8 Points On: Why Is Mental Health Essential

All About Why Is Mental Health Essential


Mental health encompasses the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being of an individual.  Mental health influences our thinking, feeling, and functioning. It plays a dominant role throughout our life, starting from youth until later life.

Mental health strikes individuals’ lifestyle, connection with people, and state of health guest posts.  Nevertheless, the relatedness may function in reverse way too.

The elements present in people’s standard of living, social associations, and wellness may disturb the mental balance of an individual.

One should always take care of mental health so that one has the capability to live life to the fullest. Taking care of mental health calls for stability in day to day work, commitments, and endeavors to accomplish psychological well-being.

Mental health can be swayed by conditions like stress, depression, anxiety and plays havoc with individual activities.

Mental disorders

Mental disorders are significant circumstances that can change one’s reasoning, temper, and conduct. They perhaps can be irregular or regular.

They influence our potentiality to connect with others and work regularly. Mental disorders are frequent yet therapies are prevalent.  People suffering from mental disorders recuperate completely.

Causes of mental illness  

The exact root of mental illness is not known. Numerous factors accord to mental illness like the genes and heredity, the life experience of an individual that is if the individual has a history of abuse or stress previously, any traumatic brain injury, chemical imbalances in the brain,  alcohol usage, having fewer friends, and abandoned.

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The symptoms include mood swings, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, helplessness, inadequate sleep, and change in eating habits, refraining from people and normally pleasurable activities,  less energy, baffling pain, self-harm or harm to others, excessive smoking and drinking. The symptoms differ from man to man.

Why is mental health important?

Emotional and mental well-being is vital as it plays a dominant role in an individual’s life and influences ones thinking, etiquette, actions, and sentiments.

The decision one makes, the capability to deal with stress, the realization of one’s full potential are all related to mental health.

When an individual is emotionally balanced, the productivity and efficacy in work increase thus contributing something meaningful to the society. People maintain bonds with others and can sustain in difficult situations.

Mental health and physical health are interconnected thus an imbalance in mental wellbeing disrupts physical health and vice versa. Like mental disorders increase the risk of physical health problems like heart diseases, stroke, etc.

Mental health can be improved by following a few steps regularly. Activities involve working out, having healthy balanced food, interacting with people, and also letting people speak. Whenever an individual feels the need for taking a break, one can do that and showing gratitude to people.

Can mental health change over time?

Mental health may change over time. Like a person suffering from chronic illness or facing a financial crisis. These problems though temporary may affect mental health but also has the capability to deal with the crisis. Mental health may be improved by therapies.

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Types of mental illness  

  • Mood disorders that is Depression or bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorder (Generalized anxiety disorder)
  • Panic disorder (Phobias)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Substance abuse disorder

Women are more prone to mental illness than men. Mental illness is rising rapidly among the youth between ages twelve to seventeen years old. Mental illness can be recovered by medicines or by cognitive-behavioral therapies.

There are various ways that assist an individual to maintain mental well being and that  involves:

➢ A pragmatic frame of mind

➢ Bracing amusement

➢ Serving people

➢ Adequate sleep

➢ Proper diet

➢ Seek professional help when an individual is mentally disturbed

➢ Interact and spend time with loved ones

➢ Problems should be dealt with by using successful coping strategies


Different techniques are practiced for coping with mental illness. Treatment is separate and the treatment differs from person to person. Few treatments when merged with others are highly successful. People having chronic mental disorders can pick distinct options at different stages in life.

The individual needs to consult a professional who will help the individual to identify one’s needs and come up with appropriate treatment.

Treatment comprises of:


This treatment is carried out by psychiatrists, psychologists,  psychotherapists, and few principal care physicians.

Psychotherapy includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, etc.  This helps people to understand the roots of the illness and work on healthy thinking and decreases the possibility of segregation and self-harm.


Few people are advised to take medicines like antidepressants,  antipsychotics, and anxiolytic drugs.

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Medicines cannot heal mental illness but boost symptoms and upgrade socialization and provide a usual regimen.

Psychotherapy combined with medications is the most efficacious way to foster recovery.

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An individual trying to recover from mental illness generally want to modify the way of life to feel better.

Modifications may include decreasing intake of alcohol, having adequate sleep, and maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet.

An individual may take time to get back to work and sort out the matter with their loved ones which were giving rise to vandalization to their mental health.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness may give comfort to people suffering from anxiety or depression.

Self-help groups or bosom buddies and families are called for recovery from mental disorders.

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