Why Do People Get Married to Trees? Know Heartwarming Facts In Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to Why Do People Get Married to Trees

Tree marriage is a ritual that has been practiced in India since ancient times. The origin of human marrying a tree still remains unknown, however, marrying a tree, the plant is a very basic ritual that was practiced since the olden times, and even today many of the Hindu community’s practice this custom.

There are many beliefs associated with this ritual. Tulsi and Pipal trees are the most widely recognized grooms in the Hindu culture. According to the Vaishnavites marrying a tree, plant, or specific non-living object was a common tradition.

In the Vaishnav community, in particular, the wedding ceremony was not only performed by two people but marriage between a human and tree was a common practice.

They consider the Tulsi or heavenly basil with the herbal name as Ocimum sanctum as one of the holiest and eligible plants to tie the knot with.

The Tulsi plant wasn’t only said to be loved by Lord Vishnu or His consort Goddess Lakshmi, but Sita Maa consort of Rama (Vishnu’s manifestation) to is said to love the Holy Basil.

Tree marriage was once practiced largely in India. The term can likewise allude to a marital function that happens in, on, or around a tree or that is purified with some aspect of the tree, for example, the bark or sap.

People marrying trees is generally a part of the strict framework or faction composed around convictions that trees have the power and the divine energies to ward off problems, attract riches, and have the Holy presence of the ancestral spirits or of the unborn.

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Among some other plants, Tulsi is loved by the majority of the Hindu families. Tulsi is as yet the object of more appreciation than some other plant by and by, adored in India.

The rosaries made of Tulsi beads are worn by Vaishnavites in particular and people from various walks of life. H.A. Rose in his book titled Religious Life of Indian People stated that when a well off Hindu man does not have a child, he will perform a vidhi wherein he would give a Brahmin Dakshina and tell him to complete the wedding ceremonies with a Tulsi plant for the fulfillment of his wish of not having a son.

This is viewed as a fairy metamorphosed by Lord Krishna. This marriage is performed in a  grand manner and is very costly. The Tulsi is then officially given to the Brahmin, who is believed to be the symbolic daughter of the man who does not have a son.

The Brahmin thus becomes a son –law to this man for a lifetime as the rich man married the plant Tulsi which is his daughter to the Brahmin.  This was the one aspect of the tradition let us look at another aspect of it.

Astrology and Marrying a Tree

According to Astrology if a person is a Manglik, then he/she must marry a tree at a specific mahurat decided by the Astrologer. According to the Astrological readings if there is any kind of Dosha related to marriage in the natal chart of a woman, then she is suggested to marry a Banana Tree or a Peepal Tree.

Marrying a tree is said to cure the dosha and break the curse if any.  Most of the times people who have a Mangal dosha are said to perform this ritual as it is very difficult for Manglik people to get a spouse.

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As per Astrology, the first spouse of a Manglik dies due to the Mangal dosha. Hence, people having Mangal Dosha are advised to marry a tree.

Tree Marriage is not a pleasant ritual as according to this custom the bride is often married to a Peepal or Banana Tree and once the marriage rituals are accomplished the tree is uprooted and destroyed.

Destroying the tree is a mandatory custom as the tree hypothetically becomes the bride’s first groom thus signifying the death of the first spouse.

This ritual is believed to nullify the Mangal Dosha and then the woman can get married to a real man. There is no scientific evidence or rational reasoning for performing this ritual. This ritual is however banned in India now as it is considered as an act of violating a woman’s rights.

This is how our rich culture also has customs that are based on beliefs and some which have drifted from the core theme.

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In India, Hinduism is the largest practiced religion. The rich culture and tradition comprise various customs and rituals which have scientific reasoning but there are a few customs and beliefs which have evolved over the years and have lost their true essence.

Every customs and the rituals that are practiced in Hinduism find its mentions in the ancient Holy Scriptures which is why they are being practiced.

But somewhere in the due course of time some of these customs have diverted from the core cause and have taken the ugly form of superstitions.

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Some of the customs that have lost their true essence and are majorly practiced out of fear and superstitions that are associated with it are the period of Sade Sati, People marrying trees, and like.

One of the reasons that led to the shift in the belief system of the masses is the astrologers and fake baba’s and Gurus. These people generated fear among the masses in order to earn money. It is very important to understand the reasoning before performing a ritual rather than blinded participating in them.

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