The Core Element Of A Woocommerce Store And 5 Incredible Plugins

Introduction to Woocommerce Store

Hey, how are you? You are just on time – the RIDDLE TIME!  So tell me, what’s that one basic thing that matters the most in the success of a woo commerce store? Common think. You know it.

No, it’s not choosing a reputed woocommerce SEO company. That is a secondary point to consider. I am asking about something basic. Need a clue? Okay, it is hidden in this stat by ResearchGate:

94% of first impressions of your online store are linked to its DESIGN.

Yes, the answer is the store’s website design.

Consistent And Predictable Design is The Key

A consistent design aims to keep an organization on a web page. This organization ensures that each element that forms it (buttons, links, menus, forms, etc.) has a nature that is “predictable” to any person on that page.

Moreover, it is important to maintain consistency between the arrangement of the elements of your WooCommerce store on all pages. This means that you should not change the position of the buttons, menus, or sections of your store on each page.

Another very important aspect is the use of conventions. These are nothing more than recommendations based on users’ points of view. For example, a shopping cart or basket icon for the button to access the cart page.

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The layout of the most “Add to cart” buttons is also based on these conventions. That is why we always see these buttons just to the right of the product image or below it. Of course, you can modify the design to your store’s brand image, but avoid altering the location of the buttons and menus or the images of the icons.

A Tip By Experts Here: Always work with premium quality templates or themes adapted to WooCommerce. They are designed by professionals and will comply with 99% of all these recommendations and woocommerce SEO points.

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Top 5 Woocommerce Plugins – You Must Use

Woocommerce plugins are excellent extensions for your online store that will help you grow. Not only because with them you ensure a better user experience, but because they will give you the possibility of increasing your conversions and sales. The best thing is that you can integrate many of them for free, which makes WooCommerce one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

Now, that “free” does not always mean “good.” To save you the time it takes to try alternatives here is a list of the top 5 WooCommerce plugins (some of them are completely free 🙂 ):

#1 WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet
WooCommerce Wallet ( credit: Google)

With a virtual wallet that allows you to manage payments and refunds easily, no purchase can resist you! This is what most customers think and the main reason you should have this free WooCommerce plugin installed. With it, the user can have under control all the online transactions that he carries out. As a seller, you have it easier when it comes to making instant cash returns and other types of refunds. It’s like the Amazon wallet.

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#2 Checkout Field Editor

Thanks to this smart WooCommerce plugin, you have it super easy to include custom fields on your payment page. Apart from adding new options, you can rearrange all the fields by simply dragging and placing them where it suits you best. In this way, you have a lot of freedom to get the design that best suits the needs of your type of client. This is especially useful when working with a sales model in which the user wants to include their reference numbers or additional information about the order.

#3 Direct Checkout

Time is money, and in the field of electronic commerce, it is much more. With this direct payment plugin, the customer can skip the shopping cart step and automatically go to the payment platform to finalize their order. It is a much faster and more efficient transaction. With it, you avoid the possibility of – at the last moment, the customer thinks twice and abandons the products in the shopping cart.

#4 WooCommerce Multilingual

Without good communication with the customer, it is impossible to complete a sale. Show your interest clearly by incorporating a plug-in that allows you to speak to the customer in their own language. This multilingual tool is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and extensions, so you will not have any integration problems in your online store. When potential client visits you, they can select your website’s version in the most convenient language for them.


#5 WooCommerce Currency Switcher

What would an international e-commerce website be without a currency converter? With this free plugin, your clients will know in real-time and automatically what their order will cost them, depending on the currency used. It should not be forgotten that transparency in any commercial transaction is an aspect that the user values ​​very positively.

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Author Bio:- Rahul Vij, co-founder of WebSpero Solutions, theater enthusiast; loves to talk about digital marketing and other emerging technologies. He believes in a learning mindset and is always looking to learn something new.


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