How to Make A MP4 File Smaller Using Wondershare UniConverter – 5 Important Tips

Introduce to Wondershare UniConverter

Sometimes, there is a need to compress files to achieve a smaller size depending on how you want to use them. Again, you may realize that your storage space is running out and you need to store more files and hence the need to compress the existing files to create space. Compressing your MP4 video files also enables you to view them on Android and iOS devices without affecting the device’s functionality. This article will teach you how to make a MP4 file smaller for different uses.

If you want to reduce the size of your MP4 files without losing their quality, Wondershare UniConverter is the best software. Though there are hundreds of software that are developed to compress the size of different files, UniConverter is the best for this case.

Why Many People Prefer to Use Wondershare UniConverter?

People Prefer to Use Wondershare UniConverter
People Prefer to Use Wondershare UniConverter

In most cases, people will choose an item, service, or product for its quality or competitive price. UniConverter file compressing software isn’t an exception. This software gives a high-quality output of the compressed video files. Again, Wondershare UniConverter is more than just a video size-reducing software. It comes with an array of other useful tools that enable its users to perform different operations on various file formats.

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With this software, you will conveniently convert file formats, burn DVDs, record streaming videos, and much more. It is faster than most of the competitor options available and can handle many files at a go.

When we talk of quality, it gives output files that have better quality than the original file. You are assured of correctly adjusting the size of your MP4 files whenever using this amazing software from Wondershare.

Benefits of Wondershare UniConverter

Benefits of Wondershare UniConverter
Benefits of Wondershare UniConverter
  • Fast and effective in processing files.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use which makes it good for beginners.
  • Works on numerous video and audio file formats.

How to Reduce File Size Using the Wondershare UniConverter for Desktop.

Reduce file size
Reduce file size

Below are the steps to follow if you want to compress the size of your video files if you have this software installed on your PC:

Launch the UniConverter program and select the Add Files option to include the preferred files. The other option is to open it then drag and drop the program’s interface.

Click the Setting button from the program’s interface then select the Video tab and select MP4. Click the Edit button to open a pop-up to allow you to adjust the video resolution. Click the Create button to proceed.

If you want to compress bulk files at the same time, click the Start All button. Output files are saved in the folder you selected.

Reducing Video File Size with Online Wondershare UniConverter

Reducing Video File Size
Reducing Video File Size

Wondershare didn’t leave out “netizens” who spend their lives on the internet. If you want to work to reduce the size of a few files and are not willing to install UniConverter on your Mac or Windows PC, the online option works best for you. It won’t require you to have storage space for the software because the whole process is online. You can reduce the size of different file formats and MP4 is one of them. It is easier to use it which favors newbies. After converting the video files, this online file compressor allows you to save the output files in Dropbox.

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Importance of Making File Sizes Smaller

Importance of Making File Sizes Smaller
Importance of Making File Sizes Smaller

Keeping large files in your PC or any external storage device doesn’t have any value to you. They only make your machine run slowly forcing you to restart your computer now and then. This means that bulky files consuming your space only inconvenience you.

Some videos are too large and cannot fit in your phone or tablet making them non-usable on mobile storage. The only way to deal with that problem is to learn how to make an MP4 file smaller. Making them smaller will give you a chance to enjoy them on many devices conveniently without causing them to “hang.”


For whatever reason you want to compress your video files, it is always for your benefit. Different tools have been developed to help you achieve high-quality videos but you should only use the best. It would be best to consider Wondershare UniConverter because it offers several tools to help you make changes to your videos and other file types. Try it today and achieve the best quality of compressed MP4 video files.

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