tubipora
  • Pacillopora
  • Gorgonians
  • Porites.

Jolly buoy and Red skin operate alternatively. Do not carry corals in your backpack without a valid proof.If caught,it is treated as offense and can be penalised heavily.

Jolly buoy

Jolly buoy Island It is an island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It officers breathtaking underwater views.It is often said for few places the journey is more beautiful than the destination. This Island is one of them. The boat ride via thick forest on the clear water surrounded by live coral definitely blows your mind.

This is a plastic free area hence you need to deposit hundred rupees games each plastic item we carry here. Also to protect the corals government does not permit operation in some season. Check with your guide or travel desk of your hotel or the cab driver. They will be able to guide you about the operating timeline of Jolly buoy Island.

We have to go this beach from wandoor beach. Long island It is 82 kilometre away from Port Blair and well connected via ferry. This Island offers lovely Sandy beach near lalaji bay. The beach is under the shade of forest and coconut plantation. You can relax here in the lap of Mother Nature.

Restaurants are not available here. It is advised to bring your own food item if you want to picnic here. However makeshift arrangement of snacks are available here.

Red Skin Island

Red skin Island It is an island in Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. It officers breathtaking underwater views.

Wandoor beach

How to go to Wandoor

It is situated at Mahatma Gandhi marine national park,which is 30 km away from port Blair. From here we can go to jolly buoy or red skin island based on the season.Wandoor is a small village and well connected with Port Blair.You can get a bus from Port Blair and reach here.I opted for private car .The journey to Wandoor is via lots of paddy fields and lash green forest.

Wandoor beach

It is truly picturesque beach with clean and calm surroundings. The beach is very uneven with lots of natural caves created by angry high tides.The beach is actually destroyed during recent tsunami.The nearby crocodile sanctuary also got destroyed .There was a rumor that these crocodiles were still active near the shore.We did not dare to venture the sea .If you are planning, please talk to local or take permission from your guide.

Sippighat Agricultural Farm

Sippighat agricultural farm stretches 80 acres  and is maintained by government. This farm produces space for the whole Andaman.The CARIAN(Central agricultural Research Institute of Andaman and Nicobar) performs various researchers on crop cultivation. Expert agricultural people try to utilise the maximum tropical environment to produce more crops .

Sippighat Flower Farm

It is another extension of the Sippighat Agricultural farm. Research and development programs for cultivation like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut and pepper are grown here. We visited the farm and various trees. We have also seen, how the aforesaid cloves, cinnamon, pepper are prepared and collected. Central agriculture research Institute is situated nearby for demonstration.

Collinpur beach

Collinpur beach is a 2 kilometre long Beach. Privacy and natural environment attracts the tourists. Forest guest house is situated at a height of 365 metres from sea level. Tourists can stay here for a day or two.

Madhuban Forest Department

Madhuban Forest Department is about 75 kilometre by road and 20 kilometres by sea from Port Blair. Madhuban is  5(five) kilometres from mount Harriet. The place is ideal for trekking. Madhuban is situated at north east of south Andaman.

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