How to Write Perfect Resume to Find a Job in 2021

Introduction to Write Perfect Resume

Trends in resume writing come and go, especially with 2020. This is real. Too much has changed last year, and there was no exception to the job-hunting process.

Because of this, if you present old resumes in 2021 you could damage your chances of an interview. Your work experience and skills remain the same, but there are also strategies to write the curriculum vitae for the current process of employment and work.

In this article, we are going to check some of the most powerful ways of writing a resume that will help you to find a job in Delhi NCR during the year 2021.

1.     Renovate your Resume:

One of the most effective ways to give your resume a new lift is to upgrade the style. Old models tend to be clunky and poorly thought out.

Today, there are thousands of free resume models available. Find one that offers a nice reading experience, looks new, and is compliant with applicant tracking systems.

2.     Change your Resume’s format into Hybrid:

We now know between 6-7 seconds for a recruiter to search for resumes before they determine if the applicant is a possible candidate.

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That means that in 2021, you must rapidly get to the right thing—mostly your expertise. A hybrid overview helps recruiters to see their skills at a glance, which are the perfect curriculum vitae for today’s career hunt.

3.     Showcase your Experience Section:

One of the most difficult pieces of preparing a curriculum vitae is to balance the amount of material to add to ensure it is safe to miss. As discussed above, each resume receives a few seconds from recruiters.

You don’t want to have large text blocks with too many bullet points because of this. Condense it to the maximum practicable and use a range of bullets (not too many!) to guarantee that you suit the role.

4.     Don’t forget to add your WFH skills to your resume:

In March of 2020, when COVID forced national offices to close, remote skills were at once attractive. As several employees today work remotely, it is a smart idea to incorporate all domestic expertise in the curriculum vitae.

Check the job description carefully to see if the company references remote software such as Google Docs, If required, use these keywords in your CV.

5.     Highlight the top skills that you learned during COVID-19:

As we all know, 2020, especially for job seekers, was difficult. Make sure you highlight how the COVID-19 worked—especially how robust you are.

How did you draw on your experience? Or how did you help the organization stay on the floor? What have you learned from new skills and tools?

Don’t gloss at this tough moment. The fact that you came through it, particularly your successes, illuminates your employee form.

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6.     Use of Resume Summary:

Many old CV models urge you to create a subject for your curriculum vitae. This was once a usual procedure and if the curriculum vitae is over five years old you may do have an authoritative argument.

Try to replace it with an appropriate summary declaration. This is a summary of your best talents and expertise, which will explain easily to a hiring employee who you are.

7.     Addition of powerful words to attract your Recruiter:

Is your CV attractive? Or is it boring to read? Recruiters have a ton of resumes to read by 2021, and you can only get 6-7 seconds of their time if you don’t have a convincing voice.

Enhance the CV with action verbs such as ideation, amplification, or spearheading. Scan and substitute passive voice with active voice, as far as possible.

8.     Make your Headline Impactful:

We are all aware that 2021 was an amazing resume title. In less than ten words, how can you define a recruiter? An ingenious headline lets you arrange your CV to keep up with busy recruiters’ eyes.

9.     Don’t forget to remove outdated phrases from your resume:

You may have an old vocabulary in your resume, suggesting that your understanding of the field is also a little dusty. Look for any function, particularly if they’re listed in the job description, and replace it with industrial keywords. If the expression “References on request” is found in your CV, erase it and replace this with keyword-rich words.

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10.  Make your Headline Impactful:

The battle for employment in 2021 is competitive. Go over the resume to show you your talents and strengths and to add concrete outcomes.

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Now, let’s understand with an example:

Average: Improve Conversion rate with traffic growth.

Impactful: Improved Conversion rate by 20% while doubling the organic sessions.


Whereas, This pandemic has shaken almost every sector and people have faced a lot of difficulties while searching for a job so one thing needs to understand in a clear way that the only point of a curriculum vitae is to interest an employer enough to take the next step in preparing an initial phone screen.

And the best approach is to make use of your curriculum vitae to explain why you match the position that you have played. That is why adjusting your CV to a certain job and making sure it is ATS-friendly too.


Last year, unlike any other year, is expected to be a little like a roller coaster in 2021. There’s room for hope, though. “It was a rough year, therefore, but there were many bright spots on the market and a lot to look forward to in the next year.” We have great hope with recruiting overall.

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