Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch for Men Beyond 2020

Introduction to Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch for Men.

 Hello everyone, this time we are here with Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch for Men. This SmartWatch comes with Heart rate, IP68 waterproof, touch screen, activity tracking, and pedometer, sleep counter, swim tracking and many more features with a black leather belt. It is one of the must-have travel accessories for men.

This watch is going to give you a cool look along with the health monitoring and notifications from your device. You can also manage some of your device controls through this device. It also provides you with different displays with different colour schemes.

It supports applications such as fitness tracker, sleep monitor, your social messages, phone and calls, alarm, pedometer, camera as well as a heart monitor. It supports connectivity through Bluetooth, also supports USB connectivity. The size of this model is free size.

The display size of this watch is 1.3 inches whereas the bandwidth is 22 millimetres. It accepts input through its touch screen.

Specifications of Yohuton Health and Fitness SmartWatch:

  • With 1.3 inch IPS large touch screen, it allows you to monitor your health as well as display your sports data perfectly and in an easy to understand manner.
  • It includes IP68 water Standard requirements, which provides you a fantastic feel while swimming too and also avoids any kind of problems while swimming or during your work out.
  • The data collected such as your heart rate, your sleep time and restlessness helps to generate your sleep score which in turn helps you to understand your sleep quality every night.
  • It helps to track your time in the light as well as deep sleep stages and gives your personal insights.
  • You can also receive and read your SMS as well as social media notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Also provides many other functions such as controlling your music, the notification of incoming call as well as you can hang up the call by long press, set up to 5 alarm clocks, set timer, take a photo through Bluetooth, anti-lost searching, the sensor at the wrist, sedentary alerts and also allows to sync your data with the phone.
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Tech specification of this travel accessory for men:

  It comes with IPS display and 1.3-inch colourful touch screen.

  • The resolution of this model is 240*240.
  • The battery capacity is 290 mAh which runs for 3 days if used for normal activities.

    Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch
    Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch

Six different looks of this smartwatch:

The watch has six different types of belts with six different colours. The different types include Black leather, black silicon, black stainless, brown leather, red silicon and silver stainless

Three main settings of this watch are:

Setting up the time:

The smartwatch will automatically sync the time as soon as the mobile is connected to it.

  1. Firstly install the App by scanning the QR code from the manual you get in the box.
  2. Open the app and give all the necessary permissions.
  3. Lastly, add the smartwatch into the white list. If it is not done, in some devices the Bluetooth will disconnect as soon as the app is closed.
  4. As you add all the permissions and set up the app, all the functions of the watch will start running.

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Connecting dual Bluetooth:

  1. Open the watch Bluetooth by opening the watch screen and swiping down.
  2. Open app in your mobile, go to more, connect to smartwatch “L13” by adding a new device.
  3. In your smartwatch, swipe right than swipe down and find the “BT” option. Search for the new device and connect your phone.

If everything is done, open the smartwatch screen and then swipe down. The Bluetooth icon would have become blue and green.

Find picture captured via smartwatch:

  1. It is required that the watch is connected successfully with your phone and the app is running in the background.
  2. Capture the picture by opening the camera function in the watch. Once the picture is capture, it will notify you.
  3. The images will be stored in the internal storage/ FunDo/IMG_Funo_XXX

Price of Yohuton Health and Fitness SmartWatch for Men:

  • This flawless product is available at a price of $48.99 on Amazon.

So this was the tech gadget we wanted to show you. It is one of the best travel accessories for men as it helps to give you a decent look along with monitoring your health and fitness. It takes care of all your works including the morning alarm till night sleep counting.

Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch
Yohuton Health and Fitness Smartwatch

It helps to keep you fit and active in your busy and non-stop working schedule. Thank you so much for spending your time on our article and we hope you liked it. Please share your reviews for the same and also get some to give your valuable feedback so that we can learn and grow well.

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