When Automation Will Grow Up?

When Automation Will Grow Up?
When Automation Will Grow Up?

When Automation Will Grow Up?

In my previous post here I have talked about the process of upgrading automation from silo to a booming one. Test automation surely gives a lot more benefits to organizations.
Yes, during regression testing, retesting automation testing gives comfort to the test engineers. It saves manpower, resources, and time most importantly money.
Whatever tools available in the market, all they replicate manual testing. All the steps predefined are recorded and performed by all matured tools.

But in my view, all these expensive tools are very limited in terms of automation services.

  • I have seen one script is used to do functional automation testing, again, little/ no modification of the same flow in different tool in a different scripting language called performance testing script. what is the problem here?? For testing, two different aspect management cost is going high. If this is one aspect of automation failure, there are more
  • Even if automation follows the manual flows but do they really replace manual testing?? No, they can not …the main problem here is that automation can not decide what to do next. That is thinking of the next step is not there. All the predefined steps are being executed. Well, what is the problem here? the coder’s disability to understand the decision point?? or tool disability to scope that ??
  •  The third point I noticed about automation testing that the inability to test end to end testing. Say I am working on an eBusiness application. There are so many back and forth …addition and deletion of products before price. The user might cancel all the products and check out.  May opt-out. Only predefined cases can be tested by automation. I have seen from the experience automating only a few cases only makes an application dangerous.
  • Another important aspect of my beloved automation is that it can not reform itself with the change request during the agile method. As a result, either new requirements are not covered or the code becomes outdated.
  • From my experience automation still needs Subject Matter Experts helping hand. We automation test engineers try to relay on SMEs. As a result, common cases are covered. But there is no way automation can reduce SMEs.

The automation community needs to go a long way to be an effective solution to Testing.
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Why do we need automation?

To Err is Human is the actuality which drives the will need for automation testing. Due to this fact, guide testers may perhaps not execute the examination circumstances effectively. There will be a large number of options for generating mistakes. They may well give completely wrong enter details because of to typo, or they may possibly not observe the real habits of the system the right way, or they may possibly not report the test end result correctly, or they may skip executing some exam scenarios, or they may well forget to operate some preconditions, or they may perhaps modify the sequence of taking a look at situation execution in scenario sequence is critical.

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Yet another vital component is, Automation test scripts will be made use of as a way of storing domain/project/process Knowledge received by the Exam Engineers. Say, for example, if a Tester will work in a project for one particular yr, he may well have used a lot more time for discovering the area, purpose of the project, modules in the task, flow of all functionalities. He will be common with recognized concerns and problems.


If this Tester leaves from the challenge, the know-how attained by him also will go away.

It is incredibly complicated for the freshly joining Tester to comprehend everything from the Take a look at the Situation document.

If automation check scripts are by now obtainable then the new Tester can just start out the screening by functioning the automation scripts, without having gaining considerable understanding about the undertaking.

He can realize the circulation/data by viewing the execution of the automation exam scripts. But anyway, he should really get job/domain information to enrich/update the automation scripts further. So we can say that exam automation is a way of storing awareness.


Automation instrument these types of as QTP (Swift Take a look at Specialist) has feature for storing a screenshot of each individual and every single web site navigated all through the execution. So it can be utilized as a shred of evidence for completion of testing, and also we can refer the screenshots of past executions if there is any need to refer them.

Exam report can be mechanically prepared to a custom-made report web site which will make certain precision of the report and also it can improve look & really feel of the report.

The incredibly essential benefit of automation tests in excess of handbook screening is execution velocity. Exam execution can be accomplished promptly and also we can execute the scripts in night time also without the need for human involvement. So in the end whole time wanted for tests can be diminished which will substantially support for timely project completion. There may be a requirement of undertaking some tests at a precise time. It can be effortlessly reached by placing the execution of all those automation examination scripts in a job scheduler/crone task. The software these kinds of as QTP supports automation item product to realize this.


The purposeful check automation scripts will be handy for performing overall performance testing also. Since quite a few performances take a look at tools will help to reuse/to call off these take a look at scripts.

Some form of tests entails evaluating the massive sum of details involving prior edition and existing version as an aspect of regression tests. Nearly it may perhaps not possible for carrying out it manually. This problem can be easily solved by an uncomplicated shell script or any other scripts these as VBS, wsh.

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As the automation test instruments guidance Data Pushed Tests, Exam execution can be accomplished continuously with lots of distinct facts sets.

