Best 10 Tips for Working Remotely While Traveling

Introduce to Working Remotely While Traveling

Working according to your own terms can be a great way to boost your productivity. It helps create a good work-life balance and lets you explore your working habits, what suits you best, and many other things related to your work.

Sometimes it may seem hard to understand what works best for you and what challenges you need to tackle. But in the end, it is all worth it, as you get to know about different aspects of working as you wish. According to various studies conducted online and with the help of several travel recruitment agencies, many have come across the idea of working outside the office and their benefits.

Working outside whether in the home or when traveling can boost your creativity, help you think about various aspects of the job, increase productivity, and so much more. Working while traveling can be challenging, but with the right tips to follow working while traveling can get much easier and efficient.

Let us take a look at some of the tips associated with working while traveling.

Tips for efficient work

1. Know about the internet connection

One basic necessity of working remotely while traveling is the internet connection. Any work is almost impossible without a proper internet connection, make sure to have an idea about how you will receive the internet connection.

You can opt for sim cards, wireless internet, wifi, and other options that suit you the best. Make sure to get the basic requirement for the internet connection, research which connection will benefit you, how to get the particular connection for a certain place, and much more. Know how you will get the internet connection to carry about your work.

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2. Set a schedule

Working remotely can be distracting, set a schedule so that you can work efficiently and do not laze out in between work. Know which schedule works best for you, what timeline you can work in, and what hours will boost your productivity. Stick to the schedule and keep a track of work you complete within the time limit, it can give you supposing schedules.

When you set a schedule for yourself avoid all the other distractions, like social media, TV, kids, and whatever that can hinder your workflow.

working while travelling
working while travelling

3. Make a productivity playlist

Some people can work better with music in the background, it is just like a pushing factor to boost the productivity of the individual. Every person has a different playlist that they can follow, so make your productivity playlist. Whether it is jazz, upbeat, country, or Indiana, combine all the songs that get you in the mood to work.

This technique will efficiently put you in the work mood even when you are tired and you can’t focus on the work before you. This is a trial and error method and you will understand what works for you as time flies.

4. Invest in good headphones, notebooks, and pens.

Sometimes it is tiring to know that you cannot enjoy your work just because of the noise surrounding you. In such a situation make sure to invest in a good pair of headphones, this will keep you away from the noise around you and you can actually focus on the work that is present in front of you.

Invest in a good notebook and pen and keep them handy, you might not always have access to the internet or electricity, in such a situation a notebook can become your savior and you would not lag in your work.

5.Get hold of the communication platform

One thing that comes with working remotely is difficulty in communication with the client. There are several platforms you can opt for, and you get a myriad of options for the same. Make sure you have good knowledge about the platform you are using and know what platform can work best for you.

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Different countries have different internet speed as different restrictions on the messaging platform one can use, know about all the policies, and choose a platform that suits everybody to carry out effective communication.

6. Plan ahead for all interviews and meetings

Traveling to different places can bring along with it a sense of leisure and dominance over your particular work, but know well that you are still a professional who needs to work with clients and need to fulfill their demands as well.

Keep a track of all the meetings and do not cancel or miss out on meetings due to irresponsibility. All your meetings might not take place in person so make sure you learn video etiquette as well.

7. Be straightforward with your availability

Working remotely is challenging because you won’t be available for the 9 to 5 traditional timing, so make sure you are straightforward with your client about your availability to work. It is best, to be honest about how long and what period you can work for, this will ensure you are not burdened with the work and also have your free time.

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8. Keep in mind the time zones

Your client will not always be in your specific time zone, they can be in the totally opposite part of the world. Make sure you keep the difference in mind and then plan and schedule all your work according to it.

This can be a little tedious for you as the time zones can be very large and excruciating, you might still have work on weekends, and on holidays the entire week. Schedule your work accordingly to ensure that your work-life balance is maintained and you do not end up working every day.

9. Get international adapters

Well, not all countries follow the same policy and this applies with switchboard cards, electricity wifi too. Have an international adapter in handy to ensure that your work is not stranded just because you do not have an adequate connection.

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Also, make sure you invest in a good adapter that can attach to your device readily, this will also avoid any further damage to your device and keep it safe.

10.  Take a break

It might seem an off tip to some of you, but it is a most important tip for every person who works remotely. An individual who works remotely often gets carried away with work, they think they are already enjoying the travel and do not need breaks. Well, this might seem true to your mind but not to your body. Working without breaks can tire you mentally after a certain period and will leave you completely drained, not interested in the work.

So, do not forget to take adequate breaks whenever required and never hesitate to take breaks.


Ultimately, working remotely while traveling can be fun and a great way to boost your work and also enjoy yourself. If you are someone who is interested in such a working pattern and want to work on your own terms you can contact a travel recruitment agency to get work or start according to your will. Traveling is fun and work will be more fun if you opt for the same.


Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on best travel recruitment companies .



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