Wondershare Filmii – Create Videos Easily with AI-Powered Video Editor With 4 Important Tips

Introduction to Wondershare Filmii

In just four years, 80% of all Internet traffic will be generated by videos, according to CISCO. Little by little the video format will go from having a secondary role to being the protagonist.

Nowadays the audiovisual format is essential to generate attractive and interactive content with users. A cute image or eye-catching design is no longer enough. We have to innovate and the key is in content and video production. To do this, it is necessary to be clear about the strategy you want to use and why the video. Without a doubt, it has to be valuable content that reaches the user. In the digital age that we are going through, we are bombarded with information, and thousands of content are generated per second, so it is important to emphasize that quality is needed within so much quantity.

Live streaming on Facebook is very good at generating interaction and a more direct link with users. With regard to live videos on YouTube, Live Chat can be created to generate that spontaneous interaction with subscribers. You can also use the live video feature through Instagram and Twitter.

Motion graphics animations are becoming more and more frequent in advertising. Little by little, brands are encouraged to create more innovative and animated content, thus generating a hybrid between static and audiovisual design.

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All developments in the role of video as a format for delivering information are inseparable from what is called video editing. Professional videos are not just raw videos taken directly from a camera device. They must have gone through a rigorous editing process. A good editing process can even improve video quality significantly.

Video editing is a process by which an editor places fragments of video, photographs, graphics, audio, digital effects and any other audiovisual material in a computer file.

Audiovisual projects are made up of three phases or stages:

  • The first is the creation and is related to all the steps that have to be carried out so that the idea is fully formed. Scripts, storyboard, locations, permits, equipment rental, castings.
  • The second is the filming, the filming of the raw sequences, carried out when everything is ready for it.
  • The last of the stages is audiovisual editing or post-production. It is about working with all the raw material that we have shot to transform it into the final result. Removal of footage, quality improvement, audio inclusion, voice-over, soundtrack, special effects …

Publishing in the hands of true professionals is used to create authentic works of art with a material that others could have used much less. Post producing a video is putting loose pieces together to make them a whole; is to finish a puzzle that we have been putting together for days.

How do you do good video editing?

The first and most important point is good hand as well as good ideas. The technical part is as important as the artistic one; knowing how to use programs and having witty and attractive ideas that serve to give each scene the nuance that is sought at all times.

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It is very important to have audiovisual material that gives the option to play with it in the montage. It is essential to have included shots from different angles, good framing and, of course, no image or audio glitches.

Finally, we must also take into account the computer and audiovisual equipment with which we are going to edit. The technical material, renewed and updated, will be essential to be able to include all the novelties of the publishing subsector that allow us to reach the highest quality standard of the moment.

But how do you choose the right video editing tool?

There are many options on the market but not all of them are suitable for everyone. If you are a pro, premium tools with high specs may be for you but if you are a beginner, ease of use is probably your priority.

It all depends on your needs!

What if you are someone who is required to upload video content in a not too long period of time (from one video to another)? You may need a video editing tool that is easy to use and offers automatic editing capabilities!

In terms of this segment, Wondershare Filmii is the best solution you can find!

Wondershare Filmii is a new product from Wondershare which seems aimed at novice users who need a video editing tool that is easy to use but can still produce high-quality content. This tool uses AI technology that is bringing big changes to the world of editing.

AI technology allows you to edit automatically. You can do video editing in just a moment. No complicated procedures required. With just a few clicks, you will be presented with video content that is completely different from the raw version.

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video editing tool
video editing tool

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Wondershare Filmii provides various kinds of templates

There are many templates you can use. You can choose templates that suit your YouTube project, for example, and do the editing process with the various effects provided. You can even edit your video after the new template has been applied.

You are provided with a variety of filters that can be selected according to taste. You can also apply a large number of stickers and motion elements. Want to combine several different clips into one unit? Easy! You can combine multiple clips into one easily.

Adaptation to popular platforms

Wondershare Filmii is not limited to video editing. Wondershare realizes that eventually you will upload your videos to popular streaming platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and so on. With Wondershare Filmii, you can adjust the size of your video so that it will be optimal if uploaded on these platforms.

Adaptation to popular platforms
Adaptation to popular platforms

In the end, Wondershare Filmii is the answer to the need for fast video editing without demanding a sacrifice in terms of quality. Hopefully, this article can be useful. Give the software a try!

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