There is a large amount of automation that take a look at instruments obtainable for doing Purposeful, Regression and Performance Testing. Check comprehensive, SilkTest, SilkPerformer, QARun, QALoad, TestPartner, WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, Rational Robotic and openSTA are some of them. QTP is most greatly applied now as it supports VBScript and it can be made use of for tests several diverse applications just by adding expected increase-ins.

Now the new obvious questions how to make it large?

Implement Lean thinking:

I have described it here. All the principals may not be applicable, still, we need to check where we can reduce more.

Implement DevOps

In day yo day manner IT organizations need to deliver developed code via operations team to the customer. So traditional Automation also needs to be part of the changing DevOps methodology. It is a transformation from traditional milestone-based delivery to a small , co-located, organized delivery model.

Take help of free tools:

There are plenty of free tools available to standardize the  Automation like Jenkins, GIt.

Nursing Innovation in Automation:

I will articulate the Running for Innovation which is a single of the Eleven Values ​​and Concepts in Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. As ahead of, I will use circumstance scientific tests to demonstrate how some of the providers put into action them.

To recap, down below are the Eleven Main Values ​​and Ideas of Baldrige Standards: –
  1. Visionary Leadership
  2. Client-Pushed Excellence
  3. Organizational and Individual Learning
  4. Valuing Workforce and Companions
  5. Agility
  6. Focus on the Potential
  7. Taking care of for Innovation
  8. Administration by Simple fact
  9. Community Obligation and Citizenship
  10. Target on Final results and Producing Worth
  11. Units Perspective

Articulated Controlling for Innovation:

What is Innovation in the context of Baldrige Conditions? As described in the Baldrige Conditions 2005, it usually means “building meaningful modify to strengthen a firm’s merchandise, companies, processes, and functions and to build new worth for the business’ stakeholders”. Strategically, Innovation must guide you to a new dimension of organization general performance. And it has to value increase to the firm in conditions improved in sector share, capturing new prospects and increased earnings and so on. It does not about investigate into new item or service which can not be commercialized.

To be powerful, the organization ought to set way and plan relating to the innovation of products and assistance to a total not to discourage these kinds of initiatives owing to minor failure but to control such functions to produce the greatest outcomes. Innovation really should expend into supporting procedure to relieve of doing enterprise with customers.

Situation Examine on Controlling for Innovation Most organizations have some type of investigation and progress into new products. To some, they are equipped to upgrade present merchandise for improved or distinctive purposes. The stage of aim on Innovation into new merchandise is quite a great deal driven by the market or buyer specifications. It is rare in the situation the place it is carried out strategically to placement in advance of opponents. Most likely, it is a risk factor to be considered whereby “Whole New” is absolute calls for strong courage and great foresight. To play harmless, some prefers to be a follower.

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Taking care of for Innovation, some adopted the “Demo and Mistake” approach in which innovation is executed dependent on pass activities, opinions but present talent and screening amenities. Expenditure into new or present-day machines and amenities normally a hindrance to progress investigation and growth of new merchandise.


The implication of this technique effects in reduction of item cycle time so new merchandise launches are delayed. New item has many excellent issues. A different facet of Taking care of for Innovation is the assistance services to materialize the new product generation. Output approach is often taken for granted it can cope with new characteristics of the new merchandise innovated.

So much, innovation is limited to products and expert services at the operation stage. Innovation for new business design or business enterprise procedures does not target position often it has a higher danger to make changes.

Possibility for Improvement

The organization needs to have to totally recognize the demands of the marketplace and purchaser and foresee its foreseeable future prerequisite. Use these types of information and facts to take care of innovation for great performance. Critical indicators to measure these initiatives should be set up to keep an eye on the development and quality of innovations. Value-extra measures ought to be provided to measure Return of Expenditure for new merchandise or products and services.


Business procedures ought to be set up to really encourage innovation. Though failure in innovation should be discouraged, it ought to not have any penalty factor in it. Such penalty ingredient in the plan anywhere prepared or otherwise would harm innovation.

In summary, you might have observed the way I articulated Handling for Innovation. It merely explains its objectives in the direction of business enterprise perception as this is the scope of my post. Owning recognized the Taking care of for Innovation in Values ​​and Ideas of Malcolm Baldrige, it needs to be taken as a strategically for long term business enterprise advantage. Leaders may perhaps benchmark their CEO of Baldrige Winners on their TQM successes in this benefit. My subsequent article will articulate the subsequent Core Values ​​and Principles in Controlling by Simple fact.


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