Which Among These 5 Wireless Sennheiser Headsets Are The Best For The Office?

Introduction to Wireless Sennheiser Headsets

In this fast-moving & paced world, nobody has enough time to waste on some certain things. Either it’s about talking on the phone with someone explaining the same thing over and over again or doing research for buying something important for the office.

Everyone wants quick and fast work speed. The same thing businesspersons want in their workplace where their productivity decreases due to the wastage of time. That wastegate is using the incompatible headsets and other important office tools.

But as in this article, our main aim is to give a brief on the wireless Sennheiser Headsets, therefore, we don’t cover the other required tools.

We will put deep light on the best headsets for office use that everyone should buy seeing the important specifications so they don’t feel they have spent their valuable time buying the incompatible tool.

If you are keen to boost your office productivity, then we advise you to buy a headset that is compatible with your PC or laptop, so you can ensure the right functionality of them.

Table of Contents

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1. Sennheiser SDW 5016  Wireless Headset

The Sennheiser SDW 5016 is one of the best office headsets that deliver triple connectivity, which you can easily use with your desk phone, cell phone, and computer.

It works amazingly for Skype for Business Certified systems with an exclusive range of around 590ft line of perception.

You can wear it over the head, over the ear, or behind the neck. It will neither irritate you nor disappoint you. It has now even become an admirable choice for users searching for the best headset for all their demands.

What’s more? It’s Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone technology acts as its ActiveGard, which protects the user’s hearing from probably unhealthy stalks in call-volume.

2. Sennheiser SDW 5065 Binaural Dual Wireless Headset

Here come another one of the best Sennheiser headsets named as SDW 5065. It offers the advantage of dual connectivity, operating with your cell phone and computer perfectly with a binaural context, providing you the excellent sound quality that you really appreciate.

By supplying you astounding 10-hour battery life and Skype for Business, it has become the most demanding headsets in the market today.

Also, its ActiveGard, Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone, fast charging capabilities enable you to have 50% of charge in 30 minutes with around 44 hours of standby.


Here comes the most amazing Sennheisers’ handset lifter that’s compatible with almost all Sennheiser wireless headset systems.

This handy device sits at the top of your phone handset while connected to the wireless base. It allows you to pick and answer calls remotely that maybe the dream of many of you.

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It’s compatible with discontinued models, making it a safe and the best choice for users that aspire to proceed using their headsets. Don’t attach it to your desk.

Give yourself the independence to walk within the desired reach of your headset base. Wearing it out you can roam to any corner of your office atmosphere and enjoy calling.

4. Sennheiser SDW 5015 Convertible Dual Wireless Headset

This is the an9ther one of the most popular office headsets that will amaze you with its exclusive performance and benefits.

This is a monaural headset outfitted with an ultra-noise canceling microphone, which assures to filter out any undesired sound. It offers dual connectivity to enable you to use it with your desk phone as well as a computer using USB.

It will not just provide you with exceptional audio quality but also gives you a 10-hour battery life on talk time.

Also, as it comes in a convertible style it has now made a great choice for professionals looking for different wearing styles. Give it a try and enjoy its unlimited benefits.

5. Sennheiser SDW 5066 Binaural Triple Connect Wireless Headset

Last but not least. This is the latest version of the Sennheiser wireless headsets in the line, that’s SDW 5066. This superior quality headset gives excellent sound quality and enables you to use it with your cell phone, computer, and desk phone.

All thanks to its triple connectivity feature. Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone technology and ActiveGard are also one of the core features of this headset.

If you are looking for the headsets that can work well for your office to use and boost your performance, then it’s worth giving a try!

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Tell us which you are going to buy?

Don’t forget to tell us which headsets you like the most and which you are going to make a purchase. All are good to achieve quality & noise-free sound. Rest, depending upon your choice, you can make the purchase.

If you want to know more such types, then do let us know in the comment.s We will come with our next blogs.

Till then, you can enjoy reading and have happy shopping!!

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