Why Antivirus is Helpful for Windows PC Beyond 2021?

Introduction to Why Antivirus is Helpful

The evolution of Windows from Win XP to Win 10 has been great. With every update, Windows has improved its security and advancement by introducing a lot of features.

Windows Defender was released with Windows Vista and Windows 7 as the primary anti-spyware. Microsoft claims there is no need of installing an additional antivirus software but the question is, will Windows Defender protect enough?

As per the research, Windows Defender falls short in comparison to the other antivirus that is dedicatedly created to safeguard a Windows-based computer.

It is less featured, less user-friendly, and just not overall protection. It is not assuring and preventing zero-day attack and the probability of being targeted by cybercriminals is getting high because it works the same for all the Windows computers. Here are the top five reasons why you need Antivirus for Windows 10.

  •         As per the latest survey by Malwarebytes, the amount of threat has increased in the last 5 years. The pattern of Malware infection attack is changing and the detection is getting difficult.
  •         Adware and Trojans are still a major problem for Windows computers. Hackers are using new ways of hacking and creating new infections every day.
  •         Ransomware attacks have taken a new height. The threat of people stealing data, personal information, and exploitation has breached all types of cyber securities.
  •         Computer beginners are not confident enough to start exploring the web without proper security. Even trusted websites are unwillingly trafficking threats to a Windows PC.
  •         Random downloads and clicks have increased the risk of getting infected. Not every browser is secure enough to scan every file or link before it gets on your computer.
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Now that it’s clear that Windows Defender is not protecting enough from every kind of threat, it is viable to use the Best Antivirus for Windows.

Selecting an antivirus software may be challenging for beginners. Here is what you can trust to safeguard your computer.

Systweak Antivirus

OS Compatibility: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 (SP1)

Buy It Now: $39.95

A protection software bundled up with advanced system utilities is what we need to secure our data, identity, and files. Systweak Antivirus can keep your devices secured against viruses, Malware & Ransomware threats. It is a perfect gatekeeper for your computer that blocks everything that is malicious for your computer.

Protection from Exploit & Malware – Systweak Antivirus ensures that your system is safe from viruses, malware, PUP, Trojan, Adware, and other zero-day threats.

Real-Time Protection – It offers real-time protection and neutralizes the attack of threats, adware, viruses & malicious apps that are built for sneaking your personal information.

Clears Unwanted Startup Items – With a high level of security, it scans your startup items to detect and remove potential threats that are harmful and slows down your computer.

Different Scans for Different Needs – Systweak Antivirus runs Quick, Deep, or Custom scans as per the need on your computer.  You can run a complete scan or create an exclusion list to avoid scans.

Schedule Scans – There is no need to memorize scans as the scheduled scan can automatically run a scan on the scheduled date, time, and interval when the system is in an idle state.

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Automatic Updates – To ensure the highest level of security and to combat the most recent threats, Systweak Antivirus automatically keeps on updating its database and the library definitions.

Active Virus Control – The Systweak Antivirus software keeps an active check by monitoring the actions performed by all the applications and software on the computer.

Systweak Antivirus Features

  •               All-in-one multi-utility Antivirus software
  •               Best antivirus for Windows 10 and earlier versions
  •               Keeps adware, popups, and browser hijackers away
  •               Performs a quick scan on the most frequently used folders
  •               Configure custom scan to bypass the trusted files and folders
  •               Offers real-time protection from a diversity of malicious threats
  •               Scans Windows registry files to look for changed keys and values
  •               Cost-effective Annual subscriptions for single or multiple computers
  •               Built-in Identity protector to secure your confidential information
  •               Quick, Deep and Custom scans for enhanced security in less time
  •               Powered by (Norton), the world’s most secured security engine
  •               Safeguards your net-banking and browsing information
  •               Browser extension to secure you from popping adds
  •               Offers 60 days money-back guarantee
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Wrapping Up

If you are a professional user and you know which link to follow or avoid, you can rely on Windows Defender for your computer’s security.

If you use your computer for net-banking, browse eCommerce portals download a lot of files, or follow social networking links, you definitely need additional security that offers unlimited features.

Systweak Antivirus software is the Best antivirus for Windows 10 and an earlier version that offers complete security solutions at the best price.

If you want to explore more antivirus software before you make a decision, you can check for the comparison list. Keep it safe for happy computing.

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