5 common workplace incidents and it’s prevents

Introduce to workplace incidents and it’s prevents

workplace incidents and it's prevents
workplace incidents and it’s prevents

Workplace incidents are common and luckily, almost entirely avoidable if you stay compliant with OSHA workplace safety standards. All you need to do is recognize the workplace hazards that cause these incidents and implement a safety program for them. From slips and trips to equipment injuries, we have a guide for managing and preventing common workplace injuries to keep your workers safe.

When you’re growing your business, the last thing you want to deal with is a workplace accident or injury. Accidents in the workplace can lead to not only physical harm but also undue stress and hardship for employees and employers.

To prevent accidents from happening, start with general awareness and understanding of the safety risks in your work environment. Then, you’ll need to pair that knowledge with an action plan for accident prevention to make sure the potential risks you’ve identified do not introduce harm to your workplace.

The Impact of Workplace Accidents

Impact of Workplace Accidents
Impact of Workplace Accidents

Outside of bodily harm, workplace accidents present a number of challenges for business owners.

First, workplace accidents can lead to a loss of productivity. If a worker is harmed in the workplace, he or she may have to take time off of work. With the rest of the team having to pick up the slack, you’re likely to lose the productivity you would have had with a fully staffed team.

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Additionally, such accidents can impact other employees and may cause them to feel unsafe in their workplace. This can translate to deflated morale and a loss of motivation, both of which can negatively impact productivity.

Moreover, a business’s negligence that results in an accident or a bodily injury can have serious financial and legal implications. Workers’ compensation claims may arise, as well as possible litigation. A single lawsuit can significantly impede business growth and can even drive a business into bankruptcy.

Preventing accidents and creating a culture of safety awareness are the best ways to ensure that the above does not happen in your place of business.

Before discussing how you can identify hazards and mitigate potential injuries in your workplace, let’s examine some recent statistics on workplace accidents.

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1. Slips, Trips and Falls

This kind of incident makes up for the majority of industry accidents – and they’re the second leading cause of accidental death. Here’s you can minimize these incidents –
● Listen – Employees are your eyes and ears on the ground with Safety Assure application for workplace incident record keeping.
● Stay Clear – Be sure to clear any snow, ice, water, or spilt substances, to minimize the risk of slips and trips.
● Don’t Slip – Require employees to wear shoes with rubber soles and plenty of traction.

2. Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion are non-impact injuries resulting from excessive physical efforts, like lifting, pulling, carrying and throwing. Address the strains and sprains – With CloudApper Safety anyone can track and analyze ergonomic injuries, and present opportunities for improved safety and

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3. Equipment related accidents

Equipment related accidents happen. But providing protective equipment and equipment maintenance can help –
● Tune-up – stay on top of regulatory compliance and equipment maintenance with Safety Assure OSHA compliance management application.
● Suit Up – Provide employees with protective clothing and the training necessary for proper use.

4. Environmental Hazards

According to OSHA, environmental hazards can include exposure to loud noise, Insufficient lighting and toxic fumes and other detriments to employee health. Perform regular audits of your

surroundings – use Safety Assure to enable a safe working environment, and classify potential environmental hazards.

5. Vehicle accidents

The CDC logged 18,000+ work-related vehicle accidents between 2003 and 2012. Companies can manage these incidents by being proactive and prepared.
● Stay safe – Safety Assure allows employers to maintain and track safety training requirements for employees who are associated with transport vehicles.
● Audit First – Stay current on audit and maintain safe equipment condition as per OSHA requirement with Safety Assure Audit Tool.

Safety Assure – Simplify OSHA Recordkeeping & Compliance Management

CloudApper Safety helps employers establish a safer workplace without any unnecessary administrative burden. It offers an easy-to-use mobile app that can be used for OSHA recordkeeping for injury and illness – It enables your employees to log incidents, accidents, near misses, and observations with ease and wherever these incidents are noticed. Keeping your employees safe and complying with safety standards to avoid penalties and lower operational costs has never been easier!

